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Best Citrine Rings or How To Choose One

Best styles and setting for your citrine rings

The best thing about Citrine engagement rings or men’s citrine rings is that they could fit with both vintage and modern settings. The most preferred style by couples is the prong-set solitaire. Others also consider a ring with a bright halo at the center as a perfect design. This is only possible because the gemstone is durable to blend in with any setting. Those that are often exposed to damages while working should not be worried either. There is the bezel design which offers a protective setting. It works by metals surrounding the edge of the stones. This protects the metal from the out and not only does it protect knocks but also scratches.

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What Goes Best With Citrine Shines?


When you want your citrine gemstones to stand out on your ring, you need to ensure the material paves its way for the gemstone. This means a lot of things are getting considered including the color of the ring. The best metals recommended for this role include palladium or the other alternative, silver. Rhodium plating will not be a required process when using either of the two. The fact that they have an appealing lustrous color is an enough added advantage. Other metals that make rings such as gold will not bring a perfect blend if used with a citrine rock. In one way or the other, one ends up being overpowered.


There are different types of cuts that go with citrine rings to bring about art and creativity. Cuts are done to ensure that the rings look brilliant and ignite the fire for that super finish. Examples of cuts done include; the oval cut, the pearl cut, and the princess cut among many others. This might not seem as important but it should be noted that they are very relevant. It determines the shine on your ring. You can also decide to add diamonds or other beautiful stones such as white sapphires.

Different types of citrine rings

Citrine rings come with different designs for you to choose from. Rings are always meant to signify a lot of things, for example, Citrine engagements rings are a sign of beauty or power. These citrine rings serve a complete purpose of showing love and devotion to the giver of the citrine stone ring. It is in doing so, and for that reason that citrine rings are made with different designs and styles.

Here are just a few examples of the different citrine stone rings in the market.

citrine ring rose gold 18k engagement ring
The Citrine 14K Yellow Gold Ring 

The preference on whether to put your citrine ring gemstones on yellow gold or white gold poses a big dilemma. Some feel that it looks better because it offers a good warm color. However, it is okay to argue that the yellow gold may not give the gemstone room to shine. The yellow color tends to camouflage with the gemstone if put together. Coating the yellow gold also serves as an alternative though it would be a hustle.

The Citrine 14K White Gold Ring

The Citrine White Gold Ring is such a perfect compliment when it comes to giving a touch on your final product of an outfit. The metal contradicts the citrine stone in terms of color. This means that it stands out and becomes easier to spot. For many reasons, the Citrine White Gold Ring is such a perfect choice if you are into creativity with color.

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Men’s Citrine Rings

This category comes with different designs and shapes. Men have a vast taste and what pleases one individual could be different from the other. The standard proportion is such a big interest in their design and measures are accurate, to say the least. Most men’s citrine rings are made out of gemstones that bear the features of the sun. It is such a beautiful way to engage positivity. For Example, the Natural Citrine Ring for Men in Solid 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Gold Plated Wedding Band, also known as the Merchant ring brings the thought of optimism in the growth of wealth once purchased. There are over twenty different designs of men’s citrine rings you could choose from.

Sterling Silver Citrine Ring

When we talk about Sterling Silver Citrine Rings, what should ring in your mind is diversity and beauty. Most of them are handmade and their names are themed on their appearance. For example, the Floral Glamour bears the shape of a flower and the gemstones form the colorful petals of the Sterling Silver Citrine Ring.

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Quality Factors to Look Out For About Citrine Rings

When you are going deep into research to purchase a citrine ring there are a few things to look out for. Getting the best citrine engagement ring for a girlfriend or as a gift may be the hardest thing but if your goal is to acquire a high-quality ring, it might just be as easy as choosing your favorite candy in a candy store. You have to consider the core Cs while valuing any other precious stone.

These are Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat.

Citrine Ring Color

This is one of the most important areas to consider as the value of the citrine ring increases with its saturation. It is, therefore, true to say that when a color goes bright such as a flashy yellow or orange color will fetch a huge price compared to a dull brown one on the citrine ring.

The ‘Madeira’ citrines which show red aspects are the ones that top the price lists. It is also recommended that before purchasing that it is important to ensure that there are no characteristics of color zoning. This characteristic affects the beauty of the stone by having sections that are darker than the others. For a bold design, a subtle color is such an elegant complement to any given ring.

Color and Treatment

For a fact check, citrine is never extracted as natural stone but has to undergo a few processes. It is usually extracted as smoky quartz. The process of heating the smoky quartz is what necessarily brings about the yellow or orange color on citrine. This is a process that could be done naturally if the ground produces heat but mostly done artificially to come with the end product. The idea of citrine getting color from dying or coating is a scare because, with time, it is prone to losing its beauty.

Citrine Ring Cut

Gems are beautiful in different shape perspectives. Getting your personalized style is easy as they come with every shape. Just as mentioned earlier, they come in ovals, pearls, and even traditional rounds. With a good and skilled dealer, you could get asymmetrical citrine ring shapes too. You should be keen to trust yourself with asymmetrical shapes because they might leave your gemstone type off-shape. Other factors, as far as cuts are concerned, include the length to width ratio.

Many people ignore this important aspect that may bring bad-looking outlines if not taken seriously. 


Issues Regarding Cuts

A perfect cut should bring the window effect on a gem. This means that towards the center, the color should be light as compared to the outside part. It will indicate that instead of reflecting light, it passes through the gemstone. A simple test could be done to prove this by placing a piece of cloth or paper alternatively and looking through it. The color at the center is usually pale-washed out. A citrine that bears over twenty-five percent of extinction should be considered of poor quality.


It is difficult to see imperfections from a gemstone as one of their major attributes is perfect clarity. A citrine ring that bears coating or dark spots is a characteristic of a poor quality product. If a simple clean-up does not get rid of it, then a conclusion should be made that it has poor clarity. This test should not be hard as it could be done with your bare eyes.


Citrine is usually extracted in large sizes. Therefore determining its price per carat might not be the way to go. Unlike other gems, a single carat of citrine costs twice or even thrice as less expensive despite being of the same quality. 

citrine ring silver 925 promise ring citrine

What to Consider while shopping for Citrine Rings?

Citrine Authenticity

To find the best citrine ring to crystal gift someone you love have to be free of any shortcomings. Time has to be dedicated to research and a few consultations. Luckily, you do not have to go through so much hustle because this article has broken it down for you. To distinguish a natural citrine from simulant forms could be difficult. Simulant forms include orange cubic zirconia that has almost a perfect resemblance. There are however a few ways to know the difference between the two. The first thing that you should know about simulant citrines is that they lack the look of quality stone.


Pricing is also such a big consideration while choosing your citrine rings. Overhyped prices might be discouraging and extremely low prices might raise eyebrows about the same. There is no standard price on citrine rings since they vary according to their value addition

The simulant citrine prices are ridiculously low. It should be noted that a genuine citrine gemstone would fetch thirty dollars or so per carat.


The color should also be easy to tell if the citrine ring is authentic or not. The simulant versions possess a deep red color with a touch of orange.

General appearance

It should be noted that cuts on your ring also affect the value of the product. How clear the gemstone is increases the value of the ring as well.

The seller

If you are going to purchase a citrine engagement ring, a citrine gold ring, men’s citrine ring, a citrine ring white gold, Sterling silver citrine gold or basically any citrine stone ring, you must ensure that the seller is certified by a reputable laboratory or alternatively, does not have strict policies on refunding. Buyers should also realize the fact that a hundred percent of natural citrine could be very rare to come across.

Personal customization should also be a factor that you can always consider when making a purchase. You need a ring that meets your specifications ad need as a customer

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Precautionary measures

There are precautionary measures that need to be observed with these citrine rings. It is advised that you should take it off when swimming in chlorinated water or while working in areas that can expose it to chemicals. Neither should you be putting it on when being exposed to hard hits.

Final remarks

The citrine rings are healing crystals that are generally durable and can stand the test of time and harsh environments. They also match with any wear and give you a catchy look. The gemstone is usually a quartz type showcasing its nature of playing with light exhibiting radiant colors. For many years it has been perceived as fashionable. Its hardness is rated at 7.0 implying that you do not have to acquire any special skills to take care of it

Citrine rings do not need to be publicized for you to purchase because they generally speak for themselves. On a personal thought and experience, they can work just as fine as rings with other metals or rocks.

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