Labradorite Necklace : A Complete Buying Guide

Labradorite, also called transformation stone, is a multidimensional mineral that has tremendous spiritual and physical healing properties. Because of its powers and eye-catching beauty it has long been used for making jewelry such as labradorite necklace, rings, earrings, etc.

The stone shows a very peculiar phenomenon called labradorescence. When light enters a labradorite stone, it strikes different surfaces within the stone. These layers reflect light to display their different colors. If you turn a labradorite stone it will change its colors beautifully.

Labradorite necklaces have a rare beauty. If you are a fan of gemstones, it will be hard to resist adding a labradorite Necklace to your collection. Keep reading to learn what makes this stone different from others. Learn why a labradorite pendant necklace should be the next addition to your jewelry.

labradorite necklace gold

Labradorite – A General Overview

Labradorite was named after the place from where it was first found – Labrador (a province in Canada). Native Inuits used to call it a fire stone. Due to its beautiful colors, they also claimed that the Northern Lights are trapped in this stone. In their legends, it is said that a warrior once found this stone and stuck it with his spear to free the trapped Northern Lights.

This stone is made up of different layers of minerals with a base of dark colors such as red, green, or blue. It is feldspar which is one of the most abundant minerals found in the earth’s crust. Rainbow moonstone, sunstone, andesine, and spectrolite are common forms of labradorite.

Labradorite Necklace Colors

Labradorite is found in a variety of shades. Unlike other stones, these colors are not the actual colors present within the stone. Rather, it exhibits beautiful colors due to the reflection of light. The most common colors of labradorite stone necklace are green, blue, brown, yellow, gray, and gray-white. However, the blue labradorite necklace is considered the most common.

Labradorite Pendant Clarity

Usually, stones that have impurities are not desired by people a lot. But in the case of labradorite, its impurities make it unique and more desirable. Semi-transparent labradorite displays labradorescence phenomenon. On the other hand, a transparent one does not exhibit any such phenomenon.  

Labradorite Jewelry

Labradorite has its own charm. Whoever wears raw labradorite jewelry gets the attention of all. It can add a fascinating play of colors to your beauty to enhance it and become a part of your everyday look. A Labradorite stone goes well with any metal but gold, red, and yellow colored metals make it more prominent to enhance its beauty.

Our 18K gold-plated sterling silver necklace with gold-plated Labradorite Pendant has a beautiful charm. It has an exquisitely crafted gemstone pendant which can be worn with any chain that you like. It can be your perfect go-to gemstone jewelry. Mens labradorite necklace is equally liked and charmed. A Labradorite ring or pendant can be the perfect Crystal gifts for anyone who is fond of wearing captivating stones.

labradorite necklace gold

Labradorite Meaning

Labradorite has transformation abilities. If you are going through a change in your life for instance you lost your old job and now have started a new one, your relationship status has changed, you are moving home or you are trying to bring a positive change in your lifestyle then this stone can help you a lot.

It will give you the energy to keep going until you reach your destination. It will lift your mood when you will feel down. That’s why wearing a labradorite necklace while going to the office will help you to communicate well and show good performance in teamwork.

Other than this, it also helps in self-reflection and self-recognition. All these things improve our natural abilities and make us value whatever we have in life. It also keeps the energy of our body balanced to help us work well even during a stressful day.

Healing Properties of Labradorite

A labradorite pendant necklace is said to have magical and powerful healing properties. This Healing Crystal improves the psychic abilities of anyone who wears it. A labradorite pendant necklace makes it wearer more conscious of what is happening in their lives and how they can make their lives better and more meaningful.

It gives them a boost of self-confidence and calms them when they feel overactive. It is also said that it keeps a balance of energy by removing the negative energy from your surroundings and increasing the positive energy.

Wearing a labradorite necklace at work will keep the tension away. It will also improve your relationship with your colleagues by keeping the environment more friendly and pleasant. It may also assist you in achieving your dreams by keeping you motivated and conscious all the time. Labradorite stones give Protection from the negative vibes and strengthen your natural energy.

Benefits of Wearing Labradorite Pendant Necklace  

Wearing a labradorite pendant necklace is said to bring the following benefits.

May Treat Illnesses

It is said that this stone can help in preventing certain breathing issues, common cold, and gout. It reduces pain in the body, balances the release of hormones, improves brain function, and lowers blood pressure. If you wear a labradorite pendant necklace you may feel more relaxed, gain trust in yourself, and have less negative thoughts.

Disclaimer: This information should never be used as an alternative to any medical advice.

Makes You More Adventurous

If you meditate while wearing a labradorite bead necklace or any other crystal jewelry, you will feel more connected to yourself. It will unleash the inner strengths and make you value yourself. You will come to know that the abilities that nature has gifted you are enough to achieve your every goal and reach your destination independently.

You will be more fearless and have the courage to go out and explore the world. It will not only awaken the explorative nature but will also protect you from evil eye and dangers while you are on your way to your destination.

Gives Protection against Negativity

Another amazing benefit of labradorite stone is that keeps you protected from all the negative people around you. It may ward off their negative energy and produce a shield to give you proper protection. It not only keeps negative vibes coming from others away but also removes your own negative thoughts.

Stress and tensions of daily life are a common cause of negativity and self-criticism. If you wear a labradorite pendant necklace at work then it will keep office stress at bay. It will improve your overall performance in different tasks. Labradorite will give you enough self-confidence to show your maximum performance in a group task and win the hearts of your colleagues.

Crystals for friendship

Gives Spiritual Strength

If you are on a self-discovering journey or trying to create a lasting connection with your spirit then these Gemstones may help you open the undiscovered doors and reach the places you have only dreamt to go.

It makes the person more aware of the natural phenomenon. It enhances awareness and strengthens your connection with your soul. All in all, it helps in gaining spiritual strength and power. It also lets the person get aware of the gifts that nature has gifted them. You will feel more energetic to explore these gifts and unleash your inner strength.

Keeps Throat Chakra Balanced

Chakras are said to be the energy centers in our bodies. There are seven chakras in total. Each chakra has a different color and effect on the emotional or physical state. Raw labradorite necklace keeps the blue chakra balanced and healed. Blue chakra or throat chakra is known for self-expression and communication abilities. You will be able to communicate more confidently, more clearly, and honestly.

Your communication will have an effect on others. You will feel less anxious and more confident while talking to a group of people. They will listen to you more attentively as you will speak honest and realistic words. Your words will hold importance and value as well. It will also help you open the lower chakras and strengthen your powers.

Reduces Emotional Commotion

Labradorite is known to keep stress and anxiety at bay. Humans face failure in life more than once, it is a part of life. All these failures and difficult situations can have a negative effect on the mind and its activity. You may feel emotionally weak and drained. If that is the case then wearing a labradorite necklace may help you get out of the stressed world and find the best solutions for your current problem.

Wearing a Healing Crystal Jewelry will help you see beyond the actual issues. Your insight will be improved due to which you will be able to see what caused the problem. Once you recognize the root cause, you will be able to find a more suitable and appropriate solution. It will make you more observant, conscious, and less insecure.

Changing Colors Match with Every Outfit

A worth-considering benefit of wearing mens labradorite necklace is that you can match it with many outfits. Its changing colors will suit almost every dark and light-colored outfit so you will not have to worry about buying a separate labradorite necklace for each outfit.

How to Spot Fake Labradorite Necklace?

If you are fond of collecting gemstones then it is crucial to know the difference between a real and a fake gemstone so that you know what you are buying. Here are the important tips to keep in mind while buying a labradorite necklace or ring etc.

What makes labradorites different from many other gems is their ability to change colors when they are turned. So the most prominent difference between fake and real labradorite is that the fake stone does not change colors the same way.

Although labradorite bead necklace is not that expensive, if you are offered something at a very cheap rate then don’t buy it right away. It really has a high chance of being a fake stone. Make sure that you verify its originality properly.

How to Clean Labradorite Jewelry?

On the Mohs hardness scale, labradorite stones are rated 6 to 6.5. A labradorite stone necklace should be stored in a soft cloth. It should also be kept away from other stoned jewelry to make sure that it does not get scratched or harmed in any way.

If you are worried about cleaning and harming your Labradorite ring or any labradorite jewelry then stress not. Here is an easy and harmless way to do that.

 Make a mixture of dish wash and warm water. Dip your necklace in the water for 5 minutes to let the dirt get soft. Take the jewelry out of the water and use a soft cloth to rub the stone. Once you have dried it with the cloth, place it in the sunlight or use a hair dryer at a very low heat setting to dry the jewelry completely. Wrap the piece in a soft cloth and store it in a secure place. 

Where is Labradorite Found?

Initially, labradorite stone was first discovered by a Moravian missionary in the Labrador province of Canada. Since its discovery in 1770, it has been found in other places like the United States, Russia, Australia, Finland, China, Madagascar, and Mexico.  

What are the Geological Properties of a Labradorite Stone?

Labradorite is a Calcium sodium feldspar that has a chemical composition as Na(AlSi3O8)Ca(Al2Si2O8). Its specific gravity ranges from 2.69 to 2.70. There are twin lamellae structures present inside the stone. These layers cause reflection of light in different angles due to which the stone exhibits beautiful colors. 

The reflective index of labradorite gemstones ranges from 1.560 to 1.568. Spectrolite is a very rare labradorite and shows a change in color more than the other labradorites.

The Bottom Line

Labradorite gemstone has amazing healing properties. What makes it unique is its labradorescence phenomenon and display of spectacular colors. A blue labradorite necklace shows a range of Northern Lights colors when it is turned in different directions. If you love collecting gemstones, then do not hesitate to add a labradorite necklace to your collection.

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