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Root Chakra – Easiest Expert Recommendations To Balance Your Blocked Root Chakra And Everything You Need To Know About!

Feeling stagnant, lost, and always worried without any reason indicates that your root chakra has fallen out of balance. An unbalanced or blocked chakra makes you prone to negative energies around you and less-viable. You might feel worried about the basic necessities of life, though things may be pretty normal. Luckily, there are plenty of exercises out there that can align back your root chakra. More importantly, Yoga poses, Asanas, and crystal healing can greatly impact rebalancing your chakras. That’s exactly where this crash course comes in, that can help you balance your blocked root chakra. 

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Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

Spiritual Researcher / Author

Researcher in spirituality and metaphysics dedicated to introducing people to their inner selves.  Author of five books on metaphysics, crystals and chakra balancing. Over 15 years of experience studying metaphysics, yoga teacher and reiki master.

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The Western world is greatly inspired and has warmly welcomed Yoga, Crystal, root chakra healing, and meditation. The world greatly needs a sense of community, and tranquility which is only possible with harmony and well-being of the persons making the society. At times, you hear from an expert that you need to work on that specific chakra, or you might have heard that in your Yoga class. But not necessarily everyone has keen knowledge about Chakras. Definitely, we understand, and that’s why our experts have put together informative facts in a fun way. So, let’s take a deep dive to learn everything about Root chakra healing, root chakra stones, and more.

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But first, what do we mean by Chakras?

At their most basic definition, chakras are the key points or the energy supplies of the whole body. For better understanding, they are the spinning energy disks in the body that need to be aligned and open for overall well-being. These focal points for energy correspond to bundles of nerves and busy intersections that govern overall physical and emotional stability. 

There are over 100 different chakras in the body, but the number of primary chakras is 7. These chakras run along the spine in a straight fashion. Starting from the bottom of the spine, i.e., the sacrum, these chakras end in the head’s crown. The first of these chakras is the Root or Basic Chakras, which anchors and reinforces the six other chakras.

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The Root Chakra at a Glance

Located at the tailbone, just at the end of your spine, the root chakra is responsible for balance and consciousness. The root chakra gets its name from Muladhara Chakra in Sanskrit that means the root or basis of all the chakras. This chakra acts as the center of spiritual, emotional, and physical balance and awareness of your basic needs. Root Chakra healing presides over the senses of stability, safety, needs, commitment, and lifestyle. Its energies keep your inner-self stable, consciously present, and of course at ease. 

Interestingly, it would not be right to relate root chakra only to necessities. More importantly, the root chakra connects with the willpower to thrive in the business sector and compete for the world in this hyperconnected life. Heading away from just the basic bodily needs, root chakra upholds amenity, wealth, and community. It also leads to feelings of trust, belonging to mother nature, and promises inner confidence. 

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The paramount chakra- Properties, Powers, and Importance of Root chakra

Root chakra holds the same importance for the body, much like the foundation of a building. If the foundation is brawny, it’s no doubt the building will have a strong basis. Similarly, if our root chakra is balanced and active, it will strengthen and align the body’s whole chakra system. Any irregularity in this chakra is powerful enough to compromise the integrity of all six chakras of the body. Thus, directly affecting the overall well-being and emotional stability. 

Focusing on balancing the root chakra, we are actually focusing on our development and success. Root Chakra healing relates to awakening and harmonizing your inner energy with the universal cosmic force. From the root chakra, the energy moves up the spine and also strengthens the other chakras. Moreover, root chakra has a masculine energy that buffs up courage, fearlessness, and loyalty. Regardless of gender, this divine masculinity helps organize, focus, and be resilient in life and attributes. 

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An amply opened red lotus- The Root chakra symbol explained

A widely opened lotus flower symbolizes this chakra with a gleaming red color. Furthermore, the petals originate from a square at the flower’s heart with an inverted triangle in between. The lotus flower symbolizes purity of the mind and soul and uncontrolled personal growth. 

Interestingly, every single element that makes up the symbol has a certain meaning in the root chakra meditation.

  • You may already know that the lotus flower grows in such conditions where no other flower dares grow. This symbolic association means progressive growth and development, even in unreal conditions.
  •  Besides, here red is the color of dawn, which means the awakening of the energy and a new start every day. The red in the chakra symbol relates to the awakening of self-consciousness and spirituality. More importantly, red is the color that buttresses our passion, joy, courage, desires, and stability.
  • The four petals symbolize the four innate and central aspects of the human psyche, i.e., mind, intellect, consciousness, and ego.
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Characteristics of the Root chakra- A quick view

With positive, masculine energy and the power of giving, the body’s strongest chakra withholds these characteristics. So, let’s get a deep dive to learn everything about Root chakra healing:

  • Location of the Chakra: Tailbone
  • Element: The element of this first natural chakra is “Earth.” It means feeling more inclined towards your basic needs. Survival, Stability, and Support are the focal points of this chakra.
  • Color: The color that represents this chakra is “Red.” Here red is the color of passion, desire, action, movement, and physical energy.
  • Root Chakra Symbol: A widely opened lotus flower 
  • Signs of Open and balanced Basic Chakra: You will feel confident, financially independent, manifest stability, and content with life.
  • Signs of Root Chakra Imbalance: The person feels overwhelmed by perturbing thoughts, financial insecurity, restlessness, impatience, obsessions, and sometimes aggression.
  • Root Chakra Crystals: Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Smoky quartz, Carnelian, Hematite, Garnet, Mahogany Obsidian
  • Basic Chakra Affirmations: Powerful affirmations like sentences starting from I am, and I have

Signs that your root chakra is blocked or out of balance

Have you been feeling off lately, or are you not able to concentrate? At times you may get sick for the 3rd time in a row or may face some distressing conditions at work. Sometimes, you may find everything frustrating, or bodily conditions make the scenario even worse. These are the clear indications that your chakras are out of balance. Here’s exactly what happens when your Root chakra is out of balance.

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Here are some of the signs that might tell you that your chakra is out of alignment:

  • You may feel a situation of conflict in the daily matters of life
  • A scarcity of mindset and an unending fear that things are getting worse
  • A feeling of disconnection and low self-esteem
  • Excessive reliance on external feedback
  • Voicelessness, powerlessness, and feeling stuck in life
  • Feeling lost and worried about financial conditions
  • Vague feelings of restlessness, anger, frustration, and more importantly, depression and anxiety
  • Pessimistic thoughts, negative thinking, disorganization, and always feeling low.

Here the most important question arises, “What is the main reason behind a blocked root chakra?” The chakra may become blocked due to stressors, unexpected circumstances, difficulties in the relationship, or simply due to overthinking. Moreover, intense fear of something, either a person or an event, can also lead to an imbalance in the concerned chakra.

Physical ailments that indicate an imbalanced root chakra

A blocked root chakra manifests certain physical conditions like:

  • Arthritis, or constipation
  • Bladder or colon problems
  • Issues with the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Emotional instability that might have ill effects on gut health and digestion

These are a few clear indications of a blocked chakra that can be reduced by working over the chakra.

What happens when your root chakra gets out of balance?

If you feel some or all of the above symptoms in you, it’s a clear indication that you have to go for some root chakra healing. Furthermore, you have to be very careful about your energy balance in this situation. When the chakra is out of balance, the person becomes prone to take other people’s negative energies. 

No matter if it’s your work sector or social circle, you may feel overwhelmed by people’s opinions. It, in turn, damages the connection to your true self and lowers self-esteem. Hence, the low personal energy level makes you feel dominated by others all the time and can even lead to depression.

How to open Root Chakra? Easiest expert recommendations to balance your blocked chakra

 Luckily there are plenty of exercises and practices out there that can balance the root chakra. Physical exercises, especially Yoga poses and root chakra meditations, have a powerful stabilizing effect on the imbalance chakra. When your chakra is in balance, you feel ground, safe, and at utmost peace. Life always throws unexpected events at us, but we have to be more conscious about taking care of our chakras to tackle them.

Here are some simple yet expert-recommended practices that you can do for your root chakra healing. So, let’s dive in to learn about them in detail and the easiest ways to benefit from them at home.

Supercharge your chakras- Root Chakra stones or healing crystal jewelry

  • Root chakra crystals are a great option to influence and activate blocked chakras. By simply holding or wearing these crystals, you can cleanse the disturbed chakra. The root chakra has a fiery red color that represents basic human instincts. The element Earth shows a deep connection between mother nature and human instinct. Given below is the list of the 5 most powerful root chakra crystals that buttress your imbalanced basic chakra. So, let’s take a deep dive to learn how we can benefit from them and the perfect one to go with.

Obsidian crystal

With a gleaming black color and bold look, Obsidian crystal cuts toxic ties and negative energies associated with your blocked chakra. Mahogany and black obsidian are the most powerful root chakra stones that reactivate your imbalanced chakra. These root chakra crystals are especially helpful for getting over fears and distress related to the past. You can always go with an obsidian pendant, smoking pipe, or finely cut crystal for the root chakra meditation and protection.

Red Carnelian

With an aura of purity and sophistication, red carnelian is another powerful root chakra stone. The stone has an enticing red color that displays shades of fresh apricot-orange inside. The luxurious gleam and radiance of the stone mesmerizes the wearer and balances a blocked chakra. It’s a crystal of strength and courage that cleanses, activates, and enlivens your root chakra.


With bright red splatters glittering in a sea of magnificent pine green, bloodstone or Jasper can be truly regarded as root chakra crystals. Giving a truly regal feel to your gemstone jewelry, this chakra stone enhances self-esteem and wards off negativity around you. Again, this amazing stone can be used for healing purposes as well as for cleansing and activating a stuck root chakra.

Black Tourmaline

“Begone negative energy” is a phrase that truly complements these bold inky root chakra crystals. Well known for spiritual grounding and cleansing the soul, black tourmaline attains a strong healing crystal jewelry position. Besides, this miraculous crystal helps attain emotional stability and also strengthens your immune system. So, what could be better than supercharging your root chakra with this amazing and in-trend healing crystal?

Black tourmaline for anxiety and protection from anger

Smoky Quartz

With a perfect blend of cola and tawny black, smoky quartz has the power of grounding in the healing crystal jewelry. The chakra stone neutralizes the negative energies around you and helps alleviate mental and bodily conditions. Besides, its powerful vibrations are strong enough to bring emotional calmness and activate your blocked chakra.

Root Chakra affirmations may be a great help

No one can motivate you better than your inner soul as it’s the most powerful voice on Earth. When life is not going your way, or you feel like giving up, stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and encourage yourself, “Let’s try it one more time.” Undoubtedly, these affirmations are the ultimate key to success. 

The affirmations are a powerful strategy for the realignment of an imbalanced chakra. By motivating yourself with chakra-specific mantras and affirmations, you can set your intention for a balanced chakra. But here, you need to understand the exact area of your chakra that needs work. Reveal your weakness to your inner self and reinforce your strategy for buffing that up. Here are some pertinent affirmations specific to the root chakra that can help you balance a blocked chakra. Start your affirmations with the words “I am” or “I have,” finally adding your desired power words.

  • First off, I am centered and grounded.
  • Secondly, I am here, and I am safe.
  • Third, I have safety, guidance, protection, and love in this world.
  • Next, I am determined to get over my stress and anxiety
  • Furthermore, I am at home in my body.
  • Finally, I have the potential to provide myself with all the facilities I deserve

Try making time for root chakra meditation

Overflowed by the questions about meditating with crystals, our experts have created a guideline that helps balance root chakra. Importantly, here your main motivation should be connecting with the grounding power. So, let’s dive in to learn the step by step process of root chakra meditation:

  • First off, find a calm place in your home, lawn, or anywhere with the least distraction. Then, choose an open side, preferably where you have direct contact with nature. Sit comfortably, keeping your shoulders relaxed and spine straight. 
  • After that, relax your hands on your lap or lay them on your knees, whatever you find the best. Sit in a posture that relaxes all your muscles, from your crown to the floor of your toes. Do keep a check that your belly is not stretched and you feel at ease.
  • Slow down the worries and thoughts running in your mind as they can perplex you. Now start with the breathing exercise. Take deep breaths, intake, and exhale fully to feel nature and run into the serenity you want. 
  • Now bring awareness to Muladhara chakra especially focussing on the space between the tailbone and pubic bone. Imagine a gleaming red light in your root chakra, and keep your focus on that. 

How do you feel after you properly perform the root chakra meditation?

Try to focus as it’s time to console and heal yourself with root chakra meditation. Ensure that you are safe, grounded, and supported by all. No problem is bigger than your willpower or more important than your health. So, your main focus should be on rejuvenating your interests and health. Let your inner power dominate over the distressing thoughts and create an aura of strength and serenity. 

Finally, feel the base chakra that connects you to nature and brings consciousness to your being. Absorb the positivity, energy, and light around you that keeps you grounded. Assure yourself that you are the best, giving your level-best, and of course living your level-best. Besides, meditating with root chakra stones is also a great idea to unblock a stuck chakra. 

Once you properly do this root chakra meditation, you will surely feel a cascade of confidence, love, and strength pouring inside you. Stay in the position for 2-3 minutes more to relate yourself with the surroundings, and your chakra is activated.

 Root Chakra Yoga- Asanas for root chakra may be a great help

In this hyperconnected life, where living under stress is the new norm, Yoga is a lifesaver. Incorporating this healthy activity in life helps you live the energetic life you want. Well, if we talk about a blocked root chakra, absolutely Yoga can help. Luckily, there are plenty of asanas out there that can balance root chakra and bring it back into alignment. It is evidence-informed that physical exercises and an active lifestyle pose a powerful effect on your base chakra. 

Some asanas, especially child’s pose, triangle pose, lotus, and garland pose, are exceptionally beneficial for the Muladhara chakra. Besides, if you are good at Yoga, yoga flows like 20-mins root chakra practice, full root chakra flow, and grounding into gratitude are highly advocated. Given below are some excellent yoga poses that show how to open root chakra and strengthen it.

  • Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

If you are familiar with Yoga, you might be absolutely familiar with the famous Mountain pose. Mountain pose is the best way to balance root chakra, especially for beginners. In this pose, you feel the Earth beneath your feet (Of course, you can do it on a wooden floor, Yoga mat, or anywhere you want). Stand straight in the mountain pose for 2-3 minutes to strengthen your feet, legs, ankles, and knees. As you stand, periodically shift your weight off the center by leaning in all the directions, turn by turn.

  • Warrior II pose

Again this pose is powerful enough to make you feel more confident and grounded. For this, begin with the mountain pose, and step back your right leg and stretch it. Now, open your hips and raise both of your arms and stretch with the palms facing the Earth. Inhale, and exhale, and bend the left knee while you exhale.

  • Standing Forward Fold SFF (Uttanasana)

SFF asanas pose a gentle stretch on the hamstrings and perfectly balance the root chakra. Get in the mountain pose, and after that, start to hinge from your hips and lean forward. Let your fingertips touch your palms and deeply inhale and exhale periodically.

The above 3 are the most powerful yoga poses for root chakra healing. Besides, trying Garland pose or head-to-knee forward bend is also beneficial for realigning your base chakra.

Root chakra essential oils and Aromatherapy 

External influences like essential oils are also a great help in realigning a blocked chakra. This essential oil therapy is a holistic approach that tends to ground, unify, center, and align the plant extract’s chakras. Aromatherapy ultimately promotes the overall health and well-being of the person and brings calm, confidence, and security.

These root chakra essential oils consist of heavy molecules, which are the base notes for the specific chakras. The best thing about these oils is the slowly unfolding, deep, warm, and long-lasting fragrance that soothes the mind. The earthy smell of these oils is exceptionally beneficial for balancing your blocked chakra. Here is a shortlist of the most powerful root chakra essential oils that you can try for a supercharged chakra.

  • Cedar, Atlantic (Cedrus atlantica)
  • Frankincense (Boswellia carteri)
  • Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)
  • Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides

All these oils are easily accessible, and only smelling or feeling them works wonders on your chakras. Besides, you can also use Myrrh, Oakmoss, and spikenard, etc., for root chakra healing purposes. 

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Food for your chakra- Food list and diet suggestions

Healthy food guarantees a healthy chakra. Of the many other factors, food also plays an important role in strengthening your chakras. Since the Muladhara or root chakra has a deep connection with Earth, adding more and more root chakra herbs and vegetables to your diet is a great idea. Having a proper chakra-specific diet strengthens the connection between mind, body, and soul.

Here are some of the amazing suggestions recommended by the experts that buttress and unblock your root chakra. So, let’s take a deep dive to learn how to unblock your root chakra solely by diet.

Root Chakra Vegetables

Do yourself a favor by healing your base chakra with rooted vegetables. Add more and more rooted veggies in your diet that are delicious to eat and miraculous to heal. Some recommendations are beets, garlic, ginger, turnips, potatoes, rutabagas, carrots, etc. Saute vegetables seasoned with olive oil make the perfect grounding meal. the module Advanced settings.

Root Chakra Protein

With a mouth-watering taste, red meat is grounding and has a great protein content. Consuming red meat in the form of earthly mineral stews or warm aromatic soup is a great idea. But if you are a vegetarian, you might love to have red beans, lentils, peanut butter, etc., for your chakra.

Hearty Harvest Grains For Root Chakra Healing

While you go shopping, always opt for buckwheat, cereals, whole oats, bulgar, etc. These grains are power sources enriched with carbohydrates and valuable fiber essential for your chakra..

Root Chakra Red Fruits

While you go shopping, always opt for buckwheat, cereals, whole oats, bulgar, etc. These grains are power sources enriched with carbohydrates and valuable fiber essential for your chakra.


Spices for Root Chakra Balance

Experts recommend adding chives. Paprika and pepper to your root chakra herbs and cooked foods to boost the healing process. Besides, taking rooibos tea or hibiscus tea also helps balance your chakra and has medicinal effects.


Root chakra visualizations or Change of Scenery 

Deep breathing exercises always work when your chakra is imbalanced. Good breathwork restores your chakra’s alignment and instantly reduces stress. Besides, it is evidence-informed that taking deep breaths, especially in strong uncertain emotions, helps you tackle the situation.

It might be interesting to know that breathing has a powerful role and acts as a bridge between the body and the mind. In addition, breathing along with visualizations is the best grounding exercise for the base chakra. But the main question arises, “How to open root chakra with visualization?” Visualization is an efficient way to realign and buff-up the Muladhara chakra. The best way to visualize a blocked base chakra is to imagine gleaming red light or bright red roots guarding your body and reaching deep down in the Earth.

Change of Scenery: Besides, a change of scenery is always a great idea to revitalize your tired or stuck chakra. Find an attractive location or landscape that is pure, unaltered, and close to nature. Here again, keep your chakra element in focus. For instance, it might be very effective to go for a hike with friends and enjoy their company. Nonetheless, it’s not always possible to afford expensive vacations, but a peaceful walk in a nearby park is always worth it. The most accessible way to balance your root chakra is to walk barefoot on dewy grass on your lawn. 

Root Chakra Stones Set- Treat yourself with an exclusive 7 crystal set.

Working with root chakra stones is definitely something worth your time and efforts. It’s time to buttress the vitality of your chakras and buff up your inner strength. Crystal-shop proudly presents you with the highly awaited 7 prestigious chakra crystals set. This premium quality set includes healing crystals corresponding to all seven chakras of the body.

Every crystal in this exclusive box is 2×1.5 inches, gracefully polished cut with fine craftsmanship. Here are some of the amazing benefits of buying this premium chakra stone set. So, let’s have a keen look at it.

  • First off, balance and harmonize your mind and body to the mother nature with the seven chakras color and healing energy
  • Revitalizing all your seven chakras and cleansing effects on your mind, body, and soul
  • Moreover, help to relieve your long-term stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Furthermore, blocking and removing unwanted energies around you create an aura of purity and serenity.
  • Finally, it’s your reiki massage tool that helps fight depression and hopelessness.

What’s in the deal? Know your chakra-specific stones!

So, here is the breakdown list of what you are going to get with this regal crystal box:

  1. Crown ChakraAmethyst
  2. Third Eye ChakraClear Quartz
  3. Throat Chakra  – Lapis Lazuli
  4. Solar Plexus  – Yellow Jasper
  5. Sacral Chakra  – Carnelian
  6. Heart ChakraRose Quartz
  7. Root ChakraObsidian

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In the end, your root chakra provides a firm basis and strength to all the other chakras of your body. In fact, it would be absolutely fine to say that a healthy root chakra ensures the perfect alignment of all the other chakras. Benefit yourself from the root chakra herbs, stones, and asanas to step into a healthy life. So, don’t overlook this chakra and ensure it’s in good shape because a satisfied and grounded inner soul enables you to be the best possible version of yourself. 

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