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Wholesale Crystals USA – Where & How to Buy Bulk Gemstones? 

You don’t choose crystals. They choose you.

The wholesale crystals market has great demand, but choosing part isn’t as easy as one might think. Choosing the right crystal mainly depends on your intuition guide. You don’t choose the crystal; they choose you. It is the inner power of a human that guides them towards the right crystal. By this, we don’t mean that it “pulls you towards it.” What we simply mean is that among a bunch of crystals, the one for you will just “feel right.”

From the treasures of Mother Earth to stones, rocks, and glittering gems, crystals are known for their healing powers. In a single glint, they can capture the moon, soil, mountain, and sun to transmute that healing power to us.


But with the benefits comes scams. Crystals are highly valued, and hence there is a lot of demand for them. This is why you will come across many vendors and wholesalers selling crystal — however, there is a chance that what you are buying is a fake replica of a crystal.


To avoid any fraud, we have listed a few tips and tricks along with trusted wholesalers that will help you find your original crystal. Keep reading!

The Art of Buying Bulk Crystals

In this part of the blog, I will be talking about the following:

  1. How To Choose Your Own Crystal?

How to Choose Your Wholesale Crystals?

When buying crystals bulk, you need to first identify the reason for purchasing a crystal. Do you want to ease physical pain or emotional distress? However, you need to follow your intuition and gut feeling while buying a crystal.


Most times, you will feel a specific connection to a certain kind of crystal. The reason behind this is the connection of our body and mind with the universe. When they say that a crystal calls you towards itself, it’s true. Try looking at different crystals, and you will notice yourself bending over to a specific kind of crystal.


But if this doesn’t happen in your case, quartz crystal is the safest choice. What we need to look for while buying a crystal is a kind that balances out our strengths and weaknesses. Another option is using your Zodiac sign for guidance to buy crystals that bring light and prosperity.

For example:

  1. Chunk-shaped crystals do not have any visible facets. They are for cleansing the atmosphere.
  2. Cut-shaped crystals capture light to enhance a crystal’s energy.
  3. Tumbled-shaped crystals are round and shiny.
  4. Wand crystals are sharp and point from one end. They are used to direct the focus of energy in a specific direction.

What Certain Crystals Have To Offer?

When you think of buying a crystal, make sure you have some prior knowledge about them. Ask yourself three questions:

  1. What do I want in life right now?
  2. What am I working on right now?

Answering these questions will help you stay clear about the kind of crystal you are looking for. Here are some crystal meanings:

Wholesale Rose Quartz: Love

If you want to radiate the energy of love in your surroundings, Rose Quartz is the one for you. It is not directly linked with boosting romance in one’s life; however, it can help spread positive energy and compassion in relationships.

Wholesale Amethyst: Spirituality

One of the most popular crystals, Amethyst, is known for its spiritual abilities. This makes amethyst an excellent option for those who meditate. Moreover, it can also be helpful for people who want to repel negative energy. It is excellent for meditation and repelling negative energy. 

Wholesale Azurite: Calming

If you are often stressed or have a hectic schedule, Azurite is what your life is missing. It helps in relaxing by boosting your mood and providing energy that helps get rid of negative and depressing energy around you.

How to Spot a Fake Crystal Wholesaler

To skip out on fake wholesalers and crystals, you must research the retailer before making the purchase. A fundamental crystal wholesaler is concerned about their reputation of being an authentic crystal seller and would take you through the history of chosen crystal just to prove its authenticity.

The prior research involves knowing several crystal wholesalers and suppliers, their source of stones, market prices, and previous customer reviews. 

5 Ways to Tell if a Crystal Wholesale is Selling Fake Crystal

Crystals are high in demand, and hence, you are likely to find many wholesale crystals suppliers selling fake crystals.

Here are 05 ways to check your crystal before purchasing:

Saturated, Dull Color

Everyone loves a pop of color, hence don’t let the crystal’s colors deceive you. Before buying a crystal, you need to check if it’s the real pop of color or a dyed one. For instance, a dark purple Amethyst, a bright yellow Citrine, or your Rose Quartz is a vivid purplish-red color; these are all signs of fake crystals. 

True crystals have light, calming colors with a hint of pop and brightness — but that sure looks legit. However, remember that crystals such as Carnelian or Tourmaline are bright in color.

Symmetrical Patterns

One of the most significant indicators of a fake crystal is its shape. Anything from nature, in its perfect form, isn’t symmetrical. Hence, if you find a crystal with an even shape from all sides, that is not real. 


A crystal is one of its kind. It will have its flaws, shapes, and appearance. 

Glassy Look

Many fake crystal wholesalers also sell painted or colored glass crystals. If you can sport the glass from a gem, you can quickly identify an authentic crystal. Most commonly, Clear Quartz fake copies are sold. Since they have a natural glassy look, they can be easily replaced with glass.

The trick here is to check if the stone is crystal clear with symmetrical patterns — then it indeed is a replica. Moreover, crystals are heavier than glass; hence, it will feel different when you touch a real crystal.

Air Bubbles

Another hint of a glass crystal instead of a real gemstone is air bubbles. Crystals will be unsymmetrical from sides; however, they would never have any trapped air bubbles inside of them. It may have imperfections but won’t have air bubbles. You can easily see the bubbles with the naked eye if you can’t ask the wholesale crystals for a magnifying glass.

Mohs Scale

Mohs hardness scale can help in identifying whether the crystal is fake or real. There are different levels for each kind of gem. For instance, quartz may rate a 7, whereas a glass may sit at a 5. You can ask your crystal wholesaler to check your crystal on the Mohs hardness scale.

4 Tips for Choosing Your Crystal Wholesaler

Businesses who want to purchase gems in bulk usually turn to wholesalers, but even as an individual, you can tell the wholesaler what kind of crystal you are looking for to get the best one out. Picking up precious gems like amethyst at wholesale prices can add to your gems collection or as a decor item for your place.

Here are four tips for choosing your crystal wholesaler:


What’s there that’s not on the internet today? Google has made everything so much easier for people. You can look around for wholesalers who sell gems or companies who sell crystals at wholesale prices. Each company and wholesaler would have its unique selling point. 

After looking at several of them, you would have the necessary information sufficient enough to differentiate between different wholesalers, crystals, and stones and picking the best one out of them. Make sure you deep scan the website and whatever information you could get before purchasing the product. 

Check what the reviews are like, what the testimonials say, and what their website says. 

Social Media Communities

Another excellent way for choosing your crystal supplier wholesale is finding the best vendor on different social media communities. From Facebook to Twitter, all the platforms can be utilized. Even if you can’t find knowledge information regarding crystal wholesalers, you can start a poll or a question-answer session to ask around. 


Get your hands on the trade magazines. They are a great way to learn about wholesale crystals and stones. You can search for reviews, advertisements, and articles for crystal wholesalers.

6 Well-known Crystal Wholesalers in the US

Here is a list of 06 bulk wholesale crystal suppliers online

Wish Crystal

Are you trying to find reliable bulk crystal wholesalers from US suppliers? Wish Crystal is here to serve you. Wish Crystal wholesaler supplies crystal healing crystal products, crystal orgone pyramids, crystal pendulums, and others.


  1. Wide range of products
  2. Website communication
  3. Great wholesale costs
  4. Quick 7-days delivery time


  1. No live chats

From the Mines

Another reliable place to buy wholesale gemstones and crystals is From the Mines. It has various products — from crystal rocks in peacock ore, amethyst, emerald, etc. While purchasing from From the Mines, you need to have FEIN, an employee ID for qualifying as a bulk wholesale crystals buyer.


  1. Variety of wholesale gemstones and crystal
  2. Easy to use website
  3. Easy communication


  1. Employee ID to quality as bulk crystal wholesale buyer needed
  2. The product price list is not visible on the website

Gems Geodes Wholesale

This crystal wholesale USA, Gem Geodes Wholesale crystals and gem supplier is great for people who want both; crystals and wholesale crystals jewelry. This crystal supplier wholesale has several different products. 


  1. Affordable wholesale gemstones and crystals products
  2. A user-centric, engaging website
  3. Communication is easy


  1. No 24/7 customer support
  2. No refund and return policy


Asana is a well-known wholesale crystal and gemstone supplier. Not only is it reliable, but it also has a variety of products to choose from — well, a variety of aesthetically beautiful products, from wholesale crystals jewelry to crystal water bottles, crystal bracelets, and crystal pipes.


  1. Accessible website
  2. Prices mentioned on all products
  3. Reliable wholesale crystal online
  4. Variety of products
  5. Refund policy


  1. No 24/7 customer support

Pikes Peak Rock

Pike Peak Rock bulk crystal wholesale has a variety of products, an extensive product list. This helps you find all your favorite products in one place. As a US citizen, you can order for as low as $150, whereas internal customers can order at a minimum of $350.


  1. Extensive product list
  2. User-friendly website
  3. Prices are pocket-friendly



  1. No 24/7 customer support
  2. No refund and return policy

Best Crystals

Best Crystals wholesale supplier also offers various products from crystals, wholesale crystal jewelry, tumbled stones, etc. You can get significant profit margins through Best Crystals wholesale supplier.


  1. Variety of products
  2. Easily accessible website
  3. Great profit margins
  4. Return policy within the first seven days.


  1. Delivery cost included
  2. No 24/7 support

Wholesale Crystal and Stones Products

Here are some great, budget-friendly wholesale crystal products you can get from the above-mentioned wholesale crystals suppliers like Asana.

The trend of crystal water bottles has been popular for years now and is still in fashion. You can buy this crystal water bottle wholesale from Asana, and it is ranked number one gem water bottle. 

Crystal Water bottle wholesale

The trend of crystal water bottles has been popular for years now and is still in fashion. You can buy this crystal water bottle wholesale from Asana, and it is ranked number one gem water bottle. 

Crystal Pipe Wholesale

Revamp your smoking experience with crystal pipe. With the beautiful appearance and healing properties of the crystal, you can spice up your smoking game. 

Crystal Rings Wholesale

Crystal rings are not only intricate but also aesthetically beautiful. Choose your gemstone and convert it into a beautiful ring from Asana.

Other Crystal Wholesale Products

  1. Black Tourmaline Necklace
  2. Chakra Stones
  3. Crystal Wholesale Jewelry 
  4. Labradorite Crystal
  5. Citrine

Final Thoughts

If you want to purchase gems and are looking for crystals and gemstone wholesale suppliers, you need to do prior research about the vendors and what kind of crystal you want. Read the different types of crystals that radiate other forms of energy. 


Head up to the above-mentioned crystal wholesale suppliers in the US and book your purchase now!

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