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This rune stone set is the perfect addition to your magical practice! Made from tiger’s eye crystal, these polished stones have powerful runes carved on them and are perfect for rituals, protection, and more. Add some magic to your life with this amazing set today!

These rune stones are the perfect tool for new-age practitioners looking to tap into their inner power! With each stone carved with a unique symbol, these runes can help you unlock your destiny and achieve your goals.



Rune Stones | Stone Type - Natural Polished Tiger's Eye Gemstone


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Our Asana Crystals come packaged beautifully and will be delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 days from Orlando. We take pride in offering ethically made and 100% Authentic Crystals & Jewelry. Rest assured, our crystals are not dyed, painted, heat treated or 3D printed 🙂

We pre-cleanse & charge them, so they are ready for your meditation practice. If, by any chance, you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day refund policy – no questions asked. Asana Crystals is run by spirit-centered women who are dedicated to providing you with the best.

P.S. – If you’re looking to surprise someone with a gift, simply write your personalized message at checkout, and we’ll joyfully handwrite it on a petite gift card at no extra cost! And don’t worry, we’ll keep the price of the gift a delightful secret. Happy gifting!

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1 review for Rune Stones Set

  1. Veda Smith

    My niece is so excited about this set of rune stones! I got them for her as a Birthday gift and she’s been spending hours each day learning how to read them. She says that they are helping her with her self-esteem. The price is great, too!

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Tiger Eye


Asana Crystals



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How to Cleanse: Cleanse Crystals

How To Charge: Crystal Charging Music

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We create our products directly without involving intermediaries, ensuring the highest level of service for our customers. Our handcrafted jewelry is made from high-quality materials and is priced affordably so that everyone can appreciate it.

Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Rune Stones Meaning & Properties

Rune Stones have been used for centuries by many cultures to help obtain guidance and insight from the spiritual realm. Each stone is said to have unique properties and meanings that can offer guidance in all aspects of your life.

Rune Stones were first used by the Norse and Germanic peoples in the early medieval period, while others claim that they date back to much earlier times.

What we do know is that rune stones have long been associated with magic and mysticism, and many people believe that they possess spiritual power. Some claim that the symbols inscribed on rune stone set can be used to access hidden knowledge or achieve greater insights into the future.

Why Tiger Eye Rune Stones Set

Some people believe that the energy of the tiger eye rune stone set can help to protect you from negative energies and promote good luck. Others believe that the stones can be used for communication with spirit guides, and to enhance psychic ability.

Check out our Full Guide for more information: Tiger Eye Crystal

How to use Rune Stones?

There is no one definitive way to use Rune Stones. Some people believe that you should choose a stone for each day of the week, and then meditate with that stone throughout the day.

Others believe that you should select a stone based on the question or problem you are trying to solve. Some people even believe that you can use a different set of stones for each chakra (energy center in the body).

The best way to find out how to use Rune Stones is to experiment with different methods and see what works best for you. There is no wrong or right way – the only thing that matters is that you find a method that resonates with you and makes you feel connected to the stones.

How to Cleanse Rune Stones?

Cleansing is an important part of taking care of your rune stones. It removes any negative energy that may have attached itself to them and prepares them for future readings. Here are a few ways to cleanse your runes:

Sunshine and fresh air – This is the traditional way to cleanse any object. Leave your runes outside in the sun or carry them with you on a walk outdoors.

Salt – Sprinkle a generous amount of salt over your runes and then rinse them off with water.

Smudging – Burn sage or another cleansing herb and use the smoke to cleanse your runes.

Crystals – Place crystals around your runes and let their natural energies cleanse them.

How to Charge Rune Stones?

Charging your rune stones is a personal practice that can be done in many ways. Some people like to charge their stones by placing them in the light of the sun or moon, while others prefer to use energy from nature such as running water or trees. You can also use your own personal energy to charge the stones.

Some people say it’s helpful to chant an incantation or mantra while charging your stones, but this is entirely up to you. The most important thing is that you feel connected to your runes and that you are placing positive intention into them.

How to meditate with rune stones?

Use a set sequence of actions, while others simply choose a stone at random and allow the intuition to guide them. Some people even bury their stones in the earth for a time before working with them, claiming that this helps to connect them more deeply with the natural world.

Ultimately, there is no wrong way to work with rune stone set as long as you are willing to listen to your intuition and let the stones speak to you. As with any other form of divination, it is important to be open-minded and patient, and not expect instant answers or easy solutions. Trust that the runes will guide you in the right direction if you are willing to listen

How to take care of rune stones? 

As with any other item in your spiritual practice, the best way to take care of your rune stones is by developing a personal relationship with them. By establishing a dialogue with your runes and forging a connection to their unique energy, you will create a mutual bond of trust that will keep them safe and healthy – both physically and spiritually.

Some people bury their rune stones in the ground, others keep them on their altar or someplace special in their home. It’s really up to you as to where you feel they will be safest and best-taken care of.  As long as you keep the rune stone set safe and consecrated, they will work just fine for you.

Be sure not to: 


Some people even carry them with them wherever they go. Runes are not meant to be worn or carried around like talismans. Runes should be used for readings and spellwork only.

Keep in your hand when you are angry.

Runes can pick up on your energy, so if you are angry when you cast them, the readings will be skewed. It’s best to clear your mind and focus on your intent before casting the runes.

Tiger Eye Stone Chakra Association

The tiger eye stone is associated with the chakra located in the middle of the forehead, between the eyebrows. This chakra is also known as the third eye chakra and is responsible for intuition, insight, and imagination. The tiger eye stone can help to open this chakra and allow you to better access these qualities.

In addition, the tiger eye stone is thought to be helpful when you are feeling angry or frustrated. When you have this stone nearby, it can help to keep your anger in check and help you to stay more calm and rational.

Combination with other crystals

Other crystals that can be beneficial when used with tiger eye include peridot, citrine, and goldstone. Each of these stones has their own unique properties that can complement tiger eye’s benefits nicely. For example, peridot is thought to help increase vitality and bring about good luck, citrine is known as the “success stone”, and goldstone is said to encourage motivation and perseverance.

Can rune stones be given as a gift?

Yes, rune stones can be given as a gift. They are often used as a form of divination and can be used to help provide guidance and insight into certain areas of your life. The giver should also preferably avoid handling them in order to keep the energy of the runes intact.

What makes it so special?

People are often drawn to rune stone sets because they provide a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Each set of runes is unique, and they can be used for divination, magic, and healing. They’re also believed to hold ancient wisdom and power that can help guide you on your spiritual journey.

Is it authentic?

Yes, our crystals are authentic and real. We only carry genuine, high-quality crystals and gemstones at our store. We understand that many people are looking for ways to connect with their spiritual side and we believe that crystals can be a powerful tool in this pursuit.

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