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Sun and Moon Ring | Channel the power of the moon with this authentic moonstone ring. Handcrafted in 14K rose gold over sterling silver. It features an open shank sun & moon ring design and will be a wonderful addition to your ring collection. A luminous rainbow moonstone symbolizes inner growth and strength. Wear it to promote inspiration, intuition and empathy.


Gemstone: Moonstone
Metal: 14K Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Stone Length: 0.31" - 0.39" (8-10mm) Stone Width: 0.28" - 0.35" (7-9mm)
Gem Cut: Sphere Band Style: Open Cuff Embelishment: New Moon

Sun and Moon Ring Set Meaning 

Nowadays, the sun and moon ring is a great gift for engagement. The sun and the moon have long been associated with each other, being an important part of many cultures from around the world. They are a symbol of a perfect celestial body- one responsible for generating life on earth, while the other one responsible for sustaining it. As a sun and moon ring is a great gift for an engagement, the sun represents masculine energy whereas the moon symbolizes feminine power. The sun and moon ring speaks about the sun and moon god Ra and Thoth, the sun god of wisdom. The sun represents strength and masculinity while the moon represents femininity and its nurturing energy. These sun and moon ring designs are typically offered in gold with diamonds or gemstones that can match either sun or moon. This sun and moon ring is a symbol of eternal love; therefore, sun and moon ring designs are a great choice for couples. The sun and moon ring represent two key celestial bodies in astrology. By studying their movements, astrologers believed they could uncover certain personality traits about the people born under their influences.

The sun is used to represent gold (or any metal associated with the sun). It symbolizes the male principle and represents an action; it's considered to be 'positive' or active. People who are influenced by the sun are direct, open and positive. They're also competitive, confident and driven people. 

Moon ring and its metaphysical meaning

New age spiritualists associate the moon - silver with subconsciousness and higher consciousness. The moon emits light which affects deep-rooted emotions and even shapes our personality to some extent.

But imagery and symbolism of the moon vary greatly depending on cultural upbringing. For example, in Celtic culture, the moon symbolizes mystery - it's a place where female deities reside. But Sumerians associated it with war because their love goddess Inanna was very aggressive in battles.

In modern paganism, the moon represents feminine energy. It rules over women's cycles and fertility. Even more importantly, the moon metaphor is closely related to transformation: its phases and currents mirror the way in which we transform and change.

Moon, moonlight and moonbeams are also metaphors for emotional bonds that connect people.

Sun and Moon Ring - Best Gift For Her Engagement

The sun and the moon are rotating around each other, maintaining balance in our solar system. They also seem to bring out the best of each other- the sun brings light, warmth, vitality to planet Earth; whereas the moon adds mystery and magic to sunlight, giving rise to night and day. The sun and the moon seem to be so different but they both are interdependent on each other for the survival of planet earth.

The sun and the moon ring is a perfect piece of jewelry to gift your loved one as it contains masculine sun element as well as feminine energy of moon element.

Meaningful sun and moon engagement ring

When people first start looking into meaningful jewelry rings they're most often faced with the idea of diamond engagement rings. These are traditional and beautiful, but there is something meaningful out there that might be more meaningful than diamonds alone. There are several alternatives available these days that may be just as meaningful or even more meaningful than diamond moon engagement rings.

Many meaningful rings are made of other materials that may be meaningful to you or your partner. One popular alternative is the moissanite Cresent moon engagement ring. They look like diamonds, but there's more meaning behind them than just their sparkle. Moissanites are grown in a lab and use carbon taken from meteorites for this process.

Why does the sun and moon ring - and what does it represent?

Another alternative is the sun and moon silver ring. Sun and moon rings are a popular choice for those who want to show their love for each other. A sun and moon ring feature a sun on one side - usually with some sunbeams coming out from it - and a crescent by the opposite side of the sun represents the moon. According to a sun and moon ring meaning, the sun - gold represents the sun god Ra, who was known as the sun throughout ancient Egyptian history. The Egyptians believed that the sun give light to all living creatures on Earth. The sun moon ring symbolizes Thoth who is sometimes known as the "keeper of knowledge" and the "one who reveals mysteries.

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16 reviews for Sun & Moon Ring

  1. Nikki Moore

    left “5 star” review

  2. Lawanda R

    left “5 star” review

  3. Dorothy J

    This is the best moonstone ring so far. Shiny and dainty

  4. Mary Larsen

    Exactly what i was looking for, magical ring

  5. Lora Cox

    Beautiful Ring!

  6. angelicar0913

    I have mixed feelings on this one. It is beautiful and exactly as pictured, I love everything about the ring itself, but my moonstone fell off so easily after a short wear with no where to be found 🙁

  7. Madison Newsom

    I have really been enjoying this ring for two months now. Received it as a present from my boyfriend for our anniversary and I couldn’t be happier!!

  8. Evelyn Price

    Graduation gift for my granddaughter. She absolutely loves it!

  9. Ashley Alonso

    I cleansed and charged my ring under the full moon as soon as I received it! And I really enjoy its soothing energy!

  10. Nicole Gardner

    I honestly feel better with this ring on than I do without. I even sleep in it. It’s so comfortable to wear and I love matching it with my other jewelry too!

  11. Mendy Grahn

    I bought myself a moonstone ring because it’s my birthstone and it’s so cute! I wear it almost every day since I received it.

  12. Lindsey Black

    The ring is super cute. It fits perfectly (size 7) and the rose gold band is dainty which I like, but feels sturdy.

  13. Claire Murray

    I am extremely happy with my purchase. When I received the ring I read about the energies of the stone and now I love it even more!

  14. Gina Barker

    I love this ring so much! I recently found out that I’m connected to the moon so this ring came into my life at the right time and is a perfect start on my moon journey.

  15. Penny Ross

    I am so happy with my new ring! I was wondering if it will sit comfortably, but the metal is thick and sturdy and holds up very nicely. I can tell it is made with care and love! And moonstone is just beautiful!

  16. Camilla Andrade

    I love love love this ring and wear it every single day! The moonstone is so pretty and has sparkles of blue and sometimes I can even see peachy hues when the light hits it just right.

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