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Every Temple made of Stones, Every Stone is a Temple

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Crystal Shop is #1 place to start your healing crystal journey. We are not just providing you with the best quality ethically mined crystals but also do research on our end. Crystal knowledge is limitless and you can dive deep into this rabbit hole. Minerals & Crystals were here before humankind, will be here after us. All we can do is scratch the surface of this unknown hidden knowledge. 

Did you know that these beautiful crystals often hidden inside grey rocks? Without breaking those walls you want see the beauty of inner world and touch the magic. That’s why Crystal shop and team never stop Healing crystal research and proud to be pioneers of Uknown. 


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Crystals make a long way from sacred earth to your house - On behalf of Crystal Shop we do our best to make their journey as ethical as possible. Our Mission:

Ethically Mined Crystals

Sustainable & Eco Friendly

Child Labor & Cruelty Free



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