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Turquoise Necklace Pendant Benefits

Turquoise Necklace- Live From The Heart With The Exquisite Master Healer Crystal Of All!

Ever wonder how it feels like wearing the most ancient stone on Earth perfectly assorted with avant-garde trends? Turquoise is the first gemstone ever to be used in jewelry. Besides, the alluring color and intricate pattern of the stone are absolutely representatives of the bohemian style. Interestingly, in the last few decades, the latest fashion trends fueled a turquoise boom that has uplifted this stone’s worth. Stone lovers cherish its natural beauty by professionally putting it together with precious metals. Maybe that’s why you see an insanely growing popularity of turquoise necklace among both genders. 

turquoise evil eye necklace crystal amulet pendant necklace

Turquoise Evil Eye Necklace

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sunflower necklace gold chain turquoise gemstone necklace

Sunflower Necklace Gold Turquoise Pendant

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sunshine necklace turquoise 18k gold

Sunshine Necklace Gold Turquoise

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Turquoise Necklace Golden Sun

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Honeycomb Necklace Turquoise Beads

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Crystal Turquoise & Shell Necklace

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Turquoise Necklace Pendant Sumerian Talisman Necklace

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Turquoise Necklace Gold

What’s more interesting is that the stone is believed to be a symbol of masculine power. Nonetheless, it verily represents feminine winsomeness. Healing crystal jewelry works wonders for the wearer and complements the final look. Whether you want to flaunt your casual look or be the center of attention at an event, this gemstone does it all for you. So, treat yourself and your loved ones with the finest quality delicate turquoise pendant necklace. 

What’s seemingly so special about the Turquoise Necklace Gold!

Well, the teal blue shade of the pendant portrays the deep blue waves relentlessly playing with the gold rocks. This adorable turquoise necklace enhances your natural beauty and innocence. Besides, the pendant has a signature style unique to ASANA. Let’s dive in to take a keen look over some of the exciting features of the pendant.

  • First off, the delicate silver chain has a premium quality gold plating that adds to the value of the necklace.
  • Second, the chain and the framework is made of magnificent allure silver with 18K gold plating. The gold plating imparts a soft and warm gleam to the chain. 
  • Furthermore, the natural turquoise stone is professionally cut by the executive craftsmen and designers. It, in turn, keeps the natural benefits of this miraculous healing stone intact. Hence, you are getting the rarest stone on Earth in its utmost natural form with high-end details.
  • This turquoise pendant necklace is inspired by the artistic boho and minimalist design that dazes all. Dominated by the liveliness of the bohemian style, the pendant contains the light and texture of the minimalist design. Hence, this necklace is the perfect choice for every unique user either fussy or simple.
  • Next, this turquoise pendant necklace has a stylish bar set design with a symmetric-cut crystal in between. Interestingly, every pendant is unique in allure and design as the intricate pattern differs with every stone. Hence, every wearer gets a strikingly distinct pendant.
  • Furthermore, the chain has a length of 18’’ that makes it a great fit for both casual and formal wearing. You can complement it as an accessory with your office dress or flaunt it elegantly with your gown.
  • Finally, the lobster claw closure gives you more confidence while wearing this flawless necklace.

Healing benefits of turquoise necklace- Deep Dive into the phenomenal metaphysical properties

The look and feel of this turquoise necklace gold are mystically powerful to attract anyone around. But what’s more important is the miraculous healing benefits that make turquoise stand out from the other gemstones. Though every gemstone is unique, some gemstones have obvious advantages corresponding to certain circumstances. For instance, you might have heard about the magnificent benefits of blue gemstones in communication therapy. Likewise, some of the most important healing benefits that turquoise sets forth to its wearer are:

Metaphysical Properties of Turquoise Stone- Burnish your Sacral chakra

Almost all the blue stones have spellbinding effects, especially as if they relate to your sacral chakra. Meditation and Yoga are the new norms these days and people tend to be more conscious than ever. So, meditating with turquoise is a great practice. Nonetheless, only wearing the turquoise stone has proven healing effects on the human body. 

The stone enhances communication by buffing up your sacral and third eye chakra. In fact, sacral chakra associates with your intellect, reasoning, and emotional expression. Hence, wearing a turquoise stone when having speech-related problems is wise. Besides, turquoise and gold pendant also boosts your inner confidence to bring forward the true inner you.

Turquoise Necklace unlocks your heart chakra- Revive the intimacy of your relationships

Turquoise stone possesses the energy to manifest the ambiguities in your relationship. The stone has the divinity of both the earth and the air. That’s why the stone is gender-neutral and hence strengthens your relationship. High-end turquoise jewelry is a perfect gift for every occasion. Gift an everlasting treasure of memories by gifting turquoise and gold pendant to your loved ones.

Turquoise Necklace Gold

Whether it’s Christmas, Diwali, Eid, or New year, the turquoise necklace gold gift box makes the perfect gift. Celebrate the true meaning of giving when you give someone your sincere feelings. Turquoise pendant necklace unlocks your heart chakra so that you can live the intimate moments of your life. Revive the lost passion by gifting this stunning turquoise stone necklace to your partner. 

Interestingly, the turquoise stone is your lucky charms that unlock the doors to happiness, love, and friendship. So, avail the marvelous benefits of this gemstone to revive the affinity of your relations. 

Bodily benefits of turquoise pendant necklace

Like other gemstones, turquoise also absorbs the negativity and ill vibes that disrupt the wearer’s life. However, the stone also has certain bodily benefits that are unique to this blue-green gemstone. These are:

  • First off, wearing a turquoise and silver necklace saves the wearer from harmful radiations that in turn cause damage.
  • Secondly, turquoise has a unique mineral composition that alleviates digestion-related issues. Hence, you get better control over your health conditions, specifically body pains.
  • Turquoise beads necklace directly buttresses your mental health. Besides, it motivates the wearer to clear out certain phobias like social phobia, etc. 
  • Moreover, turquoise is the lucky stone that welcomes happiness, love, friendship, and peace in your life.
  • Finally, the chunky turquoise necklace is your lucky charm that brings wealth and wisdom to your life.

Turquoise pendant necklace color – A perfect blend of gleamy blue, seafoam, and lime

When we hear about the turquoise crystal, the first image that comes to our mind is of robin eggs. But the real turquoise stone is way better and graceful. You may find an intricate web pattern throughout your pendant in earthy brown and shiny golden shade. Besides, the base color is a perfect mixture of teal blue, seafoam green, soothing lime, or olive-yellow. These colors impart a truly natural look and grace that matches none other crystal on earth.

Crystal-Shop truly respects the top-tier expectations of crystal lovers. That’s why our designers have keenly worked over the fine details of this gold and turquoise necklace. Our clients love and praise the gold plating quality that perfectly complements the crystal. The warm welcoming gleam lets you feel the class, purity, and grace of this necklace. Besides, the long-chain makes it easy to carry it in any style you want. Stun your social circle by wearing it in short chains or carry it casually with the long chain. This freedom of choice is all that a potential stone lover wants in a prestigious turquoise pendant necklace.

Turquoise Necklace Clarity- It’s depth is the ultimate desire of a gemstone lover

You might have seen people, especially couples wearing turquoise heart necklaces. The reason is that turquoise ages beautifully with the bliss of wonderful memories and quality time. The real turquoise necklace is as deep and wonderful as your love and relationship. Turquoise is a love crystal that is equally popular in both genders. 

It may be really interesting to know that turquoise is the rarest gemstone on Earth whose value increases with depth. The crystal is not clear at all but instead, it’s an enthralling art of nature that fascinates everyone. The fine turquoise jewelry is opaque with a warm and deep hue much like your feelings.

Buy this prestigious turquoise necklace as a gift for your special ones

Well, gifts don’t need any occasion as they are all about spirit, love, and caring. Buying something for a special person makes the bond and hence the moment more special. How about presenting this breathtaking native American turquoise necklace on your anniversary to your better half? Absolutely, nothing can be more delightful and pleasing than that. 

So, if you want to buy this stunning necklace as a Christmas, anniversary, or special occasion gift, we are here to make it more special. Just tell us if you want to give this to someone and our passionate team will make the necessary arrangements for you. Moreover, you can ask for a bespoke wish or special message that you want to convey to the receiver. We care for your feelings and will hide all the billing details to touch the true meanings of sophistication. Live in the vintage of your moments with this truly mesmerizing life-long memory.

How to check the ingenuity of your Turquoise crystal? The distinction made easy!

As an authoritative and one of the biggest names in the healing gemstone jewelry, it’s our duty to properly guide our client. You may find a similar turquoise and silver pendant at much lower prices in the market. But stop and take time to think if the crystal you are investing in is pure and direct from the mother earth? You may be blown out to know that a careful analysis shows about 90% of turquoise in the market is dyed Howlite. Having a fake healing crystal is nothing more than a white elephant. Here are some simple rules of thumb that help you check whether your turquoise stone necklace is fake or real.

  1. First off, you can try scratching the gemstone in the pendant. If it scratches easily, it’s more likely the stone is not real. More importantly, the web pattern on the stone is also an indication. For this, you can rub your nail on the crystal. If you feel a slight tuck especially at the place where the web pattern meets the blue surface, the stone is more natural.
  2. The second technique to detect the ingenuity of your high-end turquoise jewelry is destructive or color testing. Simply soak a cotton bud in a nail paint remover and gently wipe a small area of the stone. Note that acetone removes the dye so you have to be very careful. It’s wise to erase the color from the back or the extreme corners. Natural turquoise has a rich teal blue color inside whereas fake turquoise turns out white. 

In addition, price is also a marker that can tell if your turquoise pendant crystal is real or not. It’s obvious if the price is too good to be real, there is definitely something worth considering.

Something more about turquoise necklaces- Be more specific to your needs!

Everyone who loves and praises this spellbinding blue-green crystal should definitely give it a go. But some stone lovers are more specific in their needs in person than others. For instance, some want to choose their gemstone related to their birth while others may want to get the gemstone for anxiety. Every requirement is unique and so is the client which we acknowledge. That’s why this precis is all that you need to know about before buying a turquoise necklace.

Chakra associations of your Turquoise necklace

Wearing a gold and turquoise necklace buttresses the following essential body chakras

Birthstones and Zodiac specific selection

The turquoise gold necklace is the perfect gift for any occasion. However, if you want to give it as a birthstone, this crystal is perfect for those born in December. Besides, if you are the one with a craze and deep understanding of horoscopy, turquoise gemstone complements:

  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

Don’t let the negativity, ill vibes, and toxicity around you fade your liveliness and spirit. Make your life more adventurous and fun when you have the master healer with you. Don’t hesitate to make new changes in your life especially when you know they are all for good. Let nature be the best remedy and companion in winning the daily competition in this hyperconnected life with your signature turquoise necklace.

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