Selenite Jewelry Meaning & Properties

Selenite Necklace And Jewelry – A Magical Trend Ruling The Fashion Revolution 

With vivid color and a Koh-i-Noor like grace, the enchanting selenite necklace and jewelry is popping up on the ramp, liked and praised by all. Let your confidence flow with the brilliance and shine of this glassy crystal and stun everyone around. From Adele to Victoria Beckham, all your favorite celebrities flaunt this precious crystal in a signature style. Being featured in the Chanel classic bags’ latest edition to the priceless bridal backdrop necklace, Selenite gets the due credit.

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Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

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Researcher in spirituality and metaphysics dedicated to introducing people to their inner selves.  Author of five books on metaphysics, crystals and chakra balancing. Over 15 years of experience studying metaphysics, yoga teacher and reiki master.

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Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

selenite necklace

Selenite Necklace

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Selenite Crystal Bracelet

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Of course, the best jewelry designer brands swear by the magic of this magnificent crystal. Technically speaking, the Selenite necklace fits and complements every outfit that truly makes you shine. Here are some of the top compelling reasons to go with Selenite Jewelry this year. So, let’s dive in to learn about some of the breathtaking benefits of this pure cleansing miraculous stone.

Play with the designs and make your fashion style statement like a Pro

It’s not always easy to flow in the fashion stream with our busy schedules in this ever-busy life. Therefore, we need to opt for a style that makes us most comfortable. For instance, a beaded layered necklace may not be a great option to go with the formal suiting. But a gold crystal necklace perfectly goes with such attire. 

Here the most important thing is to feel cozy with whatever you choose. Crystal Shop understands that every client is unique and truly cares for their needs. Any crystal you choose, and you will enter a whole new world of conscious designs, novelty, and sophistication. That’s why we offer a wide variety of selenite necklaces, selenite chokers, pendants, bracelets, and much more. 

Our graceful designs with pocket-friendly prices are all that have made us such a successful brand in the industry. That’s mainly when we say make your fashion style statement like a Pro, we mean it with our magnificent designs.

How to integrate this splendid crystal into your jewelry collection?

Nevertheless, the most important thing is how to integrate Selenite jewelry in your collection. So, we have got you covered with our powerful and innovative designs. Here are some of the ideas that will make you shine in every event that life throws at you. 

selenite necklace selenite jewelry gold-1

The biggest jewelry names in fashion advocate having a statement piece of jewelry. So, if you want to enjoy the healing benefits of Selenite crystal, embrace it with a gold selenite necklace. Going with a delicate bijou design is a great choice, especially for everyday use. Besides, trendy selenite ear studs are a good gift idea for teenage girls. 

Likewise, boys can readily choose to have a warm sparkling selenite crystal studded watch. For married couples, nothing can beat pure selenite crystal rings or bands. Get more into fashion while relating to mother nature when you have tons of ideas available.

Best of the bunch business casuals- How to wear Selenite jewelry at work?

    Enjoy the vintage feel and amazing heavenly benefits of the selenite crystal with these well-liked ideas. While in the office, everyone tries to be modest and nice. The same is the case with office attire, jewelry, and looks. So, if you are a big fan of Selenite, we recommend going with gilded selenite watches that are equally popular for both genders. 

    Of course, there are great options for ladies having an obsession with dainty necklaces and bracelets. However, high in fashion are selenite pendants and fine collar necklaces. Let everyone at the office be a fan of your signature jewelry style. 

    Vintage Selenite crystal necklace- Get to know all about the perfect fits for every mood

    Sometimes, it becomes overwhelming when it comes to choosing the perfect Selenite necklace. But an event-conscious design fulfills the true selenite necklace meanings. Here are the top 4 best selling selenite stone necklace designs that will make you look and feel great. These are:

    healing crystal jewelry gemstone jewelry

    Lariat Selenite Necklace – Delicate, Intimate, and eye-catching

    Whatever neckline you wear, the Lariat selenite crystal necklace is a perfect fit. The delicate Y design goes handy with your formal, fancy, and even daily attire. This brand new style has taken gold crystal necklace jewelry to another level.

    Selenite Matinee Necklace- Purity and Class specified

    Matinee Selenite necklace is another trendsetter for the fashion guide 2021. You can flawlessly carry any look with this gorgeous selenite necklace style. No matter if you are wearing a turtleneck, formal attire, or a long silk gown, the Selenite Matinee necklace complements all. As the Selenite crystal is famous for its purity, the fine designer work gives it a captivating classy look.

    Selenite Chokers- Luxurious and timeless trend

    Selenite chokers are a great new addition to your wardrobe for the year 2021. Chokers have long been dominating jewelry fashion and are still at the top of the list. Embedding or stringing your desired crystal bead or pendant is high fashion. Hence, you can enjoy the selenite pendant benefits by beautifully carrying it with a style. 

    Selenite pendant- Exclusivity in a style

     Selenite pendants are the most liked in all the selenite jewelry. It’s time to stun everyone with the most beautiful and exclusive pendant. Of the variety of crystal pendant styles available, choose the one that suits your personality. For instance, you may choose any of these pendant designs as your signature style.

    • First off, wire wrap selenite crystal pendant
    • Secondly, the Selenite point pendant
    • Glass Vial Selenite pendant
    • Uncut natural Selenite necklace
    • Finally, a gold crystal necklace

    You can also go with an embroidered selenite pendant with a gold chain. But if you are using it for healing purposes, it’s better to use the crystal in one of the above styles. Actually, nature has a lot to do with purity, and indeed these innovative design ideas keep the integrity of the healing crystal.

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    The spell-binding allure that captivates the attention of all

    Mother nature has hidden magic in its mesmerizing beauty that humans need to use carefully. Of course, the Selenite Necklace crystal is one such magic with divine attributes and the highest purity level in the crystals. The breathtaking allure of the crystal makes it a perfect choice for your jewelry. 

    The selenite necklace crystal has a great allure and shine that tempts everyone around. Apart from the mystical benefits, the gold crystal necklace takes the shade of the dress you are wearing. Either it’s a day event or a night party glam, with your Selenite necklace crystal jewelry, you are going to be in the limelight. 

    Selenite pendant and jewelry- A perfect bespoke present for your loved ones

    If you are a nature lover, you may love to express your feelings by gifting some precious and meaningful crystals. That’s why it’s wise to choose a stone specifically on the basis of its unique properties, healing benefits, chakras, based on Zodiac signs, or even as birthstones. Here the absolutely classic and pure crystal, Selenite is a great gift. Selenite necklace crystal is an angelic crystal that brings serenity and peace to your life. 

    Interacting with the crown chakra, the crystal has miraculous effects on consciousness, psychic development, and mind power. Selenite pendants specifically, and Selenite jewelry generally are a perfect gift for:

    • First off, you can give the selenite pendant to your child as a reward for good grades. Telling this stone’s true meanings will further motivate him/her to perform even better in life. 
    • Secondly, Selenite is a stone of love that expresses your pure and deep emotions for your loved ones. So, presenting a selenite ring or some other piece of jewelry relates to your pure feelings. 
    • Moreover, as a bride, you can flaunt the gold crystal necklace, bridal backdrop, ring, hair accessories, or crown specifically prepared from this fabulous crystal. Of course, you can give this gemstone to your special friends as their wedding gift.
    • Nothing can beat the grace of a gilded wristwatch studded with Selenite pieces as a gift for your colleagues or work partners. In fact, the ladies Selenite silver wristwatch is highly popular and has a tremendous impact factor in the fashion industry.
    • Finally, you might be amazed to know the insanely pocket-friendly market price of the vintage selenite gold crystal necklace and jewelry. Maybe that’s why Selenite Necklace is a highly popular and loved healing gemstone of all.

    Selenite Necklace pendant color- The distinctive feature that makes it so special

    Transparency and light is the symbolic representation of a fresh new start, happiness, and purity in life. The selenite necklace crystal has an amazingly clear structure that absorbs light to give a warm, gleamy look. You might be surprised to know that the crystal is naturally found as bars or columns of crystals with no impurities. That’s why it’s one of the most prestigious crystals on Earth with no imperfection. 

    The crystal requires minimum processing and of course, it means that you are getting purity from nature. Let the true bliss of nature beautify your life and you get the most of its benefits. In addition, the transparency and radiance of the Selenite jewels complement and amplify your inner beauty. This property makes Selenite necklace and jewelry equally popular in both the East and the West.

    Feel the majesty of purity with a high-end Selenite stone jewelry

    No wonder you experience the true meaning of stateliness and richness of nature with a true Selenite necklace. Let your crystal speak the true language of splendor, dignity, and love in this world of chaos. The world strongly needs persons with pure hearts just like the magnificent Selenite Crystal Necklace gleaming with the power of purity. Show the world true colors of modesty by flaunting with your truly mesmerizing selenite stone necklace. 

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    How Vintage Selenite necklace creates an aura of intimacy and love with nature?

    The potential stone lovers are well aware of the selenite pendant benefits. But apart from the breathtaking beauty enhancement, selenite stone necklace and jewelry has many other healing benefits. These may be:

      • The wonderful allure makes you more conscious: The superficial shine and grace of the selenite jewelry demand great care and make the wearer more conscious about his/her personal needs.
      • The calming crystal buffs up your crown chakra: Our center of spirit and naturally the most spiritual chakra is the crown chakra located atop all the seven. Hence, it verily strengthens your will power, determination, wisdom, enlightenment, and spiritual responsibility. 
      • Reverse the damaging effects of free radicals: In this hyperconnected life, our body has become more prone to free radicals and pollution. The result is that the body has to withstand oxidative stress. But the good news is your Selenite necklace benefits your immune system due to its obvious micromineral effects. So, this miraculous winter charm colored crystal inspires the wearers with its positive effects backed by science.
      • Develops a deep feeling of intimacy, love, and calm with nature: Apart from being used as a prop for Meditation, and Reiki, Selenite jewels are great mood boosters. Of the many other Selenite necklace benefits, the most important is that it develops a deep intimation with mother nature. As long as you are in association with Selenite, either in the form of a bracelet, necklace, ring, or even raw crystal, the stone absorbs and dissipates the negativity and ill vibes around. Hence, get the benefits of all in one healing crystal jewelry by welcoming your Selenite gold crystal necklace.

    Some expert tips to take care of your Selenite Jewelry

    Our clients generally show a great interest in having a briefing about how to prolong the Selenite jewelry life. If kept carefully, Selenite jewelry has splendid attractiveness and longevity. But naturally, Selenite is a delicate crystal and needs intensive care. So is the case with Selenite Necklace jewelry. 

    You need to be very careful while handling, wearing, and cleansing your Selenite stone necklace. In fact, prolonged exposure to water, or sunlight can ruin the powers of crystals. Even the hard bristles of the cleaning brush are enough to cause scratches. Therefore, you need to be comparatively more careful and ultimately protect it from water. Maybe that’s why Selenite Necklace jewelry is not highly recommended for everyday use but occasionally, or very carefully. 

    You can cleanse your Selenite crystal by brown rice cleansing, sage, sound, or other crystal cleansing method. After all, a clean, cleansed and activated crystal guarantees a shiny, bright, happy mood. Let nature be your protector from all the negativity around to start a fresh day. Because obviously, you shine brighter than your stone when you have peace inside.

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