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Rose Quartz Pendant opens the heart to all types of love. By raising self-esteem, confidence and balancing emotions, the rose quartz attracts love at its best. It is carved from a solid piece of rose quartz stone selected for its quality and warm color, making a pretty accent to any look. It combines a soft feminine color with a classy moon shape to go with any outfit. Learn more about Rose Quartz Healing

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Material: Rose Quartz, PU Leather Cord & Zinc Alloy Closure

Technique: Handmade

Size: Pendant size 20 mm x 20 mm / approx. 17.7 inch strand.

Meaning and Healing Properties

The rose quartz stone in the Rose Quartz Pendant is known as the love stone. It releases is a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and emotional healing. It has a loving vibration and powerful energy to help heal relationship problems that is why it is the perfect crystal to have throughout your home. It also embodies melodious and gentle energy, aiding you to become truly loving and live life from your heart. Keep a piece of this stone or pendant nearby and your life will improve for the better.

Metaphysical Properties

The Rose Quartz Pendant activates the heart (fourth) chakra and promotes positive energy. Because of this, it enhances all types of love: self-love, love for others, and unconditional love. This mighty pink moon pendant raises self-esteem, restores confidence, helps with emotional balance, releases stress/tension/anger, and helps curb jealousy.

How to use it?

Wear this Rose Quartz Pendant to help you feel more balanced emotionally, and that any relationship may be healed. This pendant is wonderful to use while meditating as they have an excellent relaxing and healing vibration. Meditation with crystal is the most excellent way to use this pendant as it helps you free from any feelings that might be holding you back. You will easily know that energy is present when you feel less restraint and that you can easily open your imagination and discover ways to be happy.

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15 reviews for Half Moon Rose Quartz Pendant

  1. angelicar0913

    Love the size of this necklace, it’s perfect for daily wear. Also I received a free heart rose quartz with this order and it’s so cute and compliments it THANK YOU

  2. banksabby96

    I just gotten my half moon today… I can feel it’s energy as soon as I put it on. Absolutely love it.

  3. celenehuizar

    I absolutely love this necklace, perfect size and good quality. Would recommend it.

  4. Camille Thornton

    I bought this pendant as a gift. It was even nicer in person than the picture. I almost kept it for myself…very high quality!

  5. Lucille Patterson

    Very pleased with this purchase. The pendant is of good quality, and a good size; not too large to be bulky, and not too small to be unnoticeable.

  6. Faye Simmons

    I LOVE THESE! Thank you very much.

  7. Nina Brady

    it’s beautiful and a wonderful accessory to match almost everything!

  8. Rochelle Brandon

    I can feel the energy radiating the first time I held my hand on this pendant. Plus it was so stunning!

  9. Rudolph Casey

    It is so beautiful although it is a bit pricey but I still love it.

  10. Geneviv Dantle

    So so so cute! This item is what I expected it to be. The weight is great that it is so comfortable to wear. I highly recommend this product!

  11. Felip Fraizer

    Bought this for my girlfriend. She admires crystals and jewelry. Hope she likes it.

  12. Hazel Erickson

    I like how clear the rose quartz is and it fits perfectly. Thumbs up!

  13. Wm Nelson

    Colors look good and it has a good quality. I love it!

  14. Donna Kennedy

    It is exactly what I was looking for. Very happy with my order I just love that the pendant is not too small not too big when worn. I will order from this company again!

  15. Ernest Hudson

    Although it looks simple for the price but it is actually a good buy since the materials used is really of good quality. It gives me the natural look and makes me feel more feminine because of the color of the pendant.

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rose quartz moon necklace

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Weight 0.01 oz
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 in

Rose Quartz

Item Type

Pendant Necklace



Pendant Size


Chain Type

Rope Chain

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17.7 inch

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