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Ruby Crystal Meaning

The Ruby is a stone of nobility, associated with wealth, royalty and luxury. It is said to bring those who wear it good fortune and is also known as a stone of protection. The deep red color of the Ruby stone is thought to represent the blood that flows through our veins, making it a powerful stone for healing. The Ruby crystal meaning is also associated with love, passion and courage.

For many people, the Ruby crystal meaning is associated with the heart chakra, which is the energy center that governs our emotional life. If your heart chakra is blocked or out of balance, the Ruby crystal properties can help to open and heal it. It can also help to bring more passion and vitality into your life. In addition to its emotional benefits, Ruby benefits are also said to promote physical health and vitality. Whether you are looking to improve your emotional or physical health, the Ruby crystal meaning makes it a powerful ally on your journey to wellness.

Ruby Meaning and History

The word “ruby” comes from the Latin word rubens, which means “red.” Rubies have been prized throughout history for their deep, rich color. In fact, red has always been associated with passion, power, and love. The most famous ruby crystal in the world is the Black Prince’s Ruby, which is set in the British Imperial State Crown. This massive stone is believed to have once been part of the ancient Persian throne.

Rubies have also been treasured in Asia for centuries. In fact, Burmese legend says that rubies were created when a lightning bolt struck the formation. Today, rubies are still highly coveted. They are symbols of strength and courage and are often given as gifts to mark special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. Whether you’re looking for a stunning piece of jewelry or a meaningful gift for someone special, rubies are sure to impress.

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Crystal Colors & Crystal Types

Ruby is a red variety of the mineral corundum, which is composed of aluminum oxide with trace amounts of chromium. The chromium is responsible for the rich red color of ruby, and the finest examples exhibit a pure red hue. However, rubies can also occur in a range of pink to purple hues, and they may display hue zoning or color banding. In terms of crystal structure, ruby belongs to the hexagonal crystal system, and it typically forms as tabular or octahedral crystals. Because ruby crystal is so hard and durable, it has been used throughout history for a variety of purposes, from gemstone jewelry to armor. Today, it remains a popular gemstone, and it is also used in industrial applications such as laser optics.

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How To Use Ruby Crystal

There are many ways to use a ruby crystal, depending on your needs. Some people like to keep a ruby crystal in their pocket for good luck, while others use them in meditation or for energy work.

Some people also believe that ruby crystals can help with feng shui decor by deflecting negative energy and promoting a positive flow of chi. In fact, many people choose to include ruby crystals in their home or office décor as part of a feng shui energy.

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How To Cleanse and Charge Ruby Stones

Here are a few methods for cleansing and charging your ruby stones:

1. Sunlight: Place the rubies in direct sunlight for a few hours. The sun’s natural energy will help to cleanse and charge them.

2. Moonlight: Place the rubies under a full moon overnight. The moon’s natural energy will help to cleanse and charge them.

3. Sea Salt: Place the rubies in a bowl of sea salt and let them sit overnight. The salt’s natural energy will help to cleanse and charge them.
4. Selenite: Place the rubies on a selenite slab overnight. Selenite is a very powerful cleanser and charger

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Wearing Ruby Crystal, Ruby Jewelry Uses

People have been wearing ruby jewelry for centuries to enjoy its many benefits. Ruby is a beautiful and powerful stone that is believed to enhance vitality, protect from harm, and promote success. It is also thought to increase the wearer’s love and passion, as well as help with emotional healing.

Wearing ruby jewelry is a great way to enjoy these benefits yourself. Choose pieces that include rubies in different shapes and sizes for a varied and stunning look. You can wear ruby rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings for everyday style or special occasions. No matter what you choose, you’ll love the beauty and power of ruby jewelry!

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Ruby Crystal Healing & Spiritual Benefits

Some believe that the ruby crystal has spiritual benefits and healing properties. Cleopatra was known to have used rubies as a source of protection and empowerment. It is said that rubies can help with courage, creativity, love, passion, and fertility. They are also thought to be helpful in restoring balance and harmony within the body, mind, and spirit. If you are drawn to the ruby crystal, it may be because you are in need of some of its healing properties.

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