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It’s time to know something more about Throat Chakra!

Deluged in a bright deep ocean hue, the throat chakra is one of the most spiritual and crucial chakras of the body. Well, blue is a color that truly relates to tranquility, purity, nature, and of course inner truth. More importantly, blue is the modest color that complements almost every personality and mood. Maybe that’s the main reason that one of the most important chakras of the body enjoys the privilege of representation with this color.

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The Throat or Vishuddha chakra is located at the most sensitive part of the body i.e. the center of the neck. Here are the most important characteristics of the throat chakra at a glance. So, let’s have a quick look at some important points before we dive deep into the complexities and their solutions related to the chakra.

Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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Location of the Throat Chakra:

The center of the neck is the passageway of all the vital nerves of the body. It is located in the most important part of the body that mirrors our being, identity, and personality.

Throat Chakra Element:

The element of this first natural chakra is Ether or Space. Space embodies mildness, subtleness, and an effortless auditory channel or sound energy parallel to space. The entire spectrum of vibration of the throat chakra revolves around the sound that flows in the body.

Throat Chakra Color:

The color of the throat chakra is a deep, satisfying, vibrant, and rich hue of calming blue. From the sprightly ocean to the vast sky, the dancing waterfalls, and the secrets of the universe, blue is a color of freedom, inspiration, serenity, and stability. 

throat chakra color and location throat chakra meaning

Throat Chakra Symbol:

Throat chakra has a symbol of awakening in the form of a widely opened fresh blue chrysanthemum flower with 16 petals. 

throat chakra

throat chakra

Signs of Balanced and Open Throat Chakra:

You will feel more confident, authentic, and expressive about your inner truth. 

Throat Chakra Crystals:

 Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Blue lace agate, Sodalite, Howlite, Larimar, Chrysocolla, and other blue gemstones.

Basic Throat Chakra Affirmations:

Strong positive affirmations like sentences starting from I speak, I am, I have, etc with the prime focus on communication.

Powers and Properties that relate to Throat Chakra– What makes it worth focussing on?

The chakra obeys the most ethereal principles of the body that clearly reflect in your personality. Our power to speak, freedom to express what we think, and getting over the upsetting judgemental behavior of others, all obey an open throat chakra. Our originality, purity, and emotions truly depict our personality governed by the throat chakra. 

Talking about throat chakra, it keeps us focused, balanced, and paves the way to self-expression. No doubt, every person is unique and thus has the right to clearly express his/her needs and thoughts. Human beings are especially distinctive in their thoughts and opinions and that’s what is absolutely beautiful about us. 

throat chakra balance throat chakra symbol throat chakra stone healing

What’s it like to have a blocked throat Chakra?

Sometimes, we find ourselves tired of not being able to express our feelings and personal integrity. Not only this, there may be times when things get out of control just because of lack of communication or feelings. So, if you feel anxious during conversations giving others the power to dominate your personality, it’s a clear indication that your throat chakra may be out of balance. Given below is the list are some signs that elaborate what’s likely to have a blocked throat chakra:

  • Feeling hesitant every time you want to express your emotions to someone
  • A feeling of worthlessness and overwhelming thoughts
  • A feeling to be misunderstood by the people around you
  • Negative vibes for a situation and indeliberately using negative words
  • Aggressiveness and frustration when not being able to convey your message
  • Lack of communication within the social circle and hence, more of an introvert feeling

If you have some or all of these symptoms, clearly you need to work over your throat chakra healing. It’s time to explore the true inner you and master in communicating with the world with these easiest ways recommended by the experts. So, let’s dive in to learn how you can open your blocked throat chakra to enter a world of compassion, dignity, and self-worth. 

Physical ailments that accompany an imbalanced Throat Chakra

A slight imbalance in the throat chakra can also result in physical ailments, especially in the upper body region. This misalignment can affect the neck, air, and mouth causing certain problems like:

  • Thyroid problems
  • Neck pain or stiffness
  • Sore throat and jaw pain
  • Hoarseness
  • Mouth ulcers 
  • Dental disorders 
  • Earache
  • Hearing issues
  • Speech problems
  • Stammering and difficulty talking to strangers

These are some of the physical ailments that indicate an imbalance in your throat chakra.

balancing throat chakra

Expert Recommendations for an open and well-balanced Throat Chakra- Easy ways to try at home!

The powers of the chakra are mainly sound and resonance which means working on these two can help unleash the power of your chakra. For this, you can try some soothing music while you do throat chakra meditation. Of course, giving yourself a change of scenery especially the one conducive to natural sounds is a great option. Here are some amazing tips by renowned experts that help buttress your throat chakra. These are:

Try to include blue color in your life- The easiest tip that helps heal your chakra

Adding a glimpse of blue color is a great idea to buff up your throat chakra. The Yoga and Reiki experts mainly emphasize adding blues hues in your frame. For instance, you may love to try on some exciting blue dresses. Besides, blue crystal jewelry like turquoise or a Lapis lazuli bracelet, or a wire-wrapped blue crystal pendant is also a great idea. Wearing a labradorite necklace studded with any of the throat chakra stones look stylish as well as have great healing effects.

chakra stones for throat chakra

Apart from apparel and jewelry, there are many other options like adding veggies and fruits with the color of the chakra. Moreover, you can also add some blue theme paintings or decorative pieces in your living area, bedroom, or studio apartment. Blue and white themes for the home decor or bedding are absolutely a wonderful approach for working on your throat chakra. 

Throat Chakra Stones– Prestigious blue crystals with spellbinding effects

Precious gemstones have always been an important constituent in the richness of any culture across the globe. The priceless hypnotic allure of the precious gemstones verily strengthens and revitalizes your blocked chakras. Gemstones have spellbinding effects that vary widely with the crystal.

throat chakra balance throat chakra symbol throat chakra stone healing

Like every other chakra of the body, some prestigious throat chakra crystals work wonders for your blocked chakra. The throat chakra has a regal blue color that relates to communication, empathy, and honesty. According to gemologists, blue throat chakra crystals have a deeply calming, and strengthening effect on your nerves. Some gemstones have been known for centuries for their praiseworthy effects on opening a throat chakra. So, let’s have a quick overview of these crystals and how you can benefit from them.

Blue Lace Agate- Clears the barrier to self-expression

With a dominating sky blue hue and delicately intimate lines, these throat chakra stones have a splash of blue minerals. The crystal is a deluxe choice for jewelry, of course having benefits for the throat chakra. Gemologists regard this stunning crystal as the earthly rainbow due to the perfect blend of blue, purple, white, and brown lines. Here are some of the benefits of this miraculous crystal for your throat chakra. 

  • First off, blue lace agate connects with your throat chakra and clears the barriers to self-expression. 
  • Secondly, it’s a stone of communication that encourages you to express your emotions. Moreover, according to experts, the vibrant energy of the stone eases your fear of public speaking. 
  • It may be surprising for you to know that blue lace agate is the best antidepressant crystal known in the world. 
  • The crystal is a master healer and has marvelously intricate patterns and warm colors. Due to this property, it’s a great stress relieving meditation tool
  • What’s more surprising is blue lace agate tends to enhance brain power. Hence, the stone is a great help in improving concentration and focus. 

For persons with a mild, introverted, and somewhat restricted personality, blue lace agate is highly recommended. 

blue lace agate blue crystal blue gemstone

Turquoise- Perfect throat chakra stones to go with fashion and healing both

Insiders in the jewelry fashion world are deeply and madly in love with turquoise crystal. The teal blue color of the crystal enhances communication and helps express your emotions.  Besides, these throat chakra stones have superb health benefits like buttressing brainpower and detoxifying properties. 

  • First off, apart from the insanely growing fashion, turquoise is the stone of wisdom that verily impacts your speech, communication, and intellectual learning.
  • Secondly, the positive energy vibes of the stone are strong enough to break open the tangles in your relationship. So, nothing can beat a priceless turquoise necklace as a gift for your partner to bring back sensuality and affection. 
  • More importantly, the internal vibrations and strong energy vibes of the stone alleviate stomach problems.
  • Pure turquoise bracelets are the best birthday gift for school-going children to improve their learning ability. Of course, it’s the best lucky charm that your child can ever have for an active throat chakra and good communication.

Let the matchless beauty of these amazing throat chakra crystals be your guide for a lively, and energetic life. Welcome serenity, emotional stability, and sustainability in your life when the choice is right.

blue turquoise crystal gemstone

Aquamarine – Throat Chakra Crystals for Intuition, Visualization, and Communication

With the purity, depth, and wildness of the ocean, aquamarine is an excellent crystal for throat chakra healing. The delicacy, clarity, and transparency of these throat chakra stones hold a great value in the fashion as well as the healing world. More importantly, the soft gleam of the crystal soothes the mind and acts positively on communication skills. 

The different hues of the crystal depend upon the mineral concentration that imparts a graceful shine. You may add these crystals in your life may be in the form of raw crystal pendants or simply as chakra stone. Here are some of the amazing benefits of tiffany blue aquamarine gemstones as throat chakra crystals:

  • First off, an aquamarine is an ideal gemstone for meditation purposes. The soft gleam and the intricate inbuilt patterns add sophistication to the stone. Hence, looking at the stone with full concentration makes you feel like diving deep into the pure freshwaters. 
  • Secondly, the gemstone has cleansing properties and acts much like a sponge to absorb the negativity and ill vibes around you.
  • The time you meditate with aquamarine, it feels like being in the scenery where restless dancing waves splash on the rocks. Ultimately, the scene is an absolute pleasure to imagine.

Brilliantly cut by skilled craftsmen, Aquamarine pendants or men’s bracelets are an exciting new way to benefit from these amazing throat chakra crystals.

aquamarine is a blue crystal

Lapis Lazuli is- Most beautiful crystal on Earth with the most beneficial health effects

You might have heard a lot about the most beautiful rock on Earth i.e. Lapis Lazuli. Because of its irresistible color and pattern, the stone enjoys a regal position in the jewels and fashion industry. No jewelry exhibition is complete without Lapis Lazuli, the fantasy crystal. But these throat chakra crystals have more healing benefits than being a precious jewel.

The crystal has intriguingly beautiful patterns and a sparkling glitter core in the center formed from different minerals. Apart from all these physical properties, the healing properties of this priceless gemstone are second to none. 

  • First off, the exquisite look and the rich blue color of the crystal is highly praised for centuries. Maybe that’s the main reason why Lapis lazuli jewelry is everyone’s favorite.
  • The crystal tends to help open the throat chakra blockage. Besides, it also strengthens the intuition power and communication, especially self-expression. Bring out the hidden energy, positivity, and confidence to step into a world of harmony and peace.
  • Lapis Lazuli crystal in its raw form has great antidepressant properties. These throat chakra stones not only enhance communication but also alleviates stress and insomnia. Most importantly, Lapis Lazuli opens the clogs in your throat chakra to bring out the true inner truth.

The spectacular benefits, matchless color, and classy look make Lapis Lazuli, the best throat chakra stone. Bold Lapis Lazuli leather bracelets are enjoying ever-increasing popularity among the public. Let your inner confidence and spark rule whatever you do, above all that matters is true inner satisfaction.  

lapis lazuli blue gemstone blue crystal name

How to use these throat chakra stones for healing purposes?

All the above blue stones and crystals have a crucial role in throat chakra healing. However, the most important question asked by most of our clients is how to open throat chakra with crystals? The answer to this particular question is simple, “Meditation with crystals is not the only tool to work over an impaired chakra. There are many other ways to do that, the simplest being wearing a raw stone necklace to do so”, says Marie, an eminent yoga trainer, and meditation expert. 

The proponents of the healing world advocate there are certain ways to put an end to throat chakra blockage. Here’s exactly what to do with your blue gemstones for the throat chakra healing:

  • Placing them on the chakra position: Put the crystal right at your throat chakra position i.e. the base of your throat and meditate with a calm mind.
  • Employing the healing crystal jewelry: Bring into play the healing with your healing crystal jewelry. Simply using a wire-wrapped pendant or a pure crystal bracelet is a great idea for carrying your crystal with you all the time.  
  • Carry it with you: Carry a delicately cut crystal in your pocket or bag wherever you go. Of course, in this way you can benefit yourself all the time from the healing effects of the crystal. The positive vibes of the crystals make you feel more energetic and confident. 
  • Using them in the Home decor: Filling up your space with auspicious and stunning crystals is second to none when it comes to creating an aura of purity, energy, and protection. You can put an avant-garde edgy pure crystal on your study table, office desk, or simply side table in your bedroom. Besides, you can make wise use of them in the form of wall hangings or decoration pieces. Not only do these look good but also create an ambiance that aligns and activates your throat chakra. 

These are only a few of the many expert recommendations to make good use of the throat chakra crystals. But here it is very important to be patient and consistent with the throat chakra healing practice. You can only remove your throat chakra blockage when you hope for the best results with an open heart.

Music therapy always work – Try making it out with Sound Healing Therapy

All aspects of music that may help in physical and emotional healing constitute music therapy. As already stated, the element of the throat chakra is sound. The chakra has a deep association with music, sounds, and vibrations. So, listening to light chakra music, or things like singing bowls and natural sounds is a great idea. Music or different sounds have a great impact on your mood and concentration while you do yoga, meditation, or reiki, etc. In fact, it may be surprising to know that laughing, singing, playing music while driving the car, shouting into the pillow, or simply talking to a close friend have great stress-reducing effects and also buffs up your throat chakra.

Similarly, moving to health conducive environments with soothing music or natural sounds perfectly aligns your throat chakra. From the hustle and bustle of the downtown to the calmness of the forests or the rhythmic music of the ocean waves, everything has a praiseworthy effect on your throat chakra. Bring out the uniqueness and truth in you getting inspiration from all the things around you. No matter how busy you are in life, careful introspection and inspiration from the observations is a great strategy to remove the throat chakra blockage and align it. 

Yoga and Asanas may be a great help for throat chakra healing!

Without fail, Yoga and Asanas are the best way to balance and revitalize a stuck or blocked chakra. Feel more authentic in yourself and get the opportunity to express yourself when you have an active throat chakra. While you practice yoga or asanas, the key focus is on the neck and throat which in turn aligns your throat chakra. Breathing practice while yoga or meditation is also helpful and strengthens your throat chakra. 

There are many yoga asanas like plow pose, fish pose, lion’s pose, neck circles, seated cat-cow, shoulder stand that specifically target the throat chakra point and balance it. There are no hard and fast rules about the implementation of these yoga asanas. You can utilize them independently as well as do them in a sequence like a throat chakra-specific yoga, speaking the truth sequence, and finally Hatha flow that regulates the thyroid gland. Similarly, special breathing exercises bring energy to the throat chakra that helps in regulating the flow of energy and alignment.

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Below are 3 powerful yoga practices to open and align your imbalance chakra:

Head roles and neck stretches

Head roles and neck stretches, when done right, alleviate the stiffness in your neck, head, and upper back areas. These areas have an incredible power to withstand tension and stretch that can further be enhanced by these asanas. For this, sit comfortably in the thunderbolt pose and align your shoulders directly with your hip. After that lean your left side of the head towards your left shoulder and breath out. Relax for a while and pose a strong yawn to stretch the muscles enough. 

Now return the head to the center and repeat the same process but this time in the right direction. Repeating this exercise 3 times to the left, and 3 times to the right is good enough for strong neck muscles and balanced throat chakra.

Supported Shoulder Stand

In this hyperconnected life where we spend most of our time leaning toward devices like phones, laptops, etc, attaining a duck-headed or imperfect posture is normal. Therefore, doing an unsupported version of the shoulder stand can be risky and can cause sudden damage to your muscles. However, a supported shoulder stand is a safer and more accessible inversion pose that you can easily try at home. 

For this, lay back on your back in a comfortable position much like a bridge post. Lift your hip by pressing into your feet and slowly raising them in the air, keeping them straight. Do remember to keep a medium or low height block at the base of your hips. Bend the knees pointing them towards the chest. You might experience limiting tension at the back of your legs but it will become easier with time. This asana is brilliant for opening throat chakra blockage.

Supported fish pose

In classical yoga practice, the supported fish pose has great importance and is super easy to follow up. The practice counterbalances your neck and the upper portions of the spine. Begin the exercise by lying on your back and adding support with yoga blocks. Keep the blocks a few inches apart and rest them behind your head and back. It’s more convenient to pad the blocks with folded blankets as this technique makes the pose more restorative. 

Settle your hips in front of the blocks and bend your knees in a way that the feet touch the mat. Lie on your back and do remember that the block under your back should be lower than the one under the head. Now straighten your legs for a few minutes and do the extensive breathwork. Now turn towards the left, and finally to the right. This exercise also imparts strength to your throat chakra and the upper region.

Throat Chakra Healing by working with the Bija Mantra

All seven chakras of the body are equally important and imbalance in any one of these can be problematic. As far as the throat chakra is concerned, sound energy and vibrations tap into the energy of this diverse universe. You might have heard of the bija mantra that i.e. a one-syllable sound that puts an end to the throat chakra blockage. The bija mantra varies specifically with every chakra and helps activate and balance its energy.

For the throat chakra, a loud, strong, and confident “Ham” sound is the bija mantra. Get over all your fears, feel an aura of energy guarding you and practice with the sound of ham. First of all, make yourself comfortable first, and then use your natural tone to chant the mantra. Slowly breathe out and let the sound roll out while you exhale.

Throat Chakra essential oils and Aromatherapy- Make the most of sacred scents for a balanced and active chakra

Feeling off-kilter energy may be a clear indication that these vibes are stemming from an imbalanced chakra. Essential oils and sacred fragrances have been used for centuries for healing purposes. You might be wondering how to open throat chakra with aromatherapy and which oils go best with it. The essential oils tone the chakras so that they may get aligned and give positive energy vibes.

The following 2 essentials oils tend to have a miraculous aroma that untangles the throat chakra blockage. 

  • Blue chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)
  • Frankincense (Boswellia carteri)

These oils aid in reformatting the old aligned patterns of the throat chakra as well as work with other energies around us. More importantly, a balanced throat chakra provides a firm foundation for better coping with the challenges in and out of our body.

A mindful throat chakra meditation is the secret to an active, brave, and expressive personality!

Last but the most important way to heal a blocked throat chakra is meditation. It’s time to console and heal your throat chakra to get rid of all the hurdles in your way of expression. Explore the beauty of the world with an entirely new and yet confident version of you when your chakra is aligned. 

But again the most important question is how to open throat chakra with meditation? The answer may be simple i.e. via meditating calmly with throat chakra crystals. You can benefit yourself from the throat chakra meditation anytime you want. But ideally, do it at least once a week for 10 minutes when you feel stuck in your words and emotions. With only a few meditations, you will feel a notable change and a pleasant effect.

For meditation, sit in a calm place in a comfortable position especially close to nature. Close your eyes and hold your throat chakra stone in your hand. Take deep breaths while focussing on an aura of protection and gleaming blue energy light surrounding you. Feel the flow of energy from the head to the toes while deeply inhaling and exhaling. In the end, do remember to assure yourself that your emotions matter a lot and you are giving your best to the world. Finally, lay down in a comfortable position, keep your stone at the chakra position and close your eyes for a few minutes. This mindful meditation is enough to turn a dull day into a lively and energetic day.

Chakra Stones Set- An exclusive all in one package to buttress all 7 chakras of your body

From the above discussion, it may be clear that the healing crystals either in the form of jewelry or finely cut raw crystals are very important for aligning an imbalanced chakra. It’s time to strengthen, align, and heal the vitality of your chakras with the magnificent power of nature in the form of crystals. But here is a great deal for all the crystal lovers out there. Rather than investing over individual chakras, let’s get into an economical yet handsome package. Crystal Shop has the tradition of fulfilling their client’s dreams by bringing out something exciting.

The prestigious crystal set consists of 7 prestigious crystals with a mesmerizing shine and an unbeatable graceful look. All the 7 crystals are 2×1.5 finely cut by skilled craftsmen and luxurious packaging. The crystals are hand-picked by expert gemologists and conveyed to you in their purest form.

7 crystals for the 7 chakras of the body- Classy, Pure and Exclusive Crystals for you!

Here is a break down of what you are going to get in this amazing crystal stones set:

  1. Crown Chakra Stone – Amethyst
  2. Third Eye ChakraClear Quartz
  3. Throat Chakra Stone – Lapis Lazuli
  4. Solar Plexus Stone – Yellow Jasper
  5. Sacral Chakra Crystal – Carnelian
  6. Heart Chakra Stone – Rose Quartz
  7. Root Chakra – Obsidian

Catch the deal before it ends as you can’t find this exclusive deal elsewhere. So, get your meditation kit ready and harmonize your body, mind, and soul with mother nature. 

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