Rose Quartz Necklace

The sensational pink inspiration to style and accessorize any outfit!

Filled with love and ruled by a dreamy pink color, a rose quartz necklace is a perfect accessory for the gorgeous lady you are. With the prettiest shade of pink, it’s the most iconic gem in the crystal healing world. Self-love, acceptance, and positivity are its most beautiful healing aspects. Open your arms for true love with a stunning rose quartz necklace. Adorned for its matchless beauty, the crystal buttresses the heart chakra. Rose quartz is the most sought-after talisman with miraculous soothing effects. 

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Fall in love with the gorgeous blushing pink gem that beautifully complements any skin tone. A classic rose quartz pendant is everything you need to complete any casual or formal look. A rose quartz necklace makes the best fashion accessory for a day out with friends or a perfect night on the town. Moreover, the ancient Egyptians and Romans revered this crystal for its beauty benefits. The rose quartz minerals are believed to reduce wrinkles and improve skin complexion. Having a pendant made of rose quartz has more benefits than one can imagine. Due to these qualities, the crystal is trendy among modern jewelry enthusiasts and holistic healers. Rose Quartz jewelry is the new sensation in the fashion world; here is the deal:

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Rose Quartz Bead Bracelet

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Rose Quartz Necklace

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Raw Rose Quartz Ring

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Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace Simple Rose Quartz Necklace 18k gold plated pure rose quartz

Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace

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What makes a rose quartz necklace stand out from other crystal necklaces?

The mesmerizing pinkish blush and elegance of rose quartz jewelry is something exceptional. Not only is crystal jewelry “In” in fashion these days, but its popularity is ever increasing. Just like beauty with brains is admirable; similarly, fashion with healing makes the best combo. Maybe that’s the main reason for the crystal boom in the fashion industry. 

Crystal lovers are yearning for a deeper connection to nature and life, and rose quartz jewelry is the best way to attain it. 

rose quartz pendant necklace fashion jewelry

What’s seemingly so special about a rose quartz gold necklace from ASANA

  • First off, the enthralling pink color emanates a fairy-tale fantasy. Flaunt the charm and delicacy of this pink crystal to make a statement style. Its gentle vibes ideally unveil the love, compassion, and femininity in your personality. 
  • Secondly, the delicate Singaporian style chain with premium gold plating adds to its beauty and elegance.
  • Next, the rose quartz crystal is perfectly cut by expert artisans to meet the standards. With minimum cutting and polishing, you get the purity of the crystal with high-end details.
  • The focal of this beautiful pendant is a single-end rose quartz pendant dangling in the center. Gold-filled bail connects the gorgeous pendant with the chain. The nicely cut 3 faceted crystal grabs the limelight, no matter whatever your attire is.
  • With an excellent 16″ length, the necklace is a treat for rose quartz jewelry lovers. The lobster clasp closure adds fine finishing to our rose quartz gold necklace.
  • The rose quartz gold necklace has an enchanting pink gleam that gives you confidence. The soft gold allure and the fine details of the necklace are everything. So, if you are a fussy jewelry lover or simply want something to accessorize your casual outfits, this stunning necklace is for you. 
  • The attractive signature ASANA packaging in a handcrafted box is a delight. So, if you are buying one as a gift for someone special, Crystal-Shop wins hearts with its brilliant packaging. 
rose quartz necklace gold 18k for women

Live from the heart with “The Crystal of Unconditional Love.”

Rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love for a reason. The crystal buttresses the heart chakra that helps us be a confident, happier, and truly loving version of ourselves. Hatred, jealousy, and envy are too big of a burden to hold onto. The soothing vibes from the rose quartz pendant bring serenity, empathy, and compassion to our lives. Your rose quartz gold necklace is a gentle reminder to be kind and forgiving towards everyone. The positive energy of the necklace creates an aura of love and consciousness. Moreover, wearing a rose quartz pendant charm shields you from the negative vibes and unkind gazes. So, wearing one in your workplace acts as your protector for the day.  

rose quartz necklace ethically sourced sustainable jewelry

Let your rose quartz necklace be your guide in your journey to enlightenment. This blushing pink beautiful crystal is the stone of universal love. Wearing this necklace opens the heart chakra to revive intimacy, harmony, and trust in your relationships. Feel the true inner peace, deep healing, and self-love with this expert therapist. Be the ambassador of love with this positive inspiration to step into a better world. 

Rose quartz gold necklace –The tremendous healing benefits that will amaze you!

Every crystal is unique and has strikingly different metaphysical properties. The pink glassy crystal not only brings love and compassion to your life but also has praiseworthy healing benefits. So, let’s dive in to learn something more about rose quartz gold necklaces:

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Crystal with a wonderful hue

As obvious from its soft pink color, the crystal rekindles relationships, bringing back joy, love, contentment, and passion in your life. It’s a stone of unconditional love and gratitude towards everyone. 

Crystal for Stress management

Moreover, the ancient Egyptians used it to fight anxiety and depression. Rose quartz heals the heart chakra and has stress-relieving powers. Meditating with your rose quartz helps attain serenity, calmness, and peace. Feel happy and confident with the healing power of this amazing crystal. 

Crystal with beauty benefits

The unique mineral composition of the rose quartz gold necklace promotes a clearer complexion. Skin clarity and managing wrinkles are some things that truly relate to the rose quartz crystal. It’s famous lore that rose quartz can be used as an elixir by simply putting it in water for 24 hours. This elixir acts as an amazing face wash that suits every skin type. So, wearing rose quartz jewelry reduces wrinkles and promises glowing, youthful skin. Maybe that’s the main reason for the high demand for rose quartz rollers.

Bodily Benefits

The most powerful position to wear rose quartz jewelry is close to heart. Hence, the best idea is to wear it in the form of a pendant or necklace. Furthermore, strengthening the immune system, the crystal also releases impurities from the body. (All thanks to the mild but powerful internal vibrations of the glassy pink crystal).

Crystal of Love

It’s time to revive the intimacy and sensuality of your love life. Besides, it has been used for centuries as a Talisman to ward off evil and for protection. The loving vibes of the crystal dispose of the negativity around you.

Rose Quartz necklace and Feng shui

Rose quartz is a highly popular crystal for feng shui purposes. You might have seen mandarin ducks, hearts, wealth pots, gourds, etc., made from rose quartz. So, wearing a rose quartz pendant is an excellent option for body feng shui. 

The above are only a few of the countless other healing properties of this magical crystal. So, flaunt your rose quartz pendant with confidence and shine by getting over all your insecurities.

pink vintage necklace made of rose quartz beads

Best of the bunch ideas for a Pro-style statement 

Gemstones indeed are a fashion sensation these days. Gold and diamond jewelry looks absolutely stunning, but crystal jewelry is a different kind of fascination. Every person is unique, with a distinct lifestyle and different preferences. So, if one style suits a person, it may not necessarily suit the other. Again the main difference being personality, choice, and style. Here are some expert suggestions by fashionistas that can help you choose the best rose quartz gold necklace specific to the occasion:

Rose Quartz necklace for business attire

Dainty pendants and earrings with minimalist designs are pretty “In” for business people. A simple yet elegant bossy look is all that an office attire demands. The best thing is the gleaming pink pendant goes really well with the formal dress colors. No matter if you prefer turtlenecks with skirts, button-up shirts, or formal dresses, a classic rose quartz pendant with a matinee chain is the perfect fit. Another idea is to layer it with longer chains to add more elegance. 

Rose Quartz necklace for teenagers and freshers

 When it comes to college fashion, almost everything works. You can mix and match your stuff to create a different look each day. The best thing is you can be comfortable and sassy at the same time. Just add some essential but affordable items, and you can be that popular student of the college. For this beaded funky crystal necklace are an excellent option. These necklaces go well with plain T-shirts, skirts, jackets, and summer clothes. Besides the tree of life crystal necklace, crystal bracelets and rings are also a great option to flaunt that boho-chic look. 

high quality rose quartz gemstone necklace

Rose quartz necklace for a perfect day out, prom, or party night

Simple jewelry can make your look drab when it comes to a special event. Now that you have chosen your special dress, it’s time to select the accessories. For a stunning evening look or that night glam, you can add some shiny little pieces of jewelry that are elegant yet outstanding. But if your formal dress is too shiny and embellished, go with something neutral. (Edgy geometric rose quartz gold neck can help!). If you are going to wear a beaded off-shoulder gown, rose quartz pendants in matinee or choker style will be a great compliment. Even a simple rose quartz beaded necklace looks fabulous for a day out with friends. 

Gender-neutral Rose quartz necklace– Subtle design with purity, perfection, and fantasy

The biggest misconception about the rose quartz necklace is that it’s specifically for women. In fact, rose quartz jewelry is highly popular among men. The bullet or pointed rose quartz necklace with a 30″ long chain is the new trend in men’s fashion. The rose quartz crystal represents femininity, fantasy, and the loving nature of the wearer. Its miraculous healing benefits make it a trendy crystal in the gemstone healing world.

Furthermore, wire wrapped rose quartz necklace is a trendsetter these days. So, while you plan to buy a rose quartz necklace, be sure about your needs and how often you will be wearing it. Some of the designs suggested above will help you make a better decision. 

Rose Quartz necklace as the birthstone

Rose quartz is a crystal that may be used by everyone who wants unconditional love or is passing through a challenging phase. As a super transmitter of energy, the rose quartz necklace is a spiritual power center. It is the birthstone for the ones with the Zodiac Star Taurus.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus has the dominating powers of beauty, femininity, and divinity. But their notable quality is they are diligent, materialistic, and possessive. Their passion is their satisfaction and ultimate happiness. Furthermore, being passionate about things keeps them free. But not getting them creates a burning desire or emotional, physical, or spiritual imbalance. The rose quartz pendant acts as a guide to open their heart chakra. The crystal acts to strengthen their soul to desire, boost confidence, and heals the heart. Moreover, the rose quartz gold necklace also buttresses the romantic enthusiasm of Taurus.

Prolong the life of your Rose Quartz Jewelry with a professional cleaning at Home

Caring for and cleaning your rose quartz jewelry is very important so that its energy stays true. Besides, caring for rose quartz jewelry is no different than other crystals. Here an important thing to consider is keeping your intention pure. Wearing your rose quartz necklace with positive intentions magnifies its beauty and charm. You can always use the methods like water, smoke, air, sunlight, moonlight, or intention.

Rose quartz crystal requires care, so avoid just putting it in your jewelry box. The best thing is to wrap it in a piece of soft cloth or silk. Doing this ultimately keeps its shine, grace, and color intact. Unlike rose quartz rollers or crystal water bottles, you don’t need to clean your necklace every day. Occasional cleaning like every once in a month may be great.

You can also use smudging to sweep away those negative energy vibes. Furthermore, loaded with feminine divinity, it’s the best crystal to charge under the moon. The crystal has tremendous yin energy that absorbs all the femme energy from the milky moon. So, you can cleanse and charge your rose quartz jewelry by placing it directly outside on nights when the moon’s energy is strong. Lastly, bless your rose quartz necklace for the positivity and love it has brought to your life. 

Shop from ASANA– A brand featuring quality conscious crystal products

ASANA rose gold necklace is adorned due to the use of premium quality crystal and statement style. Pair it with some beautiful earrings, add length with extenders, layer it with chains or play with any style you want. Be the confident and loving version of yourself with the unbelievable powers of your rose quartz necklace. 

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