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Flatter Your Creativity, Sexuality, And Inspiration by Unblocking Your Sacral Chakra

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Dominated by a Sedona tangerine orange color, Sacral chakra or Svadhishthana is the 2nd chakra of the body. The chakra ultimately gets its names “Creation chakra”, “Sex Chakra”, or the “Social Chakra” due to its bewildering powers. This orange chakra dominates the lower belly region and acts as the center of passion, temptation, and pleasure. Svadhishthana governs sensuality, creativity, emotions, and sense of adventure, thus influences your relationships. 

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Denise Taylor

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Researcher in spirituality and metaphysics dedicated to introducing people to their inner selves.  Author of five books on metaphysics, crystals and chakra balancing. Over 15 years of experience studying metaphysics, yoga teacher and reiki master.

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Location of the Chakra

Sacral chakra or Svadhishthana is the second chakra of the body positioned below the navel just in the lower belly’s middle. Talking about the back position, the chakra is located in the lumbar spine. Having the key element water, the chakra has an orange representation. Besides, the chakra corresponds to specific body regions that are genitals, abdomen, and lower back. Having a keen knowledge of the location of the chakra is very important for meditation and asanas.

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Powers and Properties of Sacral Chakra- The Sacral Chakra at a Glance

Valued for its strong feminine energy, creativity, warrior spirit, and emotions, sacral chakra has the power to tackle any situation. Besides, certain properties make the Svadhishthana chakra unique. So, let’s take a deep dive to learn everything about the sacral chakra in detail

Location of the Sacral Chakra:

The lower part of the abdomen just below the tailbone with the focus areas being the pelvis, womb, and genitals.

Sacral Chakra Element:

The element of the sacral chakra is water which is self-contained, introspective, absorbing, and critical. Seeking knowledge, scrutinizing, understanding, and yet enigmatic are the worldly goods of the element water.

Sacral Chakra Color:

 The sacral chakra is represented by a perfectly mixed allure of marigold and fresh oranges. The color clearly expresses intimacy, warmth, and sexuality in relationships. Orange is a color that tends to relate to optimism, freshness, a new start, creativity, and excitement. 

Sacral Chakra Symbol:

 The symbol of the sacral chakra is a widely opened orange color lotus flower with a crescent in the center.

sacral chakra meaning sacral chakra balance-4

Signs of Open and balanced Sacral Chakra:

When your sacral chakra is aligned and balanced, you will feel more confident, warmly welcome relationships, radiate positive vibes, fearless, and generous.

Signs of Sacral Chakra Imbalance:

Fears, overwhelming behaviors, depression, addictive behaviors, and creativity loss may clearly indicate an imbalance in your sacral chakra.

Sacral Chakra Crystals:

 Red Jasper, Citrine, Tangerine quartz, Red and orange Carnelian, Unakite, Sunstone and Snowflake Obsidian, etc. In general, all the pure healing crystals with yellow, orange, and golden shades are highly supportive sacral chakra crystals.

sacral chakra meaning sacral chakra balance-4

Sacral Chakra Affirmations:

Motivating and powerful affirmations with the ruling “I am” as the main keyword are the characteristic affirmations of this chakra. 

Symbol of the Svadhishthana- A widely open lotus with a crescent in between!

Svadhishthana means “The residence of self”. The sacral chakra has a symbol with a widely opened orange-colored lotus flower and six extended petals. The flower has circles in the center representing the connection between the birth, death, and rebirth cycles. The tangential circles form a crescent shape that represents the restless water energy. Moreover, the lines and the crescent emphasize the phases of a growing moon, creativity, and romanticism. 

Importance and Powers of Sacral Chakra

What makes the Chakra worth focusing on?

Ruling the lower abdomen area, all the adventures and colors of life obey the Sacral Chakra. Sexuality and worldly pleasures tend to be the first things that come to our mind when we hear the word Sacral chakra. But of course, many other powers of this orange chakra are often overlooked. To your surprise, this orange chakra is the most important chakra of your body that covers a wide range of traits, especially those contributing to your personality. 

Svadhishthana governs creativity, passion, interests, zeal, and sensuality. From finding enjoyment in a subtle piece of art to working dedicatedly on some new business plan or making it work out in a relationship, everything counts in the powers of Sacral chakra. An aligned Sacral chakra helps you embrace the natural human sexuality and make every moment of your life memorable. 

Owing to the heavenly feminine energy, the sacral chakra fulfills happiness and lets you enjoy every moment of your life. The orange chakra is accepting and gives you the strength to overcome any difficulty in life. Express your sexual needs, desires, and passion with an aligned and active sacral chakra. 

sacral chakra meaning sacral chakra balance-4

What happens when your Sacral Chakra is imbalanced or misaligned?

From an emotional standpoint to psychological or physiological, you might observe certain specific deviations from the normal. For instance, feeling uncomfortable in your own body, shameful about sexuality, or a lack of emotions may indicate the blocked orange chakra. So, let’s take a deep dive to learn about some of these signs in detail:

  • Psychological issues that may arise due to imbalance in Sacral Chakra

When you have an imbalance in your sacral chakra, you might have feelings ruled by detachment, depression, aggression, fear, and over-sensitivity. Moreover, feeling bound, stuck, and anxious with poor boundaries is quite normal when your orange chakra is out of balance. 

  • Physical ailments than accompany an unbalanced Sacral Chakra

Certain physical ailments indicate an imbalance in your sacral chakra. The intensity may depend upon the imbalance and varies from slight to severe. For instance, urinary tract infections, issues with the reproductive tract, or ailments like lower back pain may pop up due to sacral chakra blockage.

Besides, an increase or decrease in the sex drive, and most importantly, a change in the sexual pleasures accompanies a blocked sacral chakra. In fact, you might observe problems with the kidneys, adrenal glands, and bladder when the chakra is not aligned.

The simplest activity to tell if your Sacral Chakra is aligned or not!

You may find that overwhelming when told to work on some specific chakra by a practitioner or your Yoga teacher. Actually, these expert recommendations are the result of their life experience and firm knowledge. Here is a simple activity used by most of your Yoga teachers to tell if your Sacral chakra is working properly or not. 

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Find a quiet corner in your room that is free of interruption. Relax your mind, sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Sit firmly with your spine straight and tall. Indulge yourself in a deep breathing exercise and relax. Finally, it’s time to ask yourself a few questions compiled by the experts. Your main task is to answer them honestly and quickly and observe what resonates in your mind while you answer the questions and feel hesitant, confused, or stuck during the process. This activity allows you to sit in judgment about your sacral chakra blockage.

  • What areas or activities please you the most?
  • Do you feel joyful, creative, zealous, and sensual?
  • Do you allow yourself to do things you really enjoy?
  • In what areas you don’t feel pleased or comfortable?
  • Do you do things for others selflessly with all your heart or just try to win their love and approval?
  • Do you try to strengthen your relationship with your partner with a true genuine gesture?
  • How often do you feel content with life, or is there something that is always missing?
  • Do you get jealous sometimes out of small, worthless things and then regret those?
  • How do you take your life; as a game to play full of challenges or a struggle full of sacrifices?

8 Easiest Expert Recommendations to balance your Sacral Chakra

From an emotional stance to a bodily standpoint, feeling less energetic or uncomfortable in the basic instincts, every sign points towards an imbalanced orange chakra. At times you may not feel sensual or find it difficult to pursue creative endeavors, potential problems about sex, etc.; all this happens when your sacral chakra gets out of alignment. But luckily, there are plenty of miraculous and tested approaches known for centuries to combat the situation. So, let’s try to bring back the Svadhishthana in balance by working with these simple practices.

Work and play with different hues of Orange- The simplest practice that always works!

Meditating and visualizing your chakra’s color is always a powerful way to buff up your sacral chakra. Each of the seven chakras has a deep association with a different color that imparts strength to that area. Adding more and more orange colors in your surroundings is always a great idea to work on your chakra. 

Everything counts in sacral chakra healing, from selecting interesting color combinations with orange for your attire to buying prestigious healing crystal jewelry. Besides, adding orange color to your vision board also encourages you to be more creative and passionate about your work. Besides, you can also add paintings or wall hangings with orange and yellow hues on the walls of your bedrooms. 

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Sacral Chakra Affirmations- Positive reminder to stay sensual and creative

Setting intentions to break old habits and shifting to new ones is always a great approach, especially in sacral chakra healing. If you think your sacral chakra is blocked or imbalanced, loudly repeating these affirmations or writing them down in your notepad is a great idea. This practice not only buffs up your sacral chakra but also boosts your inner confidence. Here are some of the strong affirmations that you can repeat daily for your sacral chakra healing:

  • Every coming day brings more joy and satisfaction in my life. 
  • I am safe, and I express my sexual self in a fun, healthy, and creative way.
  • Inspiration, creativity, and fun fill my day and flow in me.
  • I deserve to have sensual pleasures and have my needs met.
  • I embrace and welcome changes in my life wholeheartedly.
  • My body has got zealous potential, and I am comfortable with it. 
  • I have my social circle completely dominated by supportive and loving people and am proud to embrace these relationships.

The right food for the right nourishment- Sacral chakra healing by foods

Working on your chakra is fun when you know you can nourish it simply with some magical foods. Speaking of the orange chakra, some various fruits and vegetables nourish and align the chakra. All you have to do is add some of these delicious veggies and fruits to your diet and let nature work for you. 

Selecting the right food that is in alignment to your orange chakra help harmonize both your physical body and energetic body, thus balancing your second chakra-says Sandra Ragan (A certified yoga practitioner)

Here are some of the foods that you might look for when you are working on your Sacral Chakra:

  • Nuts And Seeds
  • Sweet Potato
  • Carrots
  • Melons
  • Butternut Squash
  • Fermented Foods
  • Mangos
  • Pumpkin
  • Orange Citrus Fruits
  • You can also use orange induced water 
  • Hydrate and refresh your soul with orange-infused water like Clementines, Golden Raspberries, Oranges, Tangerines, etc.

Assiduously engage yourself in Yoga and Asanas for Sacral Chakra Healing

Physical movement, especially recommended by experts, may be highly beneficial in targeting your blocked Svadhishthana chakra. Exercises like hip circles are exceptionally great for the alignment of the chakra. For a fresh and healthy start to the day, make sure you add some of the second chakra exercises to your schedule. These exercises bring circulation to the chakra and also increase the flow of energy to the chakra. Along the same vein, some Asanas help buttress and realign your chakra. 

Given below is the list of some of the most beneficial exercises that you must try for a healthy living and an aligned sacral chakra:

Warrior II pose

Notable for its breathtaking effects on the stamina, Warrior II pose is the first on the list. For this pose, stand tall in a mountain pose and perform deep breathing exercises. Now slightly jump or step to 3 to 4 feet apart. Now raise your arms parallel to the floor and stretch them wide. Do remember to keep your palms straight facing down the floor and shoulder blades wide. 

Tighten your thighs and stretch the right leg slightly to the right and left leg slightly to the left to 90°. Bring the left thigh parallel to the floor and bend your left knee over the left ankle. Strengthen the right leg by putting pressure on the right heel. Keep your back straight and press the tailbone towards the pubis. Stay in the same position for 30 seconds to 1 minute, inhale, reverse the feet and repeat.

Benefits of the Pose

  • Therapeutic for infertility, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sciatica
  • Increases stamina
  • Alleviates back pain, especially through the second trimester of pregnancy
  • Strengthens and aligns your sacral chakra

Goddess pose

Introduce yourself with the vivid image of the divine feminine powers in you with the goddess pose. This pose gets in touch with your true inner wisdom and boosts decision-making. To begin the practice, stand tall in the mountain pose with hips, feet, and ankles parallel to the mat. Now stretch both your feet wide, almost 4 feet apart, with your toes facing out and knees facing in. 

Stack your knees over your ankles and gently bend downwards to the level of your knees. It’s time to extend your arms to the level of your shoulder so that your hands make an angle of 90° with your arms. Spread your fingers wide meanwhile keeping your core engaged. Draw your ribcage into your body and straighten your tailbone towards the ground. Finally, press down evenly on your feet and maintain the pose for 5 deep breaths. Now extend your legs, lower your arms, and relax your body to go back in the mountain pose. 

Benefits of Goddess pose
  • The pose helps integrate and align the upper and lower energy centers of the body.
  • Strengthens the core, inner thighs, and quadriceps 
  • The goddess pose is an excellent preparatory asana, especially during the pregnancy, as it prepares the pelvis for the child’s birth.
  • Most importantly, the goddess pose buttresses your sacral chakra, thus revitalizing and bringing passion to your somewhat stuck sex life.

Low lunge

If you are trying to improve posture or realign your sacral chakra, nothing can beat the importance of low lunge practice. This amazing exercise stretches the thighs, groins and opens the chest. Well, to perform this Asana, position yourself in a downward-facing dog-pose. Extend your right foot in the forward direction in a way that your toes and fingertips are inline. 

Bend your front knee in a way that creates an angle with your thigh. Meanwhile, place your left knee on the floor, pointing your left toes straight back. Now gradually descend your tailbone and settle on your fingertips. Finally, extend the sternum forward while drawing your right hip back and inwards. Continue to drop your tailbone and draw your pubis towards the navel. Reinforce the practice by rooting down on your front heel and maintaining a right angle with the front knee. Hold the same posture till you can do 5-10 breath works. Finally, rest for a few minutes and repeat the same process on the other side. 

Benefits of the Low lunges

  • Improves the posture especially rounded or saggy shoulders 
  • It helps build up confidence and empower your decision making
  • Unblocks the sacral chakra blockage and activates the chakra

Besides Pigeon Pose, Yoga for creativity and Yin yoga for the sacral chakra is also great to help when it comes to sacral chakra healing. 

Sacral chakra healing with Meditation- Be the zealous, sensual, potent you by making time for Meditation

Meditation is the best way to heal and console your tired body or misaligned chakras. Besides, it’s the best way that you can easily adapt to this hyperconnected and busy life. What’s more important is meditation helps you meet the happiest person inside you. Moreover, it helps attain a more positive outlook in life, focusing on a stress-free, healthy, and better life. 

For the sacral chakra meditation, we need to focus on 4 energy sets i.e.

  • Feminine
  • Water
  • Flower+Moon

Just like the restless tides are attracted towards the moon and are ever-changing, the same is the case with our mood and desires. Maybe that’s the main reason we relate sacral chakra with water. Even though all the chakras and energy centers differ significantly, the meditation technique remains the same. The only difference lies in the visualization of the energy wheels and the way we relate with them.  

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A 5 step meditation guideline to unblocking your Sacral Chakra

For the sacral chakra meditation, start much like you do the standard meditation practice. But the main difference lies in unblocking and aligning the power center at the navel. Here is a simple 5 step meditation practice for sacral chakra healing:

  1. Find a calm place where you can meditate with full concentration. Sit comfortably, keeping your spine straight and lower body relaxed. 
  2. Now close your eyes, free your mind from all the wild, restless thoughts wandering inside. It’s time for the deep breathwork. Deeply breath in and breathe out for a few minutes till you find yourself completely submerged in practice. 
  3. Now visualize a spinning orange circle with a bright hypnotizing hue and shine at the point of your sacral chakra. 
  4. For mindful meditation, bring the sacral chakra element, i.e., water, into your mind. Imagine the orange flood of light spreading in the form of a ripple, enveloping your body completely. Resultantly, you will feel warmth, positive energy, and zeal in response. 
  5. You can meditate for as much time as you feel sufficient. But according to experts, the right meditation for 5 minutes prepares you to face the challenges out there. Surely, you will feel an alignment and a balance of energy. 

Bija Mantra Sound Meditation- An effective tool to buttress your Sacral Chakra

Sound therapy or music has synergistic effects on the meditation, especially as if it is related to the throat or sacral chakra. Sound meditation is a fantastic tool to align your blocked or unbalanced chakra. There are certain chakra-specific syllables that we repeat for sound meditation. For instance, the seed syllable for the second chakra is “Vam”. But more importantly, you pronounce this mantra as “lawn” and ignore the pronunciation “Vam”. The vibrations with these syllables or mantras harmonize with the vocalization rings of the chakra. Hence, it’s also a great meditation for the sacral chakra with powerful restoring potential. 

Sacred Scents, Essential Oils, and Aromatherapy for Sacral Chakra

It might be surprising that you know that sacral chakra works in deep association with the throat chakra. Therefore, a balance and harmony between the chakras are very important. Maybe that’s why certain essential oils are equally effective for buffing up both these chakras. Healthy sexual desires, smooth creative flow, and a positive outlook towards life are only possible when the sacral chakra interacts with the throat chakra for proper communication.

Here are some miraculous scents that have been used for centuries for sacral chakra aromatherapy purposes:

  • Cardamom oil
  • Neroli oil
  • Clary sage oil
  • Neroli oil
  • Orange oil and scents
  • Rose oil and scents 
  • Sandalwood oil 
  • Patchouli oil 
  • Yang Ylang oil

Sacral Chakra Stones– Best Crystals known for their breathtaking effects on Svadhishthana 

Healing gemstones bring creativity, innovation, vision, and inspiration to your life. The completely satisfying imperfect shape of the pure crystals makes you realize that imperfection is the beauty of life. Besides these amazing benefits, crystals have the natural powers to align, heal and balance any body’s chakra. Similarly, there are many sacral chakra stones out there that work wonders in their healing and alignment. 

Pure healing crystals generally in mesmerizing hues of the orange and orangish-red buttress and align the sacral chakra. Some of the most important stones used for the healing purpose are:

Red Jasper for Sacral Chakra

Ruled by crimson orange color, red jasper is an amazing sacral chakra stone highly admired for its healing benefits. Red jasper can be rightly called the stone of hope, passion, grounding, and protection. These sacral chakra stones enhance the intimacy and sensuality of your relationship. No matter if you feel shy or aggressive about sex and basic human pleasures, the powerful vibrations of the jasper fix the issue. 

Bring out the positive behavior, fiery passion, and creativity hidden inside you by properly meditating with this powerful healing crystal. The stone also invites endurance, spirituality, and strength, especially in difficult situations. 

Carnelian for Sacral Chakra

Strengthening the base and the sacral chakra, Carnelian is a stone of creativity, reincarnation, and emotional warmth. Carnelian has an enthralling appearance dominated by a variety of fascinating shades of orangish-red. These amazing sacral chakra stones improve the perception and understanding of nature. 

This gemstone is an excellent gift for couples who want to bring intimacy, sensuality, and authenticity to their relationship. Carnelian jewelry, especially Carnelian bracelets, not only look impressive but are highly beneficial. The stone is believed to promote a sense of community and pragmatism. More importantly, the stone alleviates the lower back, arthritis, neuralgia, and depression problems. So, if you are having issues with your sacral chakra, meditate with Carnelian crystals for a balanced chakra. 

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Orange Calcite for Sacral Chakra Healing

With an incredibly energizing and cleansing power, orange calcite is a powerful crystal that brings energy and creativity to your life. These sacral chakra stones are excellent antidepressants and energy stones. But more importantly, these stones are famous for their striking beauty and dazzling color combination. Ruled by breathtaking fresh orange color, the orange calcite patterns are second to none. 

The people love the pure-cut orange calcite pendants and bracelets for their amazing color and warm gleam. Besides, raw healing crystal jewelry is high in the latest fashion trends. The crystal relates to the realms of higher consciousness and creates an aura of awareness and sophistication. 

Sunstone for Sacral Chakra Healing

With a sparkling glitter inner core, sunstone is a famous healing stone that is highly popular. The stone’s intricate internal patterns are hypnotizing as they contain the beauty and magic of the Universe. The vivid hue of these sacral chakra stones rivals and competes with Rubies and Emerald. The stone gets its name due to the sparkling glitter and the matchless patterns inside the transparent orange crystal. The crystal strengthens the fearlessness, vitality, confidence, and communication in your character. Besides, sunstone is known for buffing up and aligning the sacral chakra of the body. 

These are a few of the many sacral chakra stones you can use to meditate and heal your orange chakra. 

  • Chakra Stones Set- Treat yourself with the exclusive all in 1 crystal set for all your chakras

    Crystals have a self emphasizing role in meditation, chakra healing, and Reiki. Apart from playing an important role in chakra healing procedures, the pure crystals look absolutely beautiful. You can employ these crystals in your daily life either in the form of healing crystal jewelry, finely cut crystal pieces, crystal pipes, crystal vision board, crystal wall hangings, etc. 

  • But instead of investing in crystals for all the 7 chakras individually, why not go with a chakra stone set. Crystal-Shop brings you the most economical solution for meditation purposes for all the 7 chakras. We believe in maintaining our tradition of going beyond our client’s expectation, and that’s the secret of our strong presence in the Industry. 

    For all crystal lovers, this special package includes 7 prestigious crystals finely cut and crafted by experts. The timeless shine, unbeatable grace, and stunning colors are the beauty of this kit. Crystal shop promises that the crystals will be conveyed in their pure form in luxurious packaging. The set consists of pure, classy, and exclusive crystals specific for all 7 chakras of your body. These are:

    1. Crown Chakra Stone – Amethyst
    2. Third Eye Chakra – Clear Quartz
    3. Throat Chakra Stone – Lapis Lazuli
    4. Solar Plexus Stone – Yellow Jasper
    5. Sacral Chakra Crystal – Carnelian
    6. Heart Chakra Stone – Rose Quartz
    7. Root Chakra – Obsidian

    Get your crystal chakra set ready before the deal ends. Step into a healthy, aware, and conscious life when you have nature’s powers and miracles in the form of chakra stones. But this incredible one-time offer is for a limited time with limited stocks. So, rush and grab this deal now! 


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