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Turquoise Rings

Exquisite, Contemporary Style Guide for gemstone lovers

turquoise rings gold collection of turquoise rings

Designed to make an impact and meant to be seen, there is something prestigious about wearing turquoise rings. From gold to sterling silver turquoise rings, vogue has always shown a craze for this magical gemstone. Their avant-garde style and classy look are all that satisfy a true gemstone admirer. Flaunt an elegant yet statement style with your exclusive turquoise ring. Apart from the mystically powerful hue, the healing benefits of this amazing gemstone are second to none. Maybe that’s the reason behind the insanely growing popularity of turquoise rings and bands. 

Whatever your mood, style, or attire is, vintage turquoise rings accent any outfit. Add an instant glimpse of glamour to your casual clothing or stun everyone by pairing it with your formal attire; turquoise rings always set the bar high. Vibrant, jazzy silver and gold turquoise rings have always been a Boho chic fashion essential. Of the hundreds of designs and styles available, buying the perfect one for you has never been easy. So, here is a style guide crafted by fashion jewelry experts that will help you select nothing but the best. 

natural turquoise ring vintage

Turquoise engagement rings– Uphold the intimacy of your relationship with the couple’s bands

It’s not always easy to relinquish the notion of engagement rings featuring gleaming diamond center stone. But when it comes to innovative approaches, an expansive world of mesmerizing gemstones is waiting for you. Of all the gemstone options, turquoise engagement rings hit the mark with their classy look, tone, and depth. 

The latest fashion trends have witnessed a boom in couples wearing turquoise band rings and jewelry. Of course, the reason being the timeless beauty and grace of the turquoise engagement rings. The stone ages beautifully, so these rings on-look an ever-lasting treasure of worthy moments. More importantly, turquoise engagement rings possess the energy to harness your heart chakra

Turquoise Necklace gold plated by Asana Crystals

Turquoise Necklace Gold

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turquoise evil eye necklace crystal amulet pendant necklace

Turquoise Evil Eye Necklace

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Original price was: $70.00.Current price is: $39.00.
turquoise bracelet

Turquoise Bead Bracelet

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Original price was: $39.00.Current price is: $20.00.
howlite turquoise bracelet double bracelet

Howlite & Turquoise Double Bead Bracelet

Rated 4.82 out of 5 based on 11 customer ratings
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $18.00.

Celebrate your special day with a sincere expression of your true feelings by giving your partner the gift for life. The turquoise engagement rings tend to buttress the sacral, heart, and third eye chakra. Besides, this master healer crystal is also the stone of communication that manifests the ambiguities in your relationship. Revive the affinity, intimacy, and communication of your relationship with turquoise engagement rings. 

healing crystal jewelry gemstone jewelry

Men’s turquoise rings– Thoughtful, modern designs with a hint of tradition

Turquoise enjoys the royalty of a king when it comes to the men’s fashion world. Regarded as the symbol of masculine power, men’s turquoise rings have always been everyone’s favorite. Fashion trends keep changing every once in a while, but talking about men’s rings, the pace is a bit consistent. Steered by taste, practicality, and toughness, men’s turquoise rings are a great fashion accessory to complement any attire.

turquoise rings for wedding engagement promise

Aside from the flawless color and intricate patterns, the healing benefits of men’s turquoise rings are a treat. The best thing about wearing these rings is that they burnish the sacral chakra. The stone enhances communication and hence works ideally for everyone from a freshman to a person in business. Your intellect, reasoning, and self-expression are the powers of the sacral and the third eye chakra. The strong energy vibes of this master healer are proven to target the two chakras and strengthen these abilities. So, be confident and assertive with the eclectic men’s turquoise rings.

crystal rings gemstone rings by asana crystals

Well, the notion that men can only wear a wedding band belongs to the trash can of history. You can always flaunt a crystal ring on whichever finger you want. From your favorite celebrities to royals, yoga practitioners, to young boys, pairing attire with rings is the new norm. Here are some popular men’s turquoise ring designs that may be the best addition to your wardrobe. So. let’s have a keen look over some of the fantastic designs you can consider:

  • First, minimalist turquoise resin rings
  • Secondly, center stone turquoise engagement rings
  • In addition, sturdy thumb rings inspired by the boho-chic designs
  • Lastly, Turquoise studded signet pinky finger rings
luxury turquoise statement ring

Turquoise rings for women- A remarkable blend of uniqueness, femininity, and class

Put your spin on to something blue because blue rings are on fire in the fashion trends this year. Prized for their prominence and attractive beauty, rings are a timeless women’s fashion accessory. From the mystical ring of lore to the healing gemstone rings worn by royals, history witnesses that the most powerful women of their time wore meaningful blue rings. The worthy tradition continues till day with the beautiful rings giving a finishing look to any attire. 

malachite necklace malachite ball pendant crystal ball gemstone necklace gold plated by asana crystals

Malachite Necklace Crystal Ball Pendant

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Multilayered Turquoise Bracelet | Asana Crystals

Multilayered Turquoise Bracelet

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turquoise ring gemstone rings by asana turquoise blue crystal ring

Turquoise Ring

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sunflower necklace gold chain turquoise gemstone necklace

Sunflower Necklace Gold Turquoise Pendant

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Original price was: $70.00.Current price is: $39.00.

Specifically talking about the turquoise rings for women, there are countless designs and options available. The perfect contrast of brownish web design with vivid Turquoise gleaming softly represents the feminine winsomeness. But more importantly, turquoise rings for women have potential healing and health benefits that stand out from all the other properties. 

  • Again, wearing these rings helps clear out the social anxieties and phobias, making way for better self-expression. 
  • More importantly, Turquoise is a lucky gemstone that attracts love, happiness, abundance, and peace much like a magnet.
  • Turquoise rings for women have a breathtaking depth, enthralling natural patterns, and fresh warm hue that make them ideal. 
  • Indeed, the rich and attractive turquoise color complements all your moods and dresses very well. So, a classy turquoise ring born on any special occasion will make it even more special.
mystic nordic turquoise rings

Turquoise rings for women- Trendy designs for gemstone lovers

Shopping for the right ring might be an open-ended process, especially when you have no idea what exactly you are looking for. But at the same time, the genuine fun of shopping is discovering. If some design hits you right at the moment, it truly is worth it. Bringing the excitement of discovery to another level, we have made it simple. Here are some of the most outstanding designs of the turquoise rings for women that will make you fall in love with them instantly:

  • First off, minimalistic turquoise birthstone rings
  • Secondly, turquoise cocktail rings
  • In addition, center stone turquoise rings for women
  • Lastly, luxury three stone rings (Trending this year)
Essential things to know if you plan to buy vintage turquoise rings 

Thanks to the hypnotizing color and magical shine that the gemstone originating from Turkey has now dominated fashion jewelry worldwide. Assorted as one of the most ancient stones in history, Turquoise seems to be carved and slipped from the heavens. However, the high esteem that vintage turquoise rings enjoy is not merely the spellbinding beauty but also the healing benefits. So, if you plan to buy turquoise wedding rings or a simple band, here are some essential chunks of information;

dainty turquoise ring 18k gold

Healing benefits- Physical, Psychological, and Emotional stances explained

Here are some of the compelling healing benefits of turquoise band rings that emphasize their importance and role in the wearer’s life. 

  • First off, from creating a sense of serenity to polishing and strengthening the intuition, meditating with turquoise rings does it all. 
  • Second, since Turquoise is a purification stone, it tends to dispel negative energies influencing the wearer.
  • Third, wearing or holding turquoise lifts and revitalizes the sagging spirits. The master healer stone solaces the soul hence improving the overall mood. 
  • Wearing a gold turquoise ring is an excellent way to alleviate stress, exhaustion, and depression. 
  • In addition, turquoise band rings also buttress and align the third eye chakra. So, the ultimate result is better command over decision-making, brilliant foresightedness, and power of perception.
  • Interestingly, the sterling silver turquoise ring is also a famous lucky charm, especially in the potential crystal lovers’ circle. The stone is a symbol of friendship and hence braces love, warmth, and fondness in all relationships. 
  • Again, as the blue gemstones tend to strengthen the throat chakra, Turquoise is the most famous. Wearing this stone empowers you to express the authentic self and enhance communication. That’s precisely the driving force behind the sky-high popularity of turquoise wedding rings. Besides, the gemologists believe that Turquoise clears and soothes a sore throat. 
  • Besides, Turquoise stone supports and reinforces the immune system, hence healing and strengthening the whole body system.
  • This blue-green gemstone tends to absorb and save the wearer from harmful radiation. Moreover, the unique mineral composition alleviates digestion-related problems. 
  • Turquoise is a healing gemstone with a powerful detoxifying ability. Wearing sterling silver turquoise rings has anti-inflammatory effects and also tends to alleviate bodily pain.
turquoise rings turquoise silver rings gold 18k collection Turquoise jewelry

Expert answers to the most asked questions about Turquoise rings!

Well, the potential gemstone fans are always curious about their favorite stones, and so is the case with turquoise lovers. Here are some of the most asked questions about turquoise rings and their answers by our expert gemologists:

Who can wear a turquoise ring?

Turquoise rings can be worn by everyone who gets touched by the beauty of the stone. But these rings are specifically ideal for any profession that requires a higher level of verbal ability or public interaction. For instance, speech therapists, singers, radio and television hosts, actors, and of course, students. These are mere suggestions; anyone who wants to enhance their self-expression should give sterling silver turquoise rings a try.

Is Turquoise a birthstone? Which Zodiac signs does a turquoise ring or stone complement?

Of course, Turquoise is one of the traditional and yet most famous birthstones. Turquoise is the crystal for those born in December and hence complements the Zodiac sign “Sagittarius.” But a deeper look into the horoscopy enlightens that turquoise rings complement the following star signs:

  • Sagittarius
  • Scorpio
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

How to choose the best turquoise ring from the hierarchical price range available?

Statistically speaking, the purity and the quality of the stone determines the value of the ring. The natural Turquoise that is professionally cut and crafted in its pure form is somewhat expensive. You may find an unbelievable difference in the prices of the commercially available turquoise rings. Price is also a marker for testing the quality of the silver or the gold turquoise ring. For instance, if the price is too good to be true, it may be a red flag. The best way to choose the perfect ring for you is to go with a brand name having a strong digital presence and customer reviews.

Can I check the ingenuity of my turquoise ring at home?

Of course, you can, and as a famous crystal brand, we consider it our responsibility to share some techniques. You might be surprised to know that more than 90% of the Turquoise rings available in the market are not pure Turquoise and not even turquoise but polished howlite in most cases. Here are some simple tests that may help make the distinction clear:

  • First off, you can always scratch the center stone to check the purity of your ring. The original turquoise stones don’t scratch easily, and if the stone in your ring does, it may be worth considering. 
  • Second, trace your finger on the intricate web patterns on the turquoise stone to check its ingenuity. If you find a slight tuck between the blue surface and the designs, the stone is pure.
  • The least advised but effective way is to apply a nail remover on the same side of the turquoise ring. The original stone doesn’t lose color, but definitely, the fake one does.

What is the latest trend for turquoise wedding rings this year?

Dainty 3 crystals gold and sterling silver rings are trending in the women category. In contrast, rings with large beautifully cut round or square center stones are in-fashion ring suggestions for men.

How to care for your turquoise ring?

Turquoise rings are delicate and hence require great care. You can always put them in a box or sealable plastic when not wearing to avoid moisture damage. As far as the cleaning is concerned, mild warm soapy water can do magic for your ring. Avoid cleaning with harmful chemicals, steam, or ultrasonic cleaners. 

Embrace the lively, energetic, and true confident self inside you when you have the powers of this master healer. Play with the chic fashion trends while enjoying the magical healing benefits of the most dignified gemstone on Earth. Be in the spotlight and express the real you with the most vivid and enthralling gem of all. Make a statement style in your social circle by treating yourself with an exclusive designer turquoise ring. 

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