Ocean Jasper Multi Layered Bracelet

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Ocean Jasper Multi Layered Bracelet is handwoven with Natural Blue Jasper stone that is perfect for creating a positive connection with Mother Earth and our surroundings. This stunning accessory will fit in beautifully with any outfit in your wardrobe from casual to classy in style. As comfortable as it is chic, this amazing wrap-style bracelet will become your favorite piece of jewelry after
just one wear!



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Additional information

Weight 0.15 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 in
Item Type



Semi-Precious Natural Stone

Metals Type

Stainless Steel


Water Drop

Chain Type

Beaded Bracelet

Model Number



Ethnic, Boho




Around 32.5 inches and 3 closures


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11 reviews for Ocean Jasper Multi Layered Bracelet

  1. Sook Sheppard

    I love how it balanced to be feminine and the elegance into one bracelet. The colors of the beads used were well though since they go well together. I can use it in regal look and also during office. Love it!

  2. Cherelle Jorgensen

    Just got this today and all I can is it is really absolutely beautiful. If you’re on the fence about this, just go buy it. Leave your second thoughts and check it out because you won’t be disappointed! I love it! The colors, the fit and the layers! Perfect!

  3. Maurine Stratton

    I am happy with this purchase. I really took the risk in buying this one because I have a small wrist I was afraid it will be big for me but when I received it and wore it it simply looks amazing on me. I also like the combination of colors like it was really well made.

  4. Tess Caudill

    Exactly what I wanted! These are darling little bracelets and came in cute. For the cost, I was very pleased. It was all worth it as I can see where the cost went.

  5. Barbar Hope

    I love the look of this bracelet especially when I try it on. It says so much because of the color used and I like how it adds extra look in my outfits. It adds more spice since it can really attract eyes.

  6. Dan Doe

    When I opened the package I can really say that it is made of quality materials and is absolutely beautiful. I’m shopping right now for another one!

  7. Hermelinda Weddle

    I bought this gift for my daughter. She has a thing for bracelets and I want to give her something cute but formal to look at and this bracelet just ticked off all the lists. I hope she likes it as much as I do!

  8. Lenora Macias

    Writing this one to recommend this product! I just wore this one today at school and everybody complimented it. <3

  9. Rosemary Praka

    Super pretty and fun! I get lots of compliments on it!

  10. Shelly Lewis

    With the colors, it can match anything of my outfits! I am so excited to wear this!

  11. Alma Davidson

    The bracelet is beautiful, and a very good size!!

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Ocean Jasper Multi-Layered Bracelet

Ocean Jasper Multi-Layered Bracelet

Material: Natural Stones, Crystals, Jasper, Leather, Alloy, Stainless Steel Closure

Technique: Handmade

Size: Around 32.5 inches and adjustable closure

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Metaphysical Properties

The amazing colors and energy of the Ocean Jasper Multi-Layered Bracelet resemble the rhythmic soothing (yet strong) powers of the ocean. They are connecting you with nature on a deeper level with slow and steady waves. Honoring the karmic voice of the ocean, it will tell you that what you send out will return to your shores. It fosters personal power, determination, and tenacity to continue and succeed. Just like the rocks are smoothened by the steady persistent lapping of waves. Inspiring you to remain positive despite the difficulties of overcoming challenges.

Healing Properties

Ocean Jasper Multi-Layered Bracelet brings joy and happiness by releasing negative thoughts and emotions allowing the spirit to go beyond and be uplifted. The cleansing effect alleviates stress, induces tranquility, and makes you more aware of the good things in life. It stems from feelings of renewal, peace, calm, and healing, very much like standing near the ocean.

Physical Properties

Ocean Jasper Multi-Layered Bracelet is the ideal stone to use when you are feeling a little down, and need uplifting because it will bring feelings of joy, happiness and lift spirits. It will help you release negative feelings and energy so that your confidence can shine through. The calming and soothing vibration opens and cleanses the heart Chakra, getting in touch with compassionate and loving thoughts.

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