Pink Tourmaline Crystal Meaning & Properties

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Pink Tourmaline is an assortment of Tourmaline that can be found in pale light pink to brilliant hot pink. This mineral can be found in crude, straightforward, and hazy developments.

One variety of pink tourmaline is alluded to as watermelon tourmaline since it has a pink community encompassed by an external green “skin.” This variety is said to interface the pink place’s feelings to the outer green stone’s physical being, carrying euphoria to an individual’s life and connections.

Nonetheless, the pale pink and dark red shades of pink tourmaline and other tint scopes are intended to identify the heart’s tissues. The pink stone is said to energize empathy and delicacy, just as connection love and otherworldliness.

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Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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History and Mining of the Pink Tourmaline 

The pink tourmaline is typically found in a relationship with Quartz and other Tourmaline tones. Try not to mistake this stone for Rubellite (Red Tourmaline), even though they can be found inside similar mines. 

California has been known to deliver the absolute most astounding Pink Tourmaline examples and has a background marked by exchanging them. Chinese Empress Tz’u Hsi got charmed by this pearl in the mid to late 1800s, and before long, set up a direct exchange line with California Tourmaline mines. 

The absolute most delightful examples at the time were being pulled out of San Diego region mines like the Pala Chief, Tourmaline King and Queen, Himalaya, and Stewart. This significant exchange line kept going up until 1912 when the Chinese government fell. It is quickly around a hundred years, and Stewart mine is still delivering some stunning pearl quality Pink Tourmaline. Other prominent areas incorporate Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and parts of Africa. 

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Pink Tourmaline Meaning & Use

Pink Tourmaline is a stone of affection, sympathy, passionate mending, and self-esteem. It helps quiet one’s feelings amid trouble and is the ideal stone to convey on the off chance that you experience the ill effects of the day by day episodes of tension. 

This stone is such a solid recuperating stone because it naturally being framed inside Quartz masses. Quartz typically enhances any stone put close to it, so we routinely prescribe Pink Tourmaline to anybody experiencing substantial passionate agony burdening the heart. 

For individuals who have as of late experienced a misfortune, grievousness, loss of a friend or family member, or basically can’t kick that day by day sadness, Pink Tourmaline is the stone for you. Have a go at thinking with a piece over your heart and permit the precious stones recuperating energies to retain into your heart space legitimately. Permit yourself to confront whatever is burdening you and search for a goal. 

On the off chance that you’re somebody hoping to utilize different stones in relationship with Pink Tourmaline, we suggest Rhodochrosite. Alongside improving the recuperating consequences for one’s heart and supporting in the goal of contention, Rhodochrosite helps put one’s awareness into a condition of rapture.

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Attributes of The Pink Tourmaline

The pink tourmaline has many unique properties linked to its physical state and its nonphysical benefits. Here is a quick narration of its attributes:

  • The pink tourmaline variation numbers 9, 2, with a master number 99.
  • It is associated with the heart chakra stone; as such, its characteristics include heart and emotional healing. 
  • The primary element linked with the stone is water.
  • It is associated with the libra zodiac sign. 

Below is a more in-depth analysis of some of these traits.

The hardness of Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is a Tourmaline family member and has a hardness of 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it a relatively hardy stone.  It is the birthstone for October and comes in colors from light pale pink to a deep red color called Rubellite.  

Pink Tourmaline is a Type 3 gemstone, which means that it is usually found with heavy inclusions.  All of our Pink Tourmalines are top gem quality and are considered VS clarity and higher.

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Pink tourmaline and the heart chakra

Pink Tourmaline, otherwise called Elbaite, is one of an absolute gem recuperating instruments for the heart’s issues, the help of heart-focused exercises, and encouraging sentiments of LOVE. Pink Tourmaline assists in making sentiments of bliss and satisfaction. Pink Tourmaline upholds harmony during times of change. 

Pink Crystal is a love potion that pulls in affection in the material and the supernatural world, giving one confirmation that it is sheltered to cherish and live. Because of its high Lithium content, Pink Tourmaline energetic vibrations are delicate, mitigating, and ladylike and uphold a method of being loaded with consideration and resistance. 

Pink Tourmaline helps with the arrival of enthusiastic agony and old damaging emotions, supporting the recuperating of the heart and creating sentiments of certainty and trust. Pink Tourmaline permits one to excuse the past and push ahead in existence with an open, confiding heart. 

Pink Tourmaline quiets and relieves the heart. Pink Tourmaline upholds the heart’s physical mending, particularly when managing angina, irregular heartbeat, and healing from cardiovascular failure. Pink Tourmaline’s light pink energies are quieting and give balance in cerebrum science. 

Uses Of Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline’s psychological adjustment and quieting energies might be valuable for individuals who experience a sleeping disorder’s ill effects, exceptionally accommodating kids.

The stone is a useful gem apparatus for those with tension. Conveying or wearing Pink Tourmaline may assist with delivering sentiments of stress, stress, and sadness. 

Besides that, Pink Tourmaline Ring might be useful for the individuals who are lamenting as the energies of this precious stone stimulate the heart for healing and associate back to your spirit reason and rediscover the zing for living. 

In gem body formats or mending networks, place pink tourmaline on the heart chakra for enthusiastic recuperating and to help with the arrival of past maltreatment and negative connections. Pink Tourmaline Ring might be useful in fixing gaps or spillages in the auric field. 

The energy of Pink Tourmaline Ring consolidates well with other pink or potentially green gems, for example, Rose Quartz, Morganite, Kunzite, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Malachite, Dioptase, and Pink Calcite.

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What is the significance of pink tourmaline in the language of diamonds? Tourmaline is the pearl of instinct, imaginative articulation, and inventiveness. Pink tourmaline was a fixation for China’s last ruler, who rested on a pink tourmaline pad to motivate great dreams. 

The ruler set off a tourmaline surge in the San Diego territory when the new century rolled over, purchasing vast amounts of California pink tourmaline for her court. Today, most pink tourmalines originate from Brazil. Tourmaline is the October birthstone and the eighth commemoration diamond. 

With a shading that supplements each metal, pink tourmaline necklace is created in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, real silver, and platinum. Since your pink tourmaline gems will grab the attention, you will need to coordinate the shade of pink tourmaline hoops or a pink tourmaline accessory near the shadow of a pink tourmaline ring

Tourmaline is an entirely sturdy jewel ideal for regular wear.

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Tips to consider when Buying Pink Tourmaline Jewelry

  1. Color Intensity of the Pink Tourmaline pendant.

When looking for pink tourmaline jewelry, the most significant worth factor to consider is the nature of the pink tourmaline. The more distinctive and splendid the pink, the more influential the pink tourmaline. 

Pink tourmaline, for the most part, has a few incorporations, since the components that give it that pleasant tone additionally make it uncommon without inward highlights. 

  1. Clarity of the pink tourmaline gemstone

Colored tourmalines grow in an environment rich in liquids, and some of those liquids are often captured as inclusions during crystal growth. The most typical inclusions resemble thread-like cavities that run parallel to the length of the crystal. Under magnification, you can see that they’re filled with liquid or gas bubbles. Growth tubes-long hollow tubes often capped with minute mineral crystals-are also typical tourmaline inclusions. If they’re numerous enough, and the rough is correctly cut, they can cause a cat’s-eye.

  1. The price and Size of The Pink Tourmaline stone

The price is directly proportional to the size of the crystal, as illustrated in the image below.

How to distinguish a real and synthetic Pink Tourmaline Jewelry

Both great and excellent, pink tourmalines pendant add tone and energy to any outfit. Tourmaline itself is ample to the point that research facilities don’t blend it. In any case, since tourmaline isn’t lab-made doesn’t imply that phony pink tourmalines don’t exist. 

Glass, plastic, or less expensive gemstones have been sold as fake pink tourmalines. Information on the properties of a kind to pink tourmaline will shield shoppers against buying counterfeit pink tourmalines.  Here is how you can sport a counterface pink tourmaline bracelet.

Option one

Play out a scratch test to watch the hardness of your gemstone. Tourmalines are incredibly hard, appraising a seven on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Locate an inconspicuous spot on the tourmaline and delicately rub a steel blade sharp edge against the stone. Steel blade sharp edges are commonly a 5.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

 On the off chance that the sharp edge scratches the stone, it implies that you are managing an artificial stone that is a lot gentler than a genuine tourmaline jewelry

Option two

Watch your tourmaline jewelry under a brilliant counterfeit light. Certifiable tourmalines change tone under artificial light, showing a caramel undercurrent. On the off chance that your stone is charged as a pink tourmaline and it doesn’t show this suggestion when presented to counterfeit light, at that point, you are likely taking a gander at a phony gemstone. The prominent exceptional cases to this standard are rubellites, a lively, ruddy pink tourmaline that doesn’t change under counterfeit light.

Option three 

Analyze the stone intently for considerations. These will look like little scratches and cracks inside the rock and are usually found in pink tourmalines. Suppose your tourmaline is liberated from scratches and incorporations and seems too immaculate to be valid, possibly. In that case, it is plausible that you are taking a gander at a phony or engineered pink tourmaline. 

Option four

Counsel an expert gem specialist if you presume that you have bought a phony pink tourmaline. Since pink tourmalines are not uncommon, it is bizarre that somebody will go to the difficulty of duplicating them. Nonetheless, rubellites are costly and unique, mainly when the examples are enormous. Gem dealers have incredible magnifying lenses available to them that can make it simpler to distinguish a phony tourmaline.

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Cleaning Pink Tourmaline Jewelry

Gemstones resemble kids; you have to deal with them gently, so they stay solid. Tourmaline, however, isn’t influenced by the introduction to synthetics and needs a few safeguards to be followed. 

Things To Avoid 

Harsh use or hard blows as tourmaline have a moderate hardness. Putting away tourmalines with other adornments might prompt scratches that look ugly. In case you need to do that, isolate and ensure them utilizing cotton, plastic, velvet, or silk. 

Wearing Jewelry When Sleeping, while the authentic silver is moderately delicate, laying down on them can abbreviate the gems’ life by now and again as much as 80%. 

Hair splash, fragrance on tourmaline, and tourmaline adornments should consistently be the last thing to be put on and the first to be eliminated. Fragrance and hair splash ought to always be showered on before wearing gems. 

Swimming No issue seawater or swim-pool water; they are loaded with chloride, which will gradually disintegrate the tourmaline’s completion and clean.


When you consider buying a pink tourmaline ring or necklace for someone, you can browse from the many crystals for sale we have.

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