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Is the Rose Quartz Ring a Wise Purchase?

Interesting Things You Need to Know, and Tips for Buying Rose Quartz Ring

The rose quarters ring symbolizes different things. Devotion, deity, fidelity, and eternity, marriage and engagements are some of these symbols associated with rings generally. 

But weddings and engagements are currently the leading symbols attributed to rings. So, it is correct to say that rings symbolize love. And nothing screams love louder than the rose quarters engagement ring.  

 The rose quartz crystal attached to either rose quartz gold ring, or rose quartz silver ring, is the most attractive part of the ring. It is also called the love stone. And this makes the rose quartz ring a welcome gift.

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Raw Rose Quartz Ring

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Rose Quartz Celestial Ring Gold

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Rose Quartz Gold Leaf Ring

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The rose quartz is one of eight variations of the crystal mineral quartz. Other varieties include the blue quartz, dumortierite quartz, citrine, milky quartz, smoky quartz, Prasiolite, and amethyst; this is when it is categorized according to color. 

The gemstone is cut to make ornaments such as necklaces, bracelets, anklets and more. It is also split into shapes you can use for decorative purposes in the house. The cloudy pink color associated with it provides a boost to the ambiance of a room. 

The history of rose quartz ring

There are several legends dating back as early as 600 BC that show, and support the enormous effect of rose quartz on the human mind, body, and soul. 

 One legend has it that the pink color of the rose quartz came from the staining of white quartz by merging Adonis and Aphrodite’s blood. In the story, Aphrodite was caught in a briar bush trying to save her lover, Adonis, who was attacked by Ares. Zeus felt pity and allowed Adonis to visit for six months every year. The action made the rose quartz a symbol of love renewed. 

 In another Greek legend, the stone was brought by Eros, the god of love, to inspire love and desire among mortals.  

 The Egyptian legend is different because, in it, Isis, the daughter of the earth god, used the rose quartz to maintain her divine beauty and youth. 

 Now that you know a little history of the rose quartz, here are some of its uses. 

Spiritual Attributes: What is the rose quartz stone good for?

By now it is clear as daylight that love and the rose quartz go hand in hand. The crystal has an enormous effect on a person’s emotional health and well-being. Some of the aspects that prevent people from loving others fully include stress and tension. When you are under pressure, it is tough for you to show compassion, at times, even yourself. But the rose quartz is said to reduce stress and tension and allows you to be in a calm state of mind. 

 It amplifies and inspires compassion and appreciation. It works on your heart and opens it to love. Besides that, it attracts and keeps love. You will grow to not only better love others but also love yourself more. 

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When in grief and going through emotional anguish, the rose quartz can help you heal, allowing you to conquer and deal with passionate pain and discomfort. Having a rose quartz crystal ring is one way of surrounding yourself with unconditional love. Some legends talk about rose quartz & citrine rings being able to offer healing powers of great comfort, including individuals, couples, and families, the rose quartz benefits all.

 For example, it is said that placing a rose quartz ring under the pillow stimulates sexual imagination. Additionally, the rose quartz ring can assist in easing pregnancy and childbirth. 

 And because the rose quartz ring attracts and keeps love, it is a great gift to offer a loved one, may it be a friend, spouse, or family member. Whether in the form of a crystal or jewel, it is a fantastic gift to offer. You can even buy it for yourself.  

Why is Buying a Rose Quartz Ring a Good Option?

Many occasions can lead you to buy a ring. But engagements and wedding rings are the most common. When it comes to gemstone rings, there are many options for you to choose from, but none better like the rose quartz engagement ring. Here are three reasons why. 

Rose Quartz Ring Helps Open Your Heart Chakra.

The rose quartz is a healing stone, and it helps eradicate blockage of the heart chakra. When the heart chakra is blocked, a person manifests a lot of anger, hatred, jealousy, and grief. You can use the rose quartz ring as a tool to open up a person’s heart chakra; this is because rose quartz has an enormous effect on the heart. It opens up a person’s mind to express more love, forgiveness, and compassion. 

When you are wearing the rose quartz ring, it is like you are holding the stone in your hand. Hence, your hand’s lines are always connected to the crystal’s energy, allowing you to clear your heart chakra, especially when meditating. 

Rose Quartz Ring improves your mental health.

The rose quartz crystal is used as a healing stone. It has an enormous effect on the physiological aspect of human existence. When your mind is at ease, blood can circulate better and, in turn, improve neuron connectivity. What this means is that your body will function better. One thing to note is that you should not, at any point, use crystal healing, and neglect the advice of a qualified doctor. 

Rose Quartz Ring helps with Self-love.

Apart from attracting love, giving, or having a rose quartz ring can boost self-awareness. It allows you to understand your real self and lets you love yourself regardless of the situation.

Acceptance and self-awareness alone should prompt you to buy that rose quartz silver ring. You never know, it may be the key to finding love and getting rid of negative energy.  

Four Tips to Consider When buying Rose Quartz ring

 It is time to dive deeper into how to choose the best rose quartz wedding ring. Below are three factors to consider when you next go for your jewelry shopping.

Consider the color of the Rose Quartz. 

The color of a Rose Quartz jewel is an essential factor when choosing rose quartz because it affects the price. Most raw rose quartz rings come with delicate pink shade. 

Generally, the rose quartz is evenly colored. The rose quarter gemstones on the ring have other various shades including pale hues and medium-deep shades. 

Suppose you find an appealing color on a rose quartz engagement ring. Be sure it will be more costly. 

Check the clarity of the rose quartz.

The clarity of rose quartz is usually not transparent. It will have a cloudy look. This is because rose quartz is rarely clear. When choosing your quartz ring, a high quality stone sterling silver rose quartz ring will be the one with lesser inclusions.

Look into the cut of the rose quartz wedding ring Cut.

The cut of the ring goes hand in hand with the mood. The cloudy look of the rose quartz makes it to be marketed as the tumbled stone at times. When cut as a cabochon, the crystal may assume the star-like effect. And because the star rose quartz ring will be more costly than other cut kinds.

Consider the Carat of rose quartz ring.

Here, have in mind that the size of rose quartz on the ring matters more than the weight. Usually, this is the case because the density of stone is different in every crystal. And as matters of size and price, larger rose quartz gold rings will cost more. 

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Three Aspects of Fake Rose Quartz Ring

Knowing what to look for when buying a rose quartz engagement ring is very important for you as a customer. However, if you do not know how to spot a fake crystal, you may end up buying a fake jewel. And to avoid such a scene, here is what you need to know about a phony rose quartz crystal ring. 

Compare the transparency of rose quartz crystal ring with its price

It may seem pretty obvious, but a rose quartz wedding ring is never transparent. A genuine one will have been misty, and it will not have excellent clarity. The best rose quartz gold rings are those with no good clarity. 

Be on the lookout if you are sold a rose quartz crystal ring that seems transparent, and the price is low. Most likely, it is not the whole thing. 
Check the hardness of rose quartz gold ring

The importance of checking its hardness is to avoid a scene where your crystal breaks after a week because it was a fake. Good rose quartz golden rings are usually hard. It can scratch a steel file and not get damaged. Ask about the hardness when buying to avoid making losses of buying fake counter crystals. 

Check if there is a bubble in the rose

Most fake rose quartz crystal rings are made from glass and are not actual gems. It is just old plain glass tempered to look like a gem. A common aspect of a fake Rose Quartz Ring is if it has bubbles. A real rose quartz silver ring will not have any bubble inside. 

As such, it is a no brainer that if you sport a bubble; then it probably is not real. And just by knowing that, you can know a fake rose quartz ring.  

Knowing about the benefits and knowing how to check fake rose quartz wedding rings, let us now see how you can take better care of your rose quartz engagement ring. 

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Guide to taking care of your Rose Quartz ring

 After investing some right amount of money on the rose quartz silver ring, it would be a shame not to take better care of it. There is no written formula for strict measures you can use to clean your ring. However, you can do one or two things to ensure that it retains its beauty and stays in good condition. Here are some of them

  • Most rose quartz rings may be crafted together with gold, silver, or sterling, which may make cleaning seem difficult. But if you dip the sterling silver quartz in a cleaning solution, you will remove the tannish without affecting the stone. 
  • Another good option for cleaning is to use warm soapy cleaning water, which will also not affect the stone.
  •  Avoid using steam or ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning your rose quartz wedding ring.
  • You should reduce the risk of damage by avoiding corrosion with rough surfaces. Even though the rose quartz is severe, and it may be scratched by harder stones such as topaz and diamond. 
  • When storing, avoid, mixing it with hard stones to prevent corrosion. Preferably have a fabric separated linen box to store your rose gold rose quartz ring. 
  •  Have a specific location to place the jewelry to avoid misplacing it when not wearing it.
  •  Remember to take off your raw rose quartz ring when engaging in a vigorous activity like playing sport or gardening.
  •  Keep your rose quartz ring from corrosive chemicals and detergent. Clean it immediately if it comes into contact.

When you take better care of your rose quartz ring by following this tip, it can stay with you for ages. 

P.S. Rose quart is said to be photosensitive. As a result, it may fade away if exposed to sunlight over long durations. Just taking care of the above will help in maintaining its vibrance. 


The rose quartz is one of many healing crystals you can use to glam both your wardrobe and your life. You can find it in other jewelry such as necklaces, pendants, and more. Besides that, you can choose to place the crystal in your house either for decorative or healing purposes.

Combine all these benefits and attribute you stand to benefit from buying a rose quartz ring, and you sure have no reason to dislike owning one. Leave a comment with your favorite information you got from reading the article.

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