Third Eye Chakra

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Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

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Researcher in spirituality and metaphysics dedicated to introducing people to their inner selves.  Author of five books on metaphysics, crystals and chakra balancing. Over 15 years of experience studying metaphysics, yoga teacher and reiki master.

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Location of the Third Eye Chakra:

Ajna is located on the forehead, just at the eyebrows’ level. Maybe that’s the main reason it is also called the brow chakra

Third Eye Chakra Element:

Unlike the other chakras, the elemental association of the third eye chakra is unclear. Some experts relate the energy with light; some state it as a mix of the air and fire element, while most experts agree to the idea of “everything-ness.” Here the Ajna chakra has the “Element of supremeness,” which states the perfect mix of all the elements in their pure form. 

Third Eye Chakra Color:

 The chakra has a symbol with an enticing fresh indigo color blended with a perfect hue of blue. The third eye chakra color is a splendid mix of fierce red and the stable calming blue. Hence, the color expresses power, ambition, luxury, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, and most importantly, independence and wisdom. 

third eye chakra holistic ritual third eye balance-2

Third Eye Chakra Symbol:

The symbol of the third eye chakra is an inverted triangle enclosed in a circle between two widely opened petals of the lotus. 

Signs of Open and balanced Third Eye chakra:

When your Ajna chakra is aligned, and in balance, you will feel a higher level of self-awareness, confidence in decision-making, better perceptions of concepts, and altogether a cut-above understanding of life. 

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Signs of Ajna Chakra Imbalance:

Tension in the brow area, frequent headaches, difficulty concentrating, nightmares, sleep deprivation, self-doubt, overthinking, and absence of intuition and validation are some conditions that relate to an imbalanced third eye chakra. 

Third Eye Chakra Crystals:

Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, Tanzanite, Sodalite, Iolite, Sapphire, Purple Fluorite, Black Obsidian, and Azurite, etc. In general, any healing crystal with a hue of indigo, purple, or blue in its pure form is highly supportive of the Ajna chakra. 

third eye chakra holistic ritual third eye balance-2

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations:

A handful of strong affirmations specifically emphasizing self-belief and starting with “I am” or “I have” can encourage the third eye chakra healing. 

Our journey to explore the vital chakras brings us to the sixth and the foremost chakra of the body, i.e., the third eye chakra. Chakras are actually the spinning energy disks that need to be open and aligned for proper body functioning. Learning about healing and feeling different chakras of the body has always been fun, especially when you know that a simple 5-10 minutes reading can work wonders for your body and soul. 

Ruled by mesmerizing indigo and berry color, the third eye chakra provides you a visionary perspective. The third eye chakra gets its Sanskrit name “Ajna,” which means authority and command. The intuition’s seat, the third eye chakra, has the powers of perception and brilliant foresightedness. Located on the forehead, just between the eyebrows, the third eye chakra is the individual’s center of wisdom, values, and higher consciousness.

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Location of the Third Eye Chakra 

Contrary to the perception that we have of its location in the center of the forehead, the third eye chakra is located between the eyes, particularly where both the eyebrows meet. Slightly at the bridge of your nose and right in between your brows is the exact location of the chakra. Talking about the precise position of the third eye chakra, it’s important to elaborate that the crown and the Ajna chakra are both in the forehead, and the concerned being slightly down in position than the latter. 

Characteristics properties of the Third Eye Chakra at a glance

With bursts of creativity and warrior spirit, the chakra is valued for its divine feminine energy that imparts a more vital awareness of thoughts and feelings. A brilliant multi-sided personality with a deep inner sense of justice accompanies a healthy third eye chakra. Besides, the specific properties of Ajna make it unique and exciting to learn about. So, let’s take a deep dive to see how the powers of the third eye chakra impact our personality and life:

Potential powers of the third eye chakra- What makes it truly worth focussing?

The third eye chakra beholds and amplifies our spiritual regard, self-reflection, worldly contemplation, and thinking ability. More importantly, it’s the highest chakra in our physical body that influences and controls our reality and beliefs. Formulation of faith, perception, and how we regard the events around us are the chakra’s most substantial potentials. Visioning an event through extrasensory perception and intuitive decision-making power are the primary principles of the body’s sixth chakra. 

It might be interesting to know that the third eye chakra counts towards our personality’s specific traits, making us self-aware, conscious, wise, and creative. Thanks to the third eye chakra, it develops a sense of open-heartedness, interconnection with nature, and a broader perspective to look into life matters. Interestingly, characteristics like lucid dreaming and personality grooming are also obligations of the chakra.

Ajna chakra has a deep association with the pineal gland and hence plays a role in biorhythms regulating your sleep and wake time. Besides, the gland acts as our center of attention, thus forming perceptions, ideas, and consciousness states. Due to its close positioning to the optical nerves, the chakra is also sensitive to visual stimulations. Therefore, a healthy and aligned third eye chakra is crucial for better intuition and decision-making.

third eye chakra holistic ritual third eye balance-2

Third Eye Chakra Symbol- The Philosophy Explained

Sometimes all we need to have is a better understanding of any phenomenon or subject before working on it. Maybe that’s why the explanation of the philosophy behind the third eye chakra symbol is significant. As the key element is an upside-down triangle enclosed in a circle with the seed syllable, it actually depicts wisdom growth. This growth is leading towards the illuminance portraying focus, wisdom, and recognition of the divine. More importantly, the lotus flower’s two petals are a symbol of knowledge, eternity, faith, mystery, and wisdom. 

What it’s likely to have a blocked or out of balance Third Eye Chakra?

From a physiological standpoint to emotional, mental, or spiritual, specific abnormalities may pop up once you have third eye chakra blockage. Here are some of the ailments you will exactly notice or can relate to if your Ajna energy is not flowing freely or your chakra is out of alignment:

Physical Ailments- The most noticeable of all!

For one thing, specific physical ailments might clearly indicate that you are having a blockage in your chakra. Though their frequency may differ in every case, specific physical ailments accompany a blockage:

  • Tension in the brow area
  • Frequent headaches
  • Eyestrain
  • Blurred Vision
  • Sinus issues
  • Dizziness
  • Hearing problems in some instances

Cognitive indicators of an imbalanced Ajna Chakra

In most cases, apparently, we are doing fine, but specific mental abnormalities start taking place. Some of the cognitive indicators that you can observe by yourself are:

  • Issues with concentrating
  • Nightmares
  • Sleep deprivation or disturbance
  • Mental fog and confusion
  • Dissociation
third eye chakra holistic ritual third eye balance-2

Disturbances from an emotional standpoint 

Slammed with work stress, we barely find time to take note of our emotions. But once your chakra is out of balance, you may experience intensity in some of the feelings listed below:

  • Self-doubt
  • Overthinking
  • Close-mindedness
  • Excessive reliance on others for validation
  • Unnecessary permission taking and fear 
  • Feeling lost and worrying over small details 

Spiritual ailments that accompany the blockage

The least we ever pay attention to our spiritual ailments that may accompany a blocked chakra. Specifically talking about the third eye chakra, here are some of the ailments that may follow the blockage:

  • You may feel a total lack of confidence in your path or purpose.
  • The person may feel a lack of intuition.
  • You may feel so involved in the physical world and ignore heeding higher guidance or wisdom.
  • You may feel like a daydreamer, i.e., too absorbed in daydreams that you cannot focus on reality.

Ways to heal and align an imbalanced third eye chakra- Pro Tips!

 Feeling lost or stuck even when everything around you is the run of the mill, the situation may be alarming. At times, you may not be able to fully concentrate, start to overthink, or excessively rely on others for approval; there is undoubtedly some misalignment in your third eye chakra. Besides, specific other emotional, mental, and physical ailments highlighted above can indicate a blocked Ajna chakra. Luckily, there are plenty of exercises recommended by experts that can help you ease the symptoms. Apart from exercise or yoga, certain everyday adaptations can help bring back your chakra in alignment. So, let’s take a deep dive to learn about these simplest expert recommendations to try at home:

Open-mindedness; The best healing remedy to open third eye chakra

A vital tool to open and heal a blocked third eye chakra is buttressing your brainpower. Brainpower doesn’t merely mean to memorize things or enhance the learning experience. Here it means to welcome and nurture open-mindedness as it has a deep connection with wisdom, perception, and guidance. Widen your perspective to look into things by growing a stronger personal sense of open-mindedness. It can be attained by performing day-to-day activities with zeal, keen understanding, and a broadened perspective.

third eye chakra holistic ritual third eye balance-2

Everyone has a different set of interests in which they feel more involved and occupied. Here are some suggestions that can help you broaden your perspective and buttress the third eye chakra:

  • First off, it’s a great idea to give a try to new and different cuisines
  • Reading literature by authors having different perspectives and point of views
  • Listening to the diverse genre of music
  • Being a good listener to people in your social circle and try to stand in their shoes

These are simple suggestions, of course, the key being “diversity.” Almost all the 8 billion people in the world hold an entirely different perspective of life, and there is so much more to explore. Qualities of growth, empathy, and connectedness grow once we aspire towards learning to broaden our perspective of life. 

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations- A gentle reminder to stay Self-aware, Confident, and Balanced

Setting intentions to truly understand third eye chakra meaning is always a great idea. There are a handful of strong Ajna chakra affirmations that you can incorporate in your life to heal the chakra. Focus on a state of balancing and aligning your third eye chakra by repeating these affirmations as a small part of your day-care routine. However, the best way to benefit from these gentle reminders is to practice them as a morning ritual.

Here are some of the affirmations recommended by experts for better healing of the Ajna chakra:

  • I honor and trust my awareness and intuition
  • I am in deep connection with the Universe
  • My every experience is a lesson learned and saved for life
  • I have all my doubts clear and have peace of mind
  • I am receiving, and I trust my instincts
  • Being a true learner, I look both inward and outward for wisdom
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Visualization with the third eye chakra stones

Thanks to the plenty of cognitive and emotional tools available that help balance your Ajna chakra. For instance, visualization with the third eye chakra crystals is a great approach to heal a misaligned chakra. Visualization is the best way to focus and enhance your mind power. Practically, in visualization, you try to concentrate and imagine the flow of light and energy to and from the center of your chakra.

Since the third eye chakra color is indigo, you imagine a berry-bluish purple energy ball originating from your forehead. The gleaming beam of light converts into a cloud of shiny purple color that gradually surrounds you and dissolves all the negative energies in it. The best idea is to start your practice by taking any of the third eye chakra crystals in your hand and staring at the intricate patterns before finally concentrating. Harness this amazing practice to cleanse all the negative energies around you and let the stuck energy flow again in your third eye region. 

Add hints of third eye chakra color in your life- The simplest tip for easy healing.

Associated with royalty and nobility, the purplish-blue in the third eye chakra color is worth more than a charm. Chronology has a strong basis in psychology, reiki, meditation, and especially our behavior. Therefore, adding a glimpse of indigo is strong enough to heal and strengthen your third eye chakra. It doesn’t necessarily mean to have purple walls surrounding you or some purple crystals in your hand. Clearly, there are many other choices like adding the third eye chakra color in your attire, jewelry, paintings, color scheme and décor, foods, etc.

The third eye chakra color is indigo represents independence, wisdom, devotion, extravagance, and creativity. So, you can benefit from this tip by buying some new purple curtains or wall hangings for your room. Similarly, treating yourself with embellished purple jewelry or attire is also a great idea. Surround yourself with the third eye chakra color to see its enthralling effects on your mood and chakra.

Third Eye Chakra Stones– Spellbinding beauty, enchanting shine, and healing promise

Precious stones and healing crystal jewelry have always played a crucial role in chakra healing. Besides, the rich side of almost all the world’s cultures portrays the regard of the crystals for their priceless allure and healing benefits. When it comes to the Ajna chakra, there are plenty of precious third eye chakra stones available that help buff up your blocked chakra. Given below is a list of some of these amazing crystals that can work wonders for your misaligned chakra:

Clear Quartz for Chakra Healing

The aesthetics of clear quartz are all about clarity, sparkle, soft gleam, and it’s priceless beauty. Intuition, intention-setting, decision-making, and cleansing the negativity around, clear quartz does it all. Interestingly, owing to an entirely different hue than the other third eye chakra stones, clear quartz is still the most powerful. Being a worldly crystal, clear quartz is renowned and respected in almost all the rich cultures of the world. Thanks to the exceptionally great metaphysical properties that the stone has made its way in crystal healing, reiki, meditation, and mental exercises.

Live at your highest potentials with the internal vibrations and cleansing powers of this amazing stone. Create a vision of your life, excel in your field, and set your goals by manifesting the powers of this incredible crystal. More importantly, clear quartz releases tension from the brow region and creates an aura of protection around you. Owing to these characteristic features, the crystal buttresses and aligns the third eye chakra. Besides, it also heals and soothes the physical and emotional ailments due to the misalignment in your Ajna chakra. You can employ this superb crystal in jewelry, as a crystal ball for meditation, as pure cut crystal in Reiki, or any other form.  

Lapis lazuli 

Even the name of the stunning crystal Lapis lazuli makes everyone want to have and feel one in hand. The deep blue color, with an enticing pattern, makes these third eye chakra crystals stand out from the rest. Nothing can be lovelier than seeing restless and eager ocean waves hitting the sturdy, stubborn rock. Thanks to the perfect mix of minerals like pyrite, calcite, and lazurite that form the intriguing intricate patterns in the stone. But apart from the priceless beauty, the healing benefits of this stone make it worth mentioning.

 The crystal is believed to rejoice the perception, align your third eye chakra and improve concentration ability. Moreover, the strong internal vibrations of these third eye chakra stones bring harmony, self-esteem, and reveal the inner truth. Besides, the crystal also heals and alleviates physical ailments like stress, insomnia, and tension in the brow area. Embellished in silver or gold, the lapis lazuli crystal jewelry looks exquisite. 


Famous for its supreme role in the life of royals, the sapphire is regarded for centuries for its magnificent allure and grace. Given its splendid benefits, the regal designers of the past used the crystal in jewelry for the queens. The most valuable gemstone of all the blue stones out there, Sapphire is also the fastest-acting stone of all. From boosting the metabolism to bringing motion and zeal in a stagnant lifestyle, Sapphire gets the due credit for all.

These heavenly third eye chakra stones eliminate confusion, strengthen decision-making power, and help cleanse your aura. Gemologists believe that the stone brings luck, abundance, and intuition in life. However, the stones have a great role in aligning the Ajna chakra and buttressing the third eye chakra at the same time. More importantly, these third eye chakra crystals have an important role in alleviating certain physical symptoms like stomach problems, insomnia, stress, and restlessness. Interestingly, the fashion industry has seen an upsurge in the sapphire rings after Prince Williams proposed to Kate Middleton with a glorious Ceylon blue sapphire engagement band. So, why not enjoy the amazing healing benefits of Sapphire with some prestigious jewelry addition. 

Engage in Enthusiastic Yoga and Exercises for the Third Eye Chakra Healing

Another exciting yet powerful way to heal a misaligned third eye chakra is by opting for certain exercises or yoga asanas. Chakra-specific physical movements may be a great help, especially in healing a blocked chakra. You can try yoga asanas that specifically target the third eye region hence buttressing the Ajna chakra. Thanks to some of the amazing yoga asanas that help release tension in the head, neck, and face region to unblock energy flow to and from the third eye region. Here are the 3 best third eye chakra yoga poses that are highly conducive for the Ajna Chakra. These may be:

Fish Pose

Load off the fatigue and boost your energy skillfully by doing the fish pose. Fish pose is an ideal practice to heal your misaligned third eye chakra. First off, lie down on your back while bending the knees in a way that the soles of your feet rest on the floor. Make sure your arms lie comfortably alongside your body, with your palms resting on the floor. Now gently lift your buttocks and take your hand underneath the upper hips. After that, slowly inhale and press in your shoulders and elbows in a way to raise your chest.

Bend your back, the intensity of which will directly depend upon your level of expertise. Bring the top of your head on the floor, keeping your back bent. Making yourself stable, extend both of your legs at a time. Extend through your heels and slightly rotate your upper legs in the inward rotation. Breath towards your chest and stay in the same position for up to 5 breaths. Finally, press your elbows down meanwhile placing your back down on the mat. To come out of the pose, slowly raise your head from the floor, take some deep breaths and relax.

Benefits of the Fish Pose

  • Fish pose is an excellent asana for better stretching of the upper region. The pose even stretches those parts of the upper body that are not adequately stretched, even with other yoga asanas.
  •  Once you are performing it correctly, i.e., raising the chin, stretching the spine, and curving the neck, the pose strengthens all the chakras of your body.
  • Generating pressure in the crown and third eye chakra region, the pose ideally balances and heals both the chakras. 

Child’s Pose

The child’s pose is the most restful pose to take a break from all the tensions and strains of other asanas. This pose relaxes your body’s whole muscle set and, importantly, releases tension in the upper body region. For this pose, kneel on the floor, bringing your big toes together. Carefully sit on your heels, separate the knees to a comparable width as your hips. Now exhale and lay your torso between the legs and broaden your sacrum across the back of the pelvis.

Settle your hips on the upper thighs. Now lengthen your tailbone away from the back, lifting the skull away from your neck at the same time. Finally, lay your hands on the floor along the side of your torso to release the front of your shoulders towards the floor. Stay in the pose anywhere between 30 seconds to 3 minutes according to your potential and practice. Inhale and exhale slowly before finally coming out of the pose.

Benefits of the Pose

  • When you put your head on your hands’ stacked surface, the forehead comes in contact with the earth. This gentle pressure stimulates and aligns the third eye chakra.
  • Besides, it is also a fantastic asana that gives a nice stretch to the hips, thighs, and ankles.
  • Properly performing the pose with head and neck supported quickly heals and relieves the back and neck pain.

Shoulder Stand- Queen of the Yoga Asanas 

The foremost Yoga trainer and founder, B.K.S. Iyengar regards shoulder stands as the queen of the asanas. This asana is a classic pose for stretching the neck and the shoulders region. For this pose, prepare yourself by laying down your shoulders on a stack of two folded blankets. Slightly bend your legs landing your feet on the floor. Now take your shoulders underneath your upper back, carefully rising your chest gently.

 Lift your hips to attain a steady bridge pose and use your arms as leverage to lift on your feet. Extend one leg up and bend at your elbow while placing your hand on the lower back, and finally extend the other leg up. Keeping your gaze up and neck straight, lift through your feet. Position your hands further in the upper direction and feel your chest while taking it towards the chin. Move your hips towards the front and feet to the back to flatten the body. Take deep breaths, slowly roll out, and plow. You will surely notice stretch and strength in the neck region.

Benefits of the Pose

  • The pose targets the neck and the shoulders region and is obviously much more stable than the head or handstand.
  • The inversion increases blood circulation in the brain region, thereby clearing out the fatigue and tension.
  • The pose miraculously brings the third eye chakra back into alignment, hence buttressing your intuition and brainpower. 

Third Eye Chakra Meditation

Meditation with third eye chakra crystals is a great idea and perhaps the most powerful tool to bring life to an imbalanced Ajna chakra. For better meditation, choose a calm and peaceful place close to nature and concentrate. Use the powers of silence and stillness buttressed by the spellbind of brilliant third eye chakra stones to meditate. Once you correctly do the meditation, you will feel more self-aware and filled with emotions than ever before. Ultimately, it leads to clarity of thoughts, self-acceptance, paving the way to inner guidance, self-embracement, and intuition. 

Explicitly talking about meditation, you can also consider the sound meditation or the Bija mantra for the third eye chakra. The seed syllable for the sixth chakra is “aum,” as its vibrational energy targets the Ajna chakra. Here we pronounce this Bija mantra with an “oh” vowel sound completely under ruling the “ow” sound. The time you start meditating with these syllables, you will gradually feel the blockage dissolving and a dynamic flow of energy in the brow region. 

Some simple suggestions that are convenient yet helpful

There are a handful of simple suggestions powerful enough to caress and heal a troubled third eye chakra. These may be:

Aromatherapy:  You can use third eye chakra essential oils like sandalwood, rosemary, frankincense, myrrh, and patchouli to heal your Ajna chakra.

Healthier diet modifications: Keeping in view the third eye chakra color may be a great idea to add purple and deep blue foods to your diet. For instance, you may love having blueberries, eggplant, cherries, black currants, purple peppers to realign your Ajna chakra.

Put effort into making your dream journal: Writing or journaling your thoughts may sound complicated, but it always works to understand the third eye chakra better. This simple practice helps to gain wisdom, self-awareness, confidence, and of course, opens your third eye chakra.

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