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Empowered by the stone of protection, the bracelet brings luck, higher energy, and emotional stability to the wearer. The tiger eye stone bracelet enhances persistence and gives you the power to fight the negativity around you. Stay focused on your goals not letting the ups and downs of life hinder your pace when you have the energy of the tiger eye. Aside from the breathtaking beauty, this sassy bracelet is believed to have miraculous healing benefits that make it a thoughtful gift. The stunning unisex design makes it the best choice for couples. From dressed-up to casual, flaunt any style as this classic chic bracelet complements all. Dare to flow with the hottest fashion trend and treat yourself with this amazing tiger eye bracelet. 


Tiger Eye Bracelet Meaning- Secrets, Powers, and Metaphysical Properties divulged!

From a crazy Boho chic bracelet fan to the one in love with holistic benefits, the tiger eye bracelet satisfies all. Gemologists believe that the bracelet brings abundance, good luck, and well-being to the life of the wearer. With a mesmerizing honey gold gradience and dark dijon complex patterns, the tiger eye crystal enjoys the absolute spotlight. The attractive crystal gets its name due to its spectacular resemblance to the charismatic tiger eye.

Alleviating fears and anxiety truly emphasize the tiger eye bracelet meaning the protection stone. Stimulation for some action in life, motivation for restless struggle is the true power of the bracelet. Wipe out the negativity and cleanse your auras with this amazing gemstone.

What makes this prestigious tiger eye bead bracelet so special?

  • Firstly, its irresistible color and graceful allure are beyond perfect. Moreover, the elegant gold radiance makes the tiger eye bracelet worth buying.
  • In addition, the beautifully hand woven tiger eye beaded bracelet has an instantly recognizable Crystal-Shop’s signature design.
  • A glossy classic beads bracelet is all you need to upgrade your ordinary outfit to extraordinary. Flaunt your casual and formal attires with this wonderful bracelet. The best thing about this bracelet is its brilliant unisex design. No matter if you are a freshman, an entrepreneur, or a fashionista this premium bracelet complements all attires. 
  • Moreover, the finely polished crystal beads age beautifully with time so it’s a bracelet for a lifetime. This exclusive bracelet makes the perfect gift for Christmas, Easter, Anniversary, or any other occasion. 
  • This amazing stone bracelet not only brings abundance but also brings you in harmony with mother nature.
  • Finally, let your tiger eye stone bracelet be your lucky charm to protect you from the ill vibes around. 

Compelling health benefits of a tiger eye bracelet

Certainly, there are many tremendous health benefits of treating yourself with the tiger eye crystal bracelet. Some of these are:

  • The bracelet essentially creates harmony between your emotions and mother nature. Hence, you will feel more grounded, satisfied, balanced, and happy with your life.
  • Besides, the bracelet alleviates tension and stress in the stomach area. The tiger eye aligns the solar plexus chakras, hence relieving stomach upsets.
  • The tiger is known to heal energy blockages in the lower body region. The main reason being the internal vibrations targeting the stomach and lower body parts.  
  • In addition, this healing gemstone speeds up the metabolism, henceforth eases digestion.
  • The tiger eye crystal also builds up and strengthens your decision power bringing confidence and belief. 
  • The bracelet also lightens stress, tension, and helps you combat depression. Ultimately, strengthening your goals, the crystal helps you see a better version of yourself. 

Of course, the strong internal vibrations and positive energy vibes of the stone are powerful enough to alleviate certain physical abnormalities. But it should not be regarded as a replacement to seeking health care professional advice.

Chakra Healing with the Tiger eye bead bracelet

Apart from the priceless beauty, this high-end bracelet has phenomenal effects on the healing of the chakras. Tiger eye crystal brings harmony, strength, and alignment to the lower chakras of the body. From stimulating the base chakra to strengthening the sacral and solar plexus chakra, the powerful crystal does it all. The strong internal vibrations and the predominant energy brings strength, confidence, and zeal to your life. 

Let the tiger eye bracelet be your partner to motivate and push you through tough times. It’s always a great idea to buy this imposing bracelet as a lucky charm for your child. See your child grow and develop a firm personality with the protection of the tiger eye crystal.

Tiger Eye Crystal Bracelet as a tool for Guided Meditation

Well, aside from the physical and healing benefits, the bracelet is also a great prop for meditation. Roar with success and bring forward the lost confidence and courage with this amazing bracelet. Performing guided meditation with the powers of the tiger eye crystal brings abundance and accomplishment in life. Moreover, the powerful vibrations of the crystal help you connect with purpose and feel satisfied and grounded. 

The beautiful shimmery color has a fiery passion that helps release your fears and anxiety. The crystal has a unique property in that its vibrations synchronize and resonate with the vibrations of the source. Hence, you can better attune with your determination, goals, and the energy of the divine. 

Feel confident and optimistic with this spectacular tiger eye bracelet 

Tiger eye gemstone enables awareness in your present moment by strengthening the root chakra. In addition, this miraculous stone helps you feel more optimistic and see the brighter aspect of life. The bracelet creates an aura of protection and the wearer feels serenity and calmness. 

Releasing all your fears, your tiger eye bracelet will help you see the divinity and purity in everything around you. Buttress your goals and intentions with your prime focus on empathy, kindness, self-love, and happiness. Flaunt this amazing bracelet, meditate with the tiger eye, or simply wear it for protection, the bracelet does it all. Avail of this exciting offer now and welcome strength, peace, and happiness in your life.

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6 reviews for Tiger Eye Bracelet

  1. Hannah Burton

    The tiger’s eye bracelet is just what I imagined !! The size of the beads is perfect and overall the quality of the beads is great.

  2. Belinda Clark

    I got this bracelet for my grandma for her birthday. She loved it. Her favorite gem is tigers eye. But she only likes to wear it in a bracelet format so this was perfect.

  3. Noah Davis


  4. Lonnie Hoffman

    The tiger eye bracelet has great chatoyancy and fits perfectly on my wrists. Very pleased with my order.

  5. Jaime Watts

    The gold and brown tones of this bracelet are absolutely beautiful!

  6. Elizabeth Mccormick

    Bracelet is absolutely beautiful!! Exactly what it looks like in pictures! You can tell the crystals are authentic! I have felt a complete shift in my emotions since I wearing it it so I know it is working!

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Tiger Eye


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