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Feel the past with this Vintage Incense Burner, feel the aroma as it takes you back in time! Design specifically to bring out the old feels in you, takes you back in ancient time as you meditate with yourself or together with your friends. This Vintage Incense Burner is a perfect gift for birthday, wedding gift, anniversary, and special occasion to someone who’s into meditation or simply just someone who loves to collect vintage collections!

Main Features:

  • Aesthetically beautiful to suit your taste
  • Sturdy, made from zinc or alloy
  • Worry-free incense burner
  • You can hold it on your hand or place it anywhere you like in your home
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: made from friendly materials
  • Holds your incense securely as you do with your meditation
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Vintage Incense Burner

How to use:

  1. Set your vintage incense burner in a safe location
  2. Light the narrow tip of the incense stick until it flames
  3. Once the tip is glowing, carefully blow out the flame
  4. Place the stick in the hole
  5. Before disposal, wait until the ash is thoroughly cold.

Safety Tips:

The most important lesson when burning an incense cone is to make sure that it does not catch fire.

  1. Check the vicinity of your vintage incense burner if flammable items are present which includes fabric, plastic, paper as well as oils or gas.
  2. Place your incense burner on a heat resistant surfaces such as a concrete shelf or floor
  3. Avoid placing the vintage incense burner underneath curtains
  4. Make sure that your incense burner does not have any chance of falling over and burning anything around when leaving it unattended.

Practices of burning incense at home:

Organic Aromatherapy – Once the incense smoke fills the room, the healing herbal smoke immerses your body within. Depending on the incense flavor of your choice, the smoke enters the pores in your skin and ejects the toxins from inside. Breathe the smoke indirectly or soak in it to feel the effects. Spiritually, aromatherapy also enhances meditation.

Beautiful Interiors – the vintage incense burner is mind-blowing, edgy, and unique. It can match diverse interiors. If you’re throwing a party at home, guests will be hypnotized for hours. It would definitely make a Rockstar overnight.

Air Freshener – the incense smokes mesmerize the audience and de-humidifies the room. Incense sticks would only cost a fraction and the Fragrance doesn’t just stay for 2 hours after the incense is done, but the whole day. Just light up 3 incense sticks in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 4 at night through the evening. Really, that’s more than you need!

Feng Shui – detox the negativity from your space by lighting a candle next to the backflow incense burner for a few hours. It serves as an art of attracting the powers of the cosmos naturally by changing wind and energy in your space or environment.


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6 reviews for Vintage Style incense Stick Holder

  1. Shelley Mckinney

    Beautiful color and details. I am very pleased!! Also arrived super quickly. Thank you.

  2. Lillian Neal

    This incense holder is exactly like how they are pictured!

  3. Leah Summers

    It compliments anywhere the house! Really love it! Thanks!

  4. Darlene Zimmerman

    The incense holder is very nice and it is what exactly I expected it to be and a good price. I use them constantly!

  5. Jessica Robertson

    It’s rustic and vintage, I love the color. My incense sticks fit perfectly in each hole ~ though I’m only going to use one stick at a time. It’s a perfect size for catching all the ashes. The smoothness of it will make it super easy to empty it.

  6. Marrie Guzilun

    This burner does exactly what it is supposed to do. It catches 100% of the ashes. vintage, sleek and serves its purpose beautifully.

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