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Shungite Meaning & Benefits

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Shungite Crystal Meaning

The Shungite crystal’s meaning is associated with its ability to help cleanse and purify your body, mind, and spirit of negative energy. This black gemstone contains Fullerenes, which are powerful antioxidants that can help reduce stress, promote healing, and boost your overall well-being. The Shungite crystal is also said to promote psychic protection, shielding you from harmful environmental toxins and negative. If you’re looking for a stone that can help you achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, the Shungite crystal is an excellent choice.

Shungite Meaning and History

Shungite is a type of stone that is found in only one place on earth: the Shunga region of Karelia, Russia. This stone has been used for centuries by the people of this region for its unique healing properties. It is said to help with a variety of issues, including digestive problems, joint pain, and fatigue. In recent years shungite has become increasingly popular among people who are looking for alternative forms of healing. Some believe that this stone can help to protect against EMF radiation, while others say that it can promote balance and harmony within the body. Whether you are looking for physical or emotional healing, shungite may be worth exploring.

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The Shungite: A Must-Have Stone In 2022

Brief Introduction 

The shungite stone is a naturally occurring mineral substance. A fun fact about it is that it contains more than 98 weight percent of carbon. A fun fact about the rock is that it has traces of an allotrope of carbon known as fullerene. 

Fullerene is a magnificent anti-dioxane, making the shungite a potential stone for maintaining a healthy life. 

These traces make the stone more carbon, just like diamond and graphite. The Shungite stone offers a wide variety of benefits and uses. This article will find the information you may find useful concerning shungite, beginning with its history. 

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Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

History of the shungite stone

The shungite stone is believed to have been in existence for nearly two billion years, formed over metamorphism of crude oil. It is a black crystalline rock with 99 percent pure carbon that mostly gives it the healing properties. 

The crystal’s existence was first recorded in Karelia, Russia, where it’s believed to be the only place where this rare stone is found. Some scientists discovered it a little over a century ago and named it shungite after its discovery. 

It is a rock that has had many users since the 18th century. One of its uses was as a folk medical treatment. The first recorded use of the stone as such was by Peter the Great. He used the shungite stone water purifying property to set up the first spa of its kind in Karelia.

Furthermore, he instigated a move to use the shungite stone to purify water used by the Russian army. The antibacterial properties have since been used and are still being used to date. The use of modern testing backs up these antibacterial properties of the stone. 

Its use in history doesn’t end there; in the 1970s, the shungite was used to produce insulating materials – a process that yielded a product referred to as shungite. It involved the heating of the rock, precisely those with low shungite concentrations at 1090-1130 degrees celsius. 

In the middle of the 18th century, the shungite stone was used as a pigment for paint. These are what we know currently as carbon black or the shungite natural black

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3 Classification of shungite; including the most common types 

Shungite is a term that was originally used to express any mineraloid that had a carbon of more than 98 percent; this was way back in 1879. It evolved and has lately been used to describe the shungite-bearing rocks, which fall under the classification based on their carbon content. 

There are many types of shungite and they are grouped into different categories based on various reasons. They include;

Classification  according to carbon percentage

Under the shungite-bearing rocks, there exist five different categories of the shungite. Namely, the shungite-1. Shungite-2, shungite-3, shungite-4, and shungite-5. The shungite-1 is the top and consists of shungite stones that have a carbon content within the range of 98 to 100. 

Shungite-2 carbon content ranges from 35 to 80 percent, while shungite-3 has a 20 to 35 percent carbon range. The carbon percentage lowers as you go further down with the shungite-4, ranging between 10 to 20 percent and shungite-5 comprising stones with less than ten carbon percent.

Classification according to Lustre 

Lustre, in this case, refers to how light interacts with the shungite stone. Here there are three distinct types. They include bright, semi-bright, and dull.

The bright shungite stones can also be referred to as lustrous. Meaning they are brilliant when they come into contact with light. Semi-bright, on the other hand, lies in between bright and dull. They do not shine as much when in contact with sunlight.

The last type under this category is the dull shungite stones. Another way to refer to them is as a matte. They do not glow or have a bright appearance when in contact with light. Hence, the mane dull. 

Classification according to the mode of occurrence. 

The shungite has only two main modes of occurrence. They include those disseminated with hot rock and those that occur as clasts. The ones formed as clusters do so with younger sedimentary rocks and are not subdivided.

While those that are disseminated within the host rocks are subdivided into migrated shungite, layer shungite, and vein shungite. Generally, shungite stones have three distinct, commonly known types. Which falls under the first classification based on the number of percentages. But here is there name as they are most widely known; 

Grey shungite (Regular Shungite)

It is in the scarcest form of shungite that exists and contains below 50 percent of carbon. As the name states, it is grey with a matte feel. It is only one percent of the available shungite in the world, excellent, and this factor makes it quite rare in itself.

Its structure is easy to shape it into different shapes, such as cubes, circles, and other common conditions. So, it can be cut to make shungite jewelry. However, its fragile state makes it not the most suitable to use in such cases. 

Black shungite (Petrovsky Shungite)

It has a carbon percentage that is between 50 to 70. It is the most often used kind when making Shungite jewelry, sculptures, and the like. This is because it is still easy to shape and is not as fragile as the regular shungite.

It is black with a little bit of a shine. It is called transitional types and contains all the powerful properties of elite shungite. As such, they are excellent for making shungite bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. 

Noble shungite (Elite Shungite)

It has at least 98 percent carbon content and is also the rarest.  It is much less easy to bend than the black shungite. It is the most expensive.

Its high prices are because the elite shungite is the most effective type when it comes to cleansing, healing, and protection. It is the type of shungite you should go for if you want to experience the power of shungite in all its glory. 

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Shungite meaning

Shungite crystal is a healing crystal that dates far back, and that has been used by many different cultures and people in the world. It mostly contains gas carbon, which is scientifically proven to be a big detoxifier. 

The shungite healing stone absorbs negative energy in the body and leaves you feeling cleansed and purified. These fantastic properties are brought about by the fullerenes that are present in the shungite stone.

How to use shungite

  1. Many people have posed the questions: How do I use my Shungite stone? And, I’m using my Shungite, right? Is it ok to heat my shungite jewelry?A clear indication that people struggle with the best way to use shungite rocks. After you read below, you will come to discover that the shanghai is not a very complicated stone to use.

    For total shungite effect, the stone should be used in the following ways:

shungite crystal meaning shungite benefits

1. Place near electronics to soak up EMFs

In the 21st century, we have radiation everywhere. All sites you visit, you will find numerous cell towers that are transmitting more than one signal from different networks. 

And with so much electromagnetic transmission, it is hard to say that you will avoid it. The good thing is that you can use the shungite rock to reduce these waves’ effect on you. 

Just placing a shungite pyramid near your electronics will absorb and transform the harmful radiation to keep you safe and protected always. It soaks up the harmful radiation and protects your whole family against any adverse effects from these electromagnetic rays.

2.  Meditate with a shungite stone in each hand

The shungite stone is among many healing crystals for sale you can choose from to use for meditation. These stones, in particular, have immense spirit healing properties. And by using it to meditate. You allow your heart to reconnect with your body.

This will aid in your body and spirit balance by maintaining equal energy throughout your body and mind. This practice helps to balance your right and left side in your meditative stance while reducing your anxiety and restlessness for a healthy living. 

Meditation in itself helps balance your body elements. When you combine with these fantastic crystals, you get perfect results.

3.   Wear a shungite bracelet or necklace

A shungite bracelet or any other shungite jewelry is close to your body, and this provides the needed protection in your day to day life. These protective shield guards against EMFs when traveling or when moving around, leaving you fresh and energized throughout your day.

Not only that, but by wearing a shungite jewelry you get to look stylish and add to the overall style you want to portray, whether it is classic, official, or casual. 

4.   Place the crystal on an injury

Doing this spreads the healing energy around the wounded area and consequently increases the healing process. It absorbs the bad energy around the injured area, therefore, fastening the healing of the wound.

5.   Place on the root chakra of the imbalanced body part

This leaves you feeling protected and rooted. It gives you neutrality of the body and leaves you feeling peaceful and content in your skin.

6.   Cleanse your crystals

You know that it is always dire for the crystal collectors to cleanse your crystals to ensure that they keep charged.  By doing so, you allow maximum functionality. This shungite crystal is not different and should always be cleaned. Most people use incense and run through the crystals through it to keep the healing energy flowing.

shungite emf protection stone shungite gemstone benefits shungite meaning

Shungite stones Fullerene and Two main Types.

These are hollow ball-like structures that make up the composition of the shungite. They have made incredible breakthroughs, mostly in the field of medicine. They are rarely found in any other minerals and give the crystal a rarity of its own alongside its healing nature.

Fullerenes are rarely found in naturally occurring minerals or rocks. Therefore provide the shungite with its unique physical and chemical features.

Although it looks like coal, the shungite stone has many different chemical composition properties and uses than coal. Fullerenes are the reason for most of the mind-blowing features of shungite, such as the shungite’ metaphysical properties, biological and chemical effects of these Shungite stones.

Other fullerene-related features of the shungite crystal include its conductivity, geobiological, detoxification effect, and a few others. These form the basis of the fullerene. Here are the two main types of these fullers of the shungite.

shungite crystal healing benefits

Shungite water

It is believed that drinking shungite water, a mixture of shungite and water, bring about a therapeutic effect on a person. It helps you deal with several diseases such as skin disease, kidneys, joint aches, fatigue, some respiratory diseases, and many others due to the healing nature of the elements in shungite. 

These shungite stones are believed to absorb toxins in water, such as nitrates, chlorine, bacteria, and other harmful elements, thus purifying the water for safe drinking. This purified and extra oxidized water by these stones helps one attain a precise balance in their body structure and form. This is caused by the restoring factor of the fullerenes available in the shungite

It is advisable to drink a glass of shungite water every once in a while. Apart from the healing abilities, it also contains essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium, to help in your physical health growth.

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Shungite pads

These have been used mostly in osteopathy to relieve pain and discomfort on your back, shoulders, arms, knees, neck, lower back, and even feet.

These pads are made from belts made of very light and comfortable material, where the shungite stones are fixed on sections inside it.

The stones can be heated up to 30 degrees to levitate the stones’ healing properties.

This stone heating is done primarily for those suffering from back pain caused by sciatica or injury.

Using these shungite pads helps in the general strengthening of the affected muscle. This is made possible by the stone’s ability to increase blood flow and circulation to the area for better and faster healing.

You can wear a pad or a belt (mostly used for the lower back) during the day or during the night when you retire home from your day’s work.

However, the shungite pads should not exceed six hours of continuous use and should be dried on sunlight. It is also not advisable to wash them since it may affect the healing effects of the shungite stone inside the pads.

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Benefits of the shungite healing stone

Many know the shungite as the “miracle stone” because of its powers. It is one stone that goes beyond superstition and has been proved to have many uses over history. 

Here are some of the benefits you should know of. 


Shungite stone cleanses and purifies the body by absorbing all the negative energy in your body. This is brought about by the pure form of carbon’s healing properties that make up most shungite stone.

This is why Peter the great instigated its use in the first spa of its kind. Placing the stones on your body allows your body to get rid of any toxins it may have accumulated. 

Electric and Magnetic Fields  protection

EMF is form radiation that involves invisible areas of energy that are often linked with electronic devices like cell phones and laptops.  Studies show that EMF radiation might have a connection with adverse health effects.  

Shungite crystal is believed to shield you from this radiation by channeling therapeutic earth elements into your body. It transforms the harmful EMFs into waveforms compatible with the human DNA, thus protecting you from this negative energy.

The shungite pyramids are believed to work best on EMFs since they’re associated with the Egyptian pyramids, which were thought to have a tremendously positive effect on everything around them.

Collecting a series of shungite stones and placing them near your electronic devices other than using just one shungite stone will help absorb all the harmful EMFs and transform them into healthier waves.

Corrects body imbalance

Your body and spirit need to be in perfect synchronization to obtain balance, and these exquisite stones aid in maintaining the required equilibrium, wearing the stone brings balance to your root chakra like some chakra bracelets do with all the other chakras.  

The root chakra, also referred to as the base chakra, is located at the spine’s bottom. Balancing this chakra brings about stability and grounding. You can reconnect to your physical identity.

Purifies Water

Shungite stone can purify water mainly due to the high carbon concentration in the rock. Carbon absorbs toxins like fatty metal substances and bacteria like the E.coli, leaving the water pure.

You place the carbonating stone in the water you want to drink, and it absorbs all impurities making it pure for drinking. You can have the shungite rock in a Crystal Infused Water Bottle; this way, and it will purify all your drinking water every time you use the bottle. Yes, it is such an ingenious idea that I got one for myself. 

In a way, you are brewing an elixir of your own when you place a shungite stone in water. The mixture formed by soaking the shungite in water for a couple of minutes helps detoxification and cell growth. 

Relieves Anxiety

This ancient black stone is well known for its ability to bring peace and tranquillity to a subconscious. This, in turn, reduces feelings of restlessness and uneasiness and leaves you in a calm mood.

Relieves Stress

Stress is caused by stressors such as job loss, retirement, and most life-altering occurrences, and is very common nowadays. It is believed to have unique healing properties to relieve stress, especially when one meditates with a shungite stone in each hand.

When you are stressed, you can’t function normally. You will not be able to concentrate on your daily tasks, which may have very dire consequences. Consider having a shungite stone around you to help deal with the stress. 

Fights Insomnia

Insomnia is a mental disorder where the affected individual finds it hard to rest or to fall asleep. Using the shungite stone, either by wearing a shungite stone necklace or any other shungite jewelry, enables one to fall asleep better. 

This is made possible by the healing and restoring factors of the shungite crystal. The stone clears the mind of any negative thoughts and any restlessness, thus allowing you to sleep and rest better.

It Adds an Authentic Aesthetic Feel

Apart from being an excellent healing stone, this crystal is stunning, especially since it’s a shiny black color. Most people will even purchase shungite jewelry for sheer beauty without knowing its healing and restoring nature. 

The shungite stone, either worn as shungite jewelry or just the shungite crystal placed on your table in your office or room, will give it a feel of beauty and elegance.

General healing properties of the body and spirit

Above all the other benefits, the shungite stone is a powerful healing stone. Its healing power has evolved and improved to cleanse one’s spirit and soul due to its long existence. 

Any negative energy accumulated in your body, whether you are aware or unaware of it, can damage both you and your close friends and family. 

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Other Properties of the Shungite

It possesses a high electrical conductivity, making it a good conductor. However, it does not pose any threat by being placed near your electronic devices for EMF protection.

It conducts heat very slowly, meaning that it takes longer to get hot, and has a bit of a cooling effect.

It is an oxidant in water, giving it a more positive health effect when put in the water.

The fantastic chemical composition of shungite makes it survive in chemically harsh environments without being affected or destroyed.

The EMF shielding property is unique to the stone. And with widespread EMF today due to electronic devices, limiting the impact of these radiations will significantly improve your j=health and well-being.

Activate the internal self-regulation mechanisms of the human body. An example of this is the digestive system, especially for those who consume Shungite water—the shungite healing capability in thinning, ensuring smooth digestion with no heartburn or ulcer activation.

Pains such as migraines is an awful feeling to withstand all the aches. For those who get bad migraines, you mostly always want them to stop immediately. Although shungite may not be the most common stones for migraine relief, they still have that healing effect, especially when heated a little and placed on the pounding part. It reduces the feeling of fatigue from a day’s hard work or mental fatigue and overthinking a lot of stressful situations.

It improves the condition of people with hyperactive and hypersensitive conditions. This aids in maintaining a body and spiritual balance and consequently helping the affected person.

Combining Shungite With Other Stones

There are many other plenties of crystals you can use together with the shungite. Each stone has its meaning and impact. 

We have an article with a detailed analysis of the most common crystals as well as crystal meaning. You can click each link in the article to read more of the many healing stones and their purpose. 

Here is how you can combine the stone with other elements to have a more rounded benefit from the shungite stone. 

  • Combination For an Improved Spiritual grounding

As illustrated in the benefits, shungite is beneficial for spiritual grounding. There are many other healing crystals that you can use to boost your spiritual grounding also.

However, not all can be combined with the shungite to gain an optimal effect. The stones that are likely to integrate well with it include black tourmaline, fire agate, black onyx, black obsidian, marinate, Preseli bluestone, and the jet. 

  • Combination for Improved Detoxification

Earlier, we talked about how the shungite stone has a benefit of detoxification. One way it detoxifies is in the treatment of the skin. The shungite stone may treat certain skin conditions if combined with other healing crystals to boost the process. 

Some of these crystals include green aventurine, green or red muscovite, gold or clear danburite, fuchsite or the green muscovite, and the lilac lepidolite. 

You can combine the above to treat skin issues like allergies and skin eruptions. Still, on its own, the shungite is a pretty powerful stone to handle the skin-related problems. 

  • Combination for Improved EMF’S Protection

One fact about EMF is that the number of devices that emit electromagnetic field increases gradually, meaning an increase in electromagnetic radiation. It is an occurrence you have no control over. 

But, you can choose to use crystals like the shungite to reduce the electromagnetic effect. Shungite EMF protection is one of the extraordinary healing abilities of the shungite crystal that can help you.

Other crystals can assist your body deal with the radiation. These stones, like the shungite stone, have energy that helps you in dealing with the EMF. They include fluorite, arginine, fulgurite, aventurine, flit, eucryptite, and black tourmaline. 

These stones have electrical conduction properties that enable them to inhibit electromagnetic radiation. And with such radiations being produced by most common household electronics, placing these stones will reduce the radial output and not interfere with your use of these devices. 

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Shungite and The Seven Main Chakras

The realignment of some of the seven chakras is part of the benefits you stand to gain from Shungite metaphysical properties. It can benefit your first second and third chakras, according to Coleen McCann an energy practitioner. 

This includes some of the lower chakras like the base chakra. That is why terms like the “stone of life” are standard references to the stone. Here are some of the chakras; it assists you in realigning and benefits you get from the healing.

The root or base chakra. 

The shungite stone can help you feel grounded. It can assist you in attaining growth and a positive transformation. 

The healing property of the root chakra causes you to be more connected to your surrounding. As such, you become more productive in your day to day activities. 

The sacral chakra. 

The sacral chakra is very vital in controlling your feelings. Feelings do determine how energy flows through you. If you have a negative emotion, you will emit bad energies that may continue to affect those around you.

Having the shungite stone with you as a bracelet or any other form will help realign these chakras. As a result, you will be more positive and vanquish negative energies from you. The benefit is immense from having spiritual balancing, better mental clarity, and increased personal power. 

This is why the stone is beneficial in dealing with uncontrollable emotions that may lead to anxiety or depression. 

The solar plexus chakra. 

Also referred to as the manipulator, the chakra is responsible for self-esteem and confidence. People with a lock of both may benefit from using the shungite stone to assist them in realigning their solar plexus chakra.

The blockage of either of the chakras is terrible for your general well being. You can use these stone and other healing crystals to assist you in realigning the seven chakras. 


If you have developed an interest in buying yourself or your loved one a shungite stone as a gift, feel free to browse our healing crystals for sale or reach out to arrange a delivery. You stand to gain much from the purchase, as shown in the article. 

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