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Bring nurture and warmth into your home with this Rose Quartz Crystal Ball. This crystal ball has a wonderful combination of beauty and crystal energy that makes it perfect for crystal healing, creating a positive environment and simply beautifying your home. This beautiful crystal has been cut and polished by hand. It portrays a feeling of soft, warm and great positivity making it a perfect gift for someone you hold dear.

Small: 1 3/4 inches
Medium: 2 inches
Large: 4 inches


Definition of Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

Rose Quartz is a type of quartz mineral that has a soft pink color, and is often referred to as the "stone of love." A Rose Quartz Crystal Ball is a sphere-shaped gemstone that is carved out of high-quality, natural rose quartz. These crystal balls are commonly used in spiritual and healing practices due to their powerful energy and properties.

Historical significance of Rose Quartz in spirituality and healing

Rose Quartz has been used for centuries in various cultures and spiritual practices as a symbol of love and peace. In ancient times, the stone was believed to have powerful healing properties, and was often used to treat physical and emotional ailments. Today, Rose Quartz is still widely used in spiritual and healing practices, and is considered to be one of the most powerful stones for promoting love, self-love, and emotional balance.

Metaphysical  benefits of using a Rose Quartz Crystal Bal

Rose Quartz Crystal Balls are believed to have a number of benefits, including promoting love and relationships, enhancing self-love and self-esteem, balancing emotions, and promoting physical and emotional healing. In addition, many people use Rose Quartz Crystal Balls for meditation, visualization, and manifestation, as the stone is believed to help focus the mind and bring positive energy into one's life.

Spiritual Properties of Rose Quartz

Mineral composition of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a type of quartz mineral that is composed of silicon dioxide. The pink color of the stone is caused by the presence of manganese, titanium, and iron. The color of the stone can range from pale pink to deep rose, and the clarity can range from transparent to opaque.

Unique physical and energetic properties of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is considered to be one of the most powerful stones for promoting love and emotional balance. The stone is believed to have a high frequency energy that helps to calm and soothe the mind and emotions, and to promote a sense of inner peace and well-being. In addition, Rose Quartz is believed to help stimulate the heart chakra, and to help release negative emotions such as anger, fear, and resentment.


How the properties of Rose Quartz can impact physical and emotional well-being

The properties of Rose Quartz are believed to have a number of positive impacts on physical and emotional well-being. For example, the stone is thought to help promote physical healing by reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and balancing energy. In addition, the stone is believed to help promote emotional well-being by promoting self-love, enhancing relationships, and balancing emotions.

Uses of Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

How to use Rose Quartz Sphere

Rose Quartz Crystal spheres are commonly used in spiritual and healing practices, as well as in decor and interior design. Some of the most common uses of Rose Quartz Crystal Balls include:

Crystal Ball for Meditation:

Rose Quartz Crystal Spheres are often used as a focus point during meditation, as the stone is believed to help calm the mind and promote a sense of inner peace and well-being.

Crystal Sphere for Healing:

Rose Quartz Crystal Balls are commonly used in healing practices, as the stone is believed to help promote physical and emotional healing by reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and balancing energy.

Rose Quartz Ball for Enhancing relationships:

Rose Quartz Crystal Balls are often used to enhance relationships, as the stone is believed to promote love, self-love, and emotional balance.


Add some magic to your world with the Rose Quartz Crystal Ball. Recognized for its connection to love, healing, empathy, and warmth. Symbolizes wisdom, compassion, self-love and that which is divine in all of us. Carry one with you or put it on your altar or desk for a crystal reminder each day that love is winnable!

Maybe you've been feeling a little lost lately. Does it seem like all the ways to take your spiritual journey are out there in cyberspace, but you can rarely find them, or know what works best for you? Start with this Rose Quartz Crystal Ball and watch how your world changes around you!

Some people say that living a balanced lifestyle depends on having a balance of physical activity and good sleep. Ignore these lame-o's - true harmony only comes from meditating en route to enlightenment while wrapped in crystals ceremony style! The next time life rips away all its precious gifts before it seems appropriate - be hopeful because nothing is permanent... not even sorrow. One day your struggle will lead you back home!

This sphere of Rose Quartz is no ordinary gem. Vibrating with the calming and uplifting energy that only Rose Quartz provides, this unique stone will fill your life with vibrant positivity and healing thoughts, bringing endless possibilities to every endeavor!

Rose Quartz Sphere Benefits

Make your office more calming and inviting with the serenity of a Rose Quartz sphere! This translucent and gentle stone can benefit by adding chi to any environment. Include this beautiful gemstone in your work area or anywhere you feel trapped under pressure, a hectic schedule, or unwanted change. The soothing energy emitted from this powerhouse will help bring calmness and balance back into your life.

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    Very pleased with my purchase! Highly recommend!

  3. Sabrina Berry

    Very much!!! The crystal ball looks super nice! super happy!

  4. Marion Christensen

    I super love this crystal ball. It’s beautiful and very well made!

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Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

Rose Quartz Crystal Ball comes in two sizes:  (1.5″)  (2.5″)

We are always eager to provide our customers with the best products. If you choose 30 mm ball you will receive a 30-35 mm ball, if you choose 40 mm ball, we will send you a 38-42 mm ball.

Meaning and Healing Properties

Rose Quartz Crystal Ball is made from a rose quartz stone which is known as the stone of unconditional love. It is one of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work because it opens the heart to all types of love — the love of self, love of family, love of friends, romantic love. Because it is quartz, the crystal does have high energy, but its vibe is also calming and soothing.

Metaphysical Properties

Rose Quartz Crystal Ball is associated with all matters of the heart, but its powers include much more than the simply romantic. It is believed to attract and foster a love of all kinds, meaning it is great for strengthening relationships. Like for example familial, romantic, or friendships, as well as encouraging us to make new connections with those around you. Learn how to meditate with crystals

Physical Properties

Rose Quartz Crystal Ball is very supportive and is recommended for times of stress, heartbreak, or grief. Place this in your bedroom to combat insomnia, as it gives us the support and balance to get a peaceful night's sleep. Its symmetrical shape gives out positive energy in all directions and is the perfect object to focus on when practicing crystal healing. Learn more about rose quartz meaning

Choosing the Right Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

When it comes to selecting the right Rose Quartz Crystal Ball, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, the size and shape of the ball are important. Some people prefer smaller balls that can be held in the palm of their hand, while others prefer larger balls that can be displayed in a specific space. Additionally, the shape of the ball can have an impact on its energetic properties. Some prefer traditional spheres, while others prefer more unique shapes such as half-moon or egg-shaped balls.

Another important factor to consider is the quality and origin of the Rose Quartz. High-quality Rose Quartz has a translucent appearance and a pale pink hue. Inferior quality Rose Quartz may be cloudy or have impurities that can impact its properties and benefits. It is important to source your Rose Quartz from a reputable supplier to ensure that it is of the highest quality and ethically sourced.

Caring for Your Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

Once you have chosen your Rose Quartz Crystal Ball, it is important to take proper care of it to ensure that its properties and benefits are not diminished. The first step in caring for your ball is to cleanse it regularly. This can be done by simply placing it in moonlight or sunlight, smudging it with sage, or placing it in a mixture of salt and water.

Another important aspect of caring for your Rose Quartz Crystal Ball is to protect it from damage and negative energies. This can be done by placing it in a safe place, such as a soft cloth or a protective carrying case. Additionally, it is important to regularly cleanse the space where your ball is kept to keep it free from negative energies.

Finally, incorporating your Rose Quartz Crystal Ball into your daily life and rituals can help to enhance its properties and benefits. This can be done by holding it during meditation, using it in spiritual practices, or simply keeping it close to you throughout the day.

How to Meditate with Crystal Ball


  1. Choose a quiet and comfortable place to meditate where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Cleanse your Rose Quartz Crystal Ball to remove any negative energies.
  3. Light some candles or incense to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Meditation Techniques

  • Hold the Rose Quartz Crystal Ball in your hand or place it in front of you.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath, inhaling and exhaling slowly.
  • Visualize the healing energy of the Rose Quartz Crystal Ball flowing into your body, filling you with peace and love.
  • Repeat a mantra or affirmations such as “I am surrounded by love and peace.”
  • Remain in this meditative state for as long as you feel comfortable.
  • When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes and take a moment to ground yourself.

Benefits of Meditating with Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

  • Enhances feelings of love, peace and compassion.
  • Promotes emotional healing and balance.
  • Increases self-awareness and self-love.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Strengthens relationships and attracts new positive relationships.

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Incorporating a Rose Quartz Crystal sphere into your daily life and meditation practice can have a significant impact on your physical and emotional well-being. With its unique properties and spiritual significance, Rose Quartz Crystal Ball can help you attract love, balance, and peace into your life. Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a beginner, incorporating this crystal into your practice can bring you increased love, compassion, and overall balance.

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