Purple Gemstones

purple gemstones

Purple Gemstones

Meaning Healing Properties and Benefits 

Luxury, elegance, wisdom, and so many metaphysical properties and yet a single class, “Purple Gemstones.” These brilliant crystals are popular with collectors as stones of spiritual healing, amulets for mysticism, and innate wisdom.

But more importantly, the luxurious purple hue adds a hint of elegance and class to your crystal jewelry collection. Moreover, the purple gems buttress your crown and the third eye chakra that help attain higher consciousness.

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Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

For everyone suffering from problems like stress, anxiety, insomnia, the purple crystal is your best friend. Also, working with purple stones broadens your creativity and imagination.

The best thing is, if you are a beginner on the journey of self-love and transformation, purple crystals are your go-to companion. Besides, purple stones are highly revered for their calming energies. So, knock away the stress and burnout from your workspace with these brilliant gems.

Unhealthy emotions don’t let you thrive. Stones like purple Amethyst are great cleansers that help you get rid of those negative vibes. So, regain balance in your emotions, reach your creative potential, and welcome happiness with the loving vibes of your purple crystals.

A Definitive Guide to Purple Stone Meaning, Powers and Healing Benefits

Purple crystals are brimming with soothing vibes, ever ready to cope with stress and anxiety. By combining the calmness of blue and the passion of fiery red color, purple gemstones beautifully express regal decency and power.

But there is so much more to celebrate about these beautiful gems. So, let’s have a quick look over some of the purple stone meanings and powers.

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Metaphysical Healing

While everyone waxes lyrical about spiritual healing and balancing ability, these stunning crystals also work wonders for your physical body. Purple stones are excellent tools for Meditation and one of the best crystals for beginners. Furthermore, deep purple gems have long been used to alleviate insomnia and migraine.

Apart from easing the intensity of stress and depression, these crystals promise deep dreams. But more importantly, the calming, soothing vibes also help heal your body on cellular levels.

Chakra Healing

Not just the stones of psychic powers, purple gems are soaked in loving vibes. You shine bright when you attain higher consciousness which is possible only when the Crown Chakra is aligned. Embrace the true clairvoyant visions and manifest your desires with the magic of these amazing crystals.

Moreover, the purple gems also buttress your Third Eye Chakra. Similarly, with an active third eye chakra, you get a cut-above meaning of life and attain the highest level of self-love and awareness. So, now it’s time to be the most confident, stronger, and motivated version of you with the healing magic of these crystals.

Strengthening Relationships and Emotional Healing

Gleaming Lavender or wine-colored, purple gemstones inspire you to celebrate love and true happiness in life. Brimming with positivity, these brilliant crystals keep you away from overwhelming or negative thoughts.

Also, these crystals are ideal for manifestation, whether it’s love, loyalty, or truth. Things get smoother once you are clear about your thoughts and expectations in a relationship.

Furthermore, the lively purple stones are a gentle reminder to respect each other’s personal space. Bring excitement, healthy harmony, and a deeper connection to your relationships with these magnificent gems. Finally, wearing purple crystals poise you to embrace the true beauty of the relationships everyone desires.

Purple Stones For Feng Shui and Wealth

Everyone deserves the true bliss of abundance, and luckily there are many crystals out there that work with a good fortune like Citrine, Purple Amethyst, Jade, etc. But Purple crystals specifically are loved for their powers of manifestation. Truly these beautiful gems are a perfect gift for manifesting prosperity and wealth.

Well, apart from the tranquilizing, loving vibes, these stones connect you with your sublime ambition. Their gentle vibrations keep motivating you to attain goals and financial independence.

But the best thing is the purple energy helps with mental clarity and deep thinking. So, these purple gemstones are a treat for workaholics and dedicated persons passionate about creativity and wealth.

Purple Gemstones List with Impressive Benefits

As much as the purple aesthetic crystals are loved, they are relatively rare. From soft lavender to vibrant, bold wine, these dazzling crystals will make you fall in love with them over and over again. Here we have compiled the Top 10 purple gemstones names list with breathtaking beauty and incredible benefits.


Purple Amethyst

  • Stone of St. Valentine
  • Third eye and Crown Chakra Healing
  • Protection, Purification, and Manifestation

No list of healing gemstones can be complete without mentioning shining purple Amethyst. The most popular of all the purple gems, the crystal is brimming with serene vibes, spiritual bliss, and flowing crown chakra energy. Thanks to the vibrant color and impressive metaphysical properties, purple

Amethyst is a must-have for every crystal collector. Moreover, this heavenly stone has miraculous tranquilizing effects. So, for anyone having hard times dealing with insomnia, bad dreams, stress, or emotional trauma, purple Amethyst is your go-to stone. Also, if you are a beginner in crystal healing or Meditation, we recommend going with Purple Amethyst for sure. 


Purple Agate

  • Stone of Protection
  • Meditation and Spiritual Transformation
  • Activates Third Eye and Crown Chakra

Purple Agate is essentially a cleansing stone with an enticing purple shade and smooth silk texture. The relaxing vibrations of this beautiful stone cleanse your auras as well as your physical body. Furthermore, the radiant energy brings a perfect balance to your Yin and Yang energies.

Importantly, working with this amazing crystal brings clarity to your mind and wards off evil. So, if you are looking for a crystal that helps attain spiritual consciousness, inner harmony, and protection, Purple Agate is the one for you.


Purple Kunzite

  • The mother’s stone
  • Stone for romantic love and devotion
  • Heart and Crown Chakra Healing

With a glowing lilac shade, Kunzite is soaked in divinity and sublime love. The pretty purple vibes sweep you off your feet and bring abundance and joy. Sweep away those dark feelings of anger or gloom with the lovely Kunzite in your hand.

Like its name, “The mother’s stone” says, this purple crystal has nurturing vibes that bring serenity and inner peace to your life. Moreover, its gentle vibes beautifully connect to your heart chakra and encourage optimistic thoughts, love, and luck in life.



  • Stone of Transition
  • Connects to the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra
  • Awareness, Emotional balance, and Meditation

Shining in the celestite orchid hue, Lepidolite is pure crystalline bliss. Do you feel out of whack most of the time? Congratulations, you have just found your best buddy. Moreover, the purple crystal harmonizes all those emotions no longer serving you, bringing peace to mind, body, and soul.

But the best thing is its gentle vibrations instantly cut down on the electromagnetic stress. So get rid of the toxicity, cleanse your auras and surround yourself with calming energy with the help of this “Grandmother’s Stone.”



  • Royal Azel or Purple Turquoise
  • Awareness, Spirituality, and Self Love
  • Heart, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra

Next in the purple stone names list is the violet-colored crystal with intricate dark and silver patterns. The dreamy crystal soars when it comes to spirituality and psychic power. Furthermore, Sugilite invites you to identify your true self, nurture wisdom, and most importantly, forgive and prosper. But the best thing is this beautiful gem is called “The Premier Love Stone” for all the right reasons.

So, if your goal is manifesting love and compassion, Sugilite is definitely your go-to crystal. Its gentle vibes knock off intrusive thoughts and cut out fears, past traumas, and negative emotions. Moreover, it’s a savvy tool for Meditation and works wonders for all the upper chakras of the body.



  • Trystine, Bicolor Amethyst
  • Solar Plexus and Crown Chakra
  • Spiritual growth, Creativity, and Stress-relieving

The warm golden sun rays beautifully merging in the purple evening sky; the scenery beautifully portrays Ametrine. With such an awe-inspiring color scheme, the crystal very beautifully harmonizes the masculine and the feminine energies. Also, the lovely vibes bring mental clarity and higher spiritual consciousness to the wearer.

Moreover, if you deal with lots of work stress, anxiety, or an emotional imbalance, you can trust Ametrine for all your problems. To your surprise, Ametrine is a treat for everyone who has started their weight loss journey. Having the goodness of both Amethyst and Citrine, Ametrine is the ultimate gem for all the crystal lovers out there.



  • Stone of Transformation, Lilac Stone
  • Heart Chakra, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra
  • Unconditional love, Spiritual awakening, and Transformation

These purple gemstones have the most beautiful blend of lilac, blush, and violet hues that shimmer with pearly splendor. Charoite crystal is all about positive transformation and selfless love. The best natural stress buster that it is, Charoite invites you to free yourself from negative emotions that are consuming you.

Furthermore, this beautiful purple crystal calls on confidence and compassion when you need it the most. Charoite assists you in cutting through the noise and embracing higher intuition. But more importantly, its loving vibes heal your higher chakras and put you in a perfect place to relish uplifting, positive energies.


Purple Fluorite Crystal

  • The Genius Stone
  • Heals the Third Eye Chakra
  • Aura cleansing, Truth and Consciousness

Pretty in the lavender sparkle, Purple Fluorite is a dreamy delight for every crystal admirer. Its lovely vibes are pure peace and protection. Besides having metaphysical properties like Purple Amethyst, it’s a great crystal that aligns your third eye chakra. Importantly, it’s a cleansing stone that clears your auras from toxicity and negative vibes.

But the crystal gets its due fame due to spiritual enlightenment and connectivity to the cosmos. Moreover, Purple Fluorite is a stone of sublime protection that buttresses your creativity and potential. So, jazz up your life with the luminous vibes and love of this beautiful crystal.


Purple Tanzanite

  • Violet Flame Healing Crystal
  • Poise and Harmony, Composure
  • Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra

Having a mesmerizing midnight violet hue with hints of Sapphire, Purple Tanzanite is exactly the stone that outshines everything around. But this ace appreciation doesn’t separate the crystal of its deeper divinity and healing magics.

Furthermore, the crystal taps into all the upper chakras’ energies and motivates you to live truly from the heart. Tanzanite is an excellent purple stone that buttresses clairvoyant energies and brings out the inner truth. Moreover, Tanzanite is an awesome stone that welcomes tranquility and composure in life, especially for anyone having a hard time dealing with untamed emotions.


Purple Tourmaline

  • Siberite Tourmaline
  • Transformation, Compassion, and Peace
  • Root, Heart, and Crown Chakra

Cherished for the stunning pleochroism, no purple crystal can beat the fascination of the Siberite Tourmaline. Furthermore, the beautiful crystal has soothing, serene vibes that bring peace to your chaotic routine. Also, purple Tourmaline has incredible protective and grounding powers that make it just the right crystal for everyone.

If you feel exhausted or feel like your inner rage is consuming your positivity, let these purple gemstones release those hard feelings. More importantly, purple Tourmaline taps into the energy of your third eye chakra. Hence, working with the crystal helps attain self-awareness and show love and compassion towards others. Thanks to these gems’ tranquilizing vibes, they have long been used to alleviate insomnia, headache, and migraine.



Iolite is a gemstone that comes in a wide variety of colors, but the most prized is the deep purple variety. It is thought to be a stone of spiritual growth and enlightenment and is said to help with psychic development and intuition.

Iolite is also said to be helpful for relieving stress and tension and calming the mind. It can be worn as jewelry or carried like a stone for personal protection.


Purple Sapphire

The purple sapphire is a type of gemstone that is known for its beautiful purple color. This stone can be used in a variety of different jewelry pieces, and it is also said to have some pretty amazing properties.

For one, the purple sapphire is thought to be able to promote healing and calmness. It is also said to be helpful in enhancing psychic abilities and promoting spiritual growth. Additionally, this gemstone is thought to be helpful in attracting positive energies into your life.


Purple Jasper

Purple Jasper is a grounding stone that also provides support during difficult times. It is said to be useful in dealing with emotional issues, such as anger, stress, and anxiety. Purple

Jasper can also be helpful for maintaining mental focus, especially during long-term projects or undertakings. Additionally, it is thought to be a stone of protection and can help keep one safe from physical harm.


Lavender Quartz

Lavender quartz is a type of quartz that has a beautiful purple lavender color. It can be found in many parts of the world and is often used in jewelry because of its striking color.

Lavender quartz is thought to have spiritual properties, and some believe that it can help to attract love and promote positive energy. It’s also said to be a powerful stone for healing and can help to soothe emotional stress and anxiety.


Purple Spinel

Spinel is a gemstone that comes in a variety of colors, including purple. It is often called the “poor man’s ruby” or “poor man’s sapphire” because it is less expensive than rubies and sapphires.

Spinel has a hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale, which means it is relatively durable and scratch-resistant. It is also quite resistant to heat and corrosion, making it a good choice for jewelry that will be worn every day.

Purple spinel is rarer than other colors of spinel, so it tends to be more expensive. 



Taaffeite is a calcium magnesium aluminum silicate mineral with the formula Ca2Mg3Al2Si6O18. It was first described in 1945 as an occurrence in County Mayo, Ireland. It is named after Richard Taaffe, a Dublin-born amateur mineralogist and geologist.

Taaffeite has been found in the United States, Norway, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden. The type locality is the Mountuggart Mine, Ballycroy Mountain near Bangor Erris in County Mayo., Ireland.

The color of taaffeite can be red to violet with a vitreous to dull luster. Its hardness is 6 to 7 and its


Purple Idocrase 

Purple Idocrase is a rare stone that is prized for its deep purple color. It is said to promote creativity and intuition and is often used in meditation and energy work.

Purple Idocrase is also thought to be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety and can be worn as a talisman to encourage peace and inner strength.


Purple Scapolite

Purple scapolite is a unique and beautiful gemstone that can be found in a variety of colors, including purple, pink, peach, and white. It has a vitreous luster and typically occurs as hexagonal crystals.

Scapolite is believed to be a powerful stone that can promote spiritual growth and provide protection from negative energy. It is also thought to be helpful in releasing emotional blockages and providing relief from stress and anxiety.


Purple Topaz

Purple Topaz is a beautiful and unique gemstone that is said to bring peace, love and happiness to those who wear it. It is also thought to be a very protective stone that can help build self-confidence and courage.


Purple Apatite

Purple apatite is a beautiful and unique mineral that can be found in a variety of colors, including blue, green, and pink. It’s often used in jewelry because of its stunning coloration, and it has also been known to be used as a healing stone.

Some believe that purple apatite can help to cleanse and energize the body, while others claim that it can help to increase psychic ability and intuition. Regardless of its purported benefits, there’s no doubt that purple apatite is a gorgeous mineral!

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Wrap Up

Exploring more and more about these wonderful treasures of nature is always fascinating. Purple gemstones are the perfect remedy for a life filled with light and love. The serene vibes of these luxuriant stones have nature’s magic kept saved for centuries. So, attain the highest spiritual bliss and step into intuition with these shimmering purple gemstones.  

From dreamy dark to celestite lilac, purple gemstones are the most beautiful jewels of Earth. Now that you know about the most popular purple gems, finding your soul stone might get lots easier. Get inspired by the femininity and fantasy of these magnificent purple stones. Let your crystal jewelry define your true self and stun everyone around.

Have you found any favorites on the list? Let us know your thoughts about these enthralling purple gemstones in the comment section below. We are excited to hear from you.

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