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Wearing a healing crystal bracelet is like carrying around an extra charm. They’re known for their metaphysical properties and can be used in all sorts of ways: from promoting good luck, protection against negative energies or illness – you name it!

Explore our large variety today to find your perfect match; we have something that’ll work just right no matter what situation calls upon its assistance – All crystal bracelets at ASANA are authentic and made from real gemstones.

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Stone Bracelets – Crystal Bracelets

Stone bracelets have been used for a long time and have been famous throughout the centuries. They have played a large part in fashion and styles. However, stone bracelets are also unique because of one more thing. The specialty lies within its stones. It creates a positive effect on the wearer’s health. They are said to be able to trap the wearer’s negative energy and give out positive energy. 

Every stone bracelet is made with 100% natural stone and comes with a wide range of colors, sizes, and rocks. 

Stone bracelets specialty:  The people who are interested in stone bracelets are aware of their real value. They know that every stone has its own unique and precious property. But for those who do not, this article will surely provide you with the knowledge.  

Moreover, The stone bracelets are known to heal the wearer’s soul. The stone bracelets have their natural benefits. Furthermore,  these stone bracelets also boost our senses and soothe our body and mind. 

Types of stones and the advantages of the stones: 

Amethyst: Sleep deprivation and anxiety is a primary issues in our society. However, the stone Amethyst can cure our lack of sleep and stress. It can lead us to a calmer and healthier life. It is also known to have cleansing powers. 

Also, it heals you spiritually and can help you achieve homeostasis. Many people also tend to believe that they can balance our chakra. So, it makes us feel at peace and broadens our perspective on life and other things. It protects us from desolation and being discouraged. Did you know this? I am amazed, that no doubt is a beautiful quality.

Turquoise Bracelets:

Turquoise bracelets have a natural flow of energy.

 It clears our minds from worries and doubts. Isn’t that amazing?

Not only this, but it also helps and assists us in seeing our personality and understanding ourselves. Turquoise bracelets have a flow of energy that broadens our sight, and we clearly see the problem and solve it quickly. 

The bracelet also brings comfort and love with clarity of thoughts. So, what is your opinion on this? Do you look for comfort around you? However, this is one of the means you can test!

Shiny Hematite Bracelets: 

Whenever we are worried about pain, such as having headaches, we depend on medicines. However, the stone Shiny Hematite is the perfect remedy for us. Not only it cures our pain, but it also relieves our worries. 

Suffering from pain is a significant issue around us nowadays, and here is a way for you to feel better.

The bracelet absorbs all our anger and the negative energy that we create, and like this, it cures our headaches, and all the stress that we have is finally released. 

Matt Grey Hematite Bracelets:

In today’s times, we did not have a second to waste and are always busy. Some have job issues and some have family issues and others. All these worries result in people being stressed and having to face anxiety. 

The perfect cure is to use Matt Grey Hematite. It has such properties that it eliminates all the stress and anxiety. It sharpens our memory, and the level of our focus and concentration changes drastically. It also brings the feeling of courage and strength to the wearer. 

Blue Lapis Bracelets:

This stone can make you self-aware. Blue Lapis brings prosperity with it and fills your mind with ideas, and your vast imagination is unlocked. The wearer thinks about his personality and value and feels for others’ rights. The stone sends out positive energy that makes the wearer’s mood better. 

Shiny Onyx Bracelets:

Saint Onyx has brought out positive energy from the wearer. It makes the wearer cheerful and jolly with a happy smile on his face. Do you want to have a pleasant day? What are you waiting for, do not miss a chance to enjoy and use this stone to see the change!

It heals all the tension and cures the person on the inside. It also makes us emotionally stronger. Shiny Onyx also brings good fortune to its wearer. 

Cherry Quartz Bracelets: 

Cherry Quarter enhances a person’s protection and physical strength. It clarifies our minds, and we attach ourselves to meditation. This stone doesn’t let us be demoralized or be discouraged. 

On the other hand, it lifts our spirits and makes us feel better and active. It allows us to focus on those around us with a larger perspective. It stores all our negative energy and brings out an energetic mood. 

Golden Tiger Eye Bracelets:

The Golden Tiger Eye is a famous stone. Moreover, The stone has a unique specialty. And the stone also encourages inspiration and passion. The Golden Tiger Eye also enhances our skills, like decision-making. 

Many of us hold perplexed personalities, don’t we? It’s tough for us to choose something over another option, am I right? Hence, you can select this stone and tr if it makes decision-making more comfortable for you! 

  Any stress, anger, fear, or anxiety get out of our bodies. Due to it, we are in a better mood. 

Red Tiger Eye Bracelets:

The Red Tiger Eye has its uniqueness and originality! The red tiger eye stone also aids harmony and maintains balance. 

The stone bracelet enhances our self-confidence and morale. It also gives out positive energy that always makes me have a cheerful attitude. It does not let us get drowsy.

Moreover, it decreases both physical and emotional pain. The Red Tiger Eye also cleanses our bodies from toxins. What are you waiting for? Isn’t it a fantastic choice to make?

Brown Tiger Eye Bracelets: 

Brown Tiger Eye is amongst the most famous stones. This stone is renowned for stimulating high energy throughout the body. Besides, the stone encourages strength and stamina and brings comfort to the wearer. 

It helps in clearing the mind and heart of doubts and supports decision-making. This stone also releases fear and anxiety from the wearer and prompts passion and motivation. 

Red Garnet Bracelets:

The Red Garnet is a very unique and special stone that is also quite popular. Moreover, this stone enhances strength, stamina, and courage. 

You should also be aware of the point that helps in overcoming our fears and opponents. 

The Red Garnet aids meditation and reduces emotional pain. The wearer feels lighter because of its positive effects. 

Red Gemstone:

The most famous of the stones, The Red GemStone, has many specialties. The Red stone boosts our immune system and supports circulation. In addition to that, the stone reduces chronic pain and also relieves the wearer from stress and anxiety. 

Red Gemstone promotes activeness and stimulates concentration and memory. This stone frees the mind from the cloudiness around it and also supports decision-making. Do you face such issues? If yes, then this will help you in feeling better and working on your headspace. 

Moreover, the stone enhances abilities such as understanding, fidelity, and self-realization. 

Advantages of Stone Bracelets:

 Begins the healing process: Our daily lives have made most of us be under pressure or be under stress. As a result, many people are facing sleep deprivation and tiredness. 

Are you one of them? If yes, then this will surely help you! The stone bracelets have proven themselves to be the perfect cure for such problems. They soon start the healing process on the wearer. Not only do they motivate meditation, but they also clean our bodies both physically and spiritually. It also clarifies our minds and makes us responsible and self-aware. Are you a careless person or accountable?

Enhances our system and reduces pain: Many of us face many illnesses or different forms of pain. Stone bracelets can cure those pain not only physically but also emotionally. 

It sends positive energy and traps our negative energy in itself. Moreover, it enhances our immune system, and we can easily fight against diseases with a healthy body. A lot of people go through body pain nowadays, don’t they? So, this will surely help you feel better!

Disadvantages of the stones:

1) The chakra tone tends to cause upsetting of the stomach. The use of these crystals leads to stomach upset and diarrhea. And This shows that the inrush of this bracelet is proof that you cannot handle the stone’s energy.

2) In addition to that, it causes itching in the energy, making you feel needles or pins at random points in your body. The user may also feel hot and cold flashes in the body!

3) You might be disappointed, but the stone also causes headaches—the reason behind being that it regulates the head’s energy.


Should we wear a lava stone bracelet while bathing?

While bathing or showering, you should not wear a lava stone bracelet. If you didn’t know this, make sure you don’t wear your stone bracelet to shower anymore!

How to know if lava stone is real?

The real lava beads will be spongy, with rough and uneven texture. Want to know something exciting? The lava stones should be lightweight, red, brown, or black. And they should not burn, shatter, melt or have an unusual odor.

How do stones affect humans?

One of the reasons stones can have a heartfelt effect on humans is that our body is a combination of different cells. And these can reverberate with the same silicon-dioxide makeup of crystals. Therefore, such substances can cause a quivering effect based on physics laws through the conveying and flow of energy.

 Is it acceptable to wear stones? 

 You can contemplate wearing stones daily to live a calm and tranquil life. Wearing a gemstone necklace will surround your body with positive and alleviating energies that will stop any calamities from coming your way. Gemstones are accepted to act as a cleaning agent for the user.

Which stone brings luck and money?

Pyrite, also known as Fool’s gold, is called the eventual stone of luck, wealth, and profusion as it attracts coins and cash, asking the Law of Attraction to bring you more and more.

What dire consequences does the amethyst stone have?

Amethyst Side results by Likelihood and extremity.

  • The after-effects of amethyst stone are Abdominal Bloating, acne, breast pain, giddiness, nausea, spewing, and water detention.


Which hand should I put on a tiger eye bracelet?

 It would be best if you put it on your left hand. 

To lessen emotional stress:

  1. Wear your Amethyst Bracelet on your left wrist.
  1. Put on your Black Tourmaline, Lava Rock, or Turquoise Bracelet on your left side to secure yourself from harmful zeal.
  1. For self-confidence, wear the Red Tigers Eye Bracelet on the left side. 

Does Tiger’s Eye protect you?

Tiger’s Eye is a very safeguarding stone. It has vital and dynamic energy with a watchful standard to it. From golden yellow to deep red, the specific colors of a tiger’s eye stone express strengthening and grounding energies in different degrees. Tiger’s Eye also has a religious quality about it.

Is Tiger’s Eye good luck?

Tiger’s Eye has shortly been used as an amulet against the wicked Eye, jinx, and bad luck and talisman for bringing prosperity and good fortune.

Can Tiger’s Eye get wet?

Hard Crystals that are Safe in Water include the tiger’s Eye.

How can you inform if Tiger Eye stone is existent?

How to recognize tiger eye gemstone? We identify a tiger eye gemstone by inspecting its color and longevity largely. The most similar tiger eye stone is golden or brown, and you attain it due to silicon dioxide composition—moreover, the stone’s longevity ranges from 6.5 to 7.0. 

Tiger’s Eye is a bright gemstone, usually a metamorphic rock with a golden to red-brown color and a silky luster.


Very few people have such in-depth information on the stone bracelets. A lot of people even wear them, ignoring their advantages and disadvantages. I will advise you to search and understand a stone before you wear it on your wrists! 

I hope this article did help you in choosing a stone bracelet for yourself. Just take a decision wisely, checking out every little detail about the stone you plan to wear. 

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