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Best Crystals Against Social Anxiety

crystals for anxiety and stress

Best Crystals for Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Crystals For Anxiety | It is expected that once in a while we’ll feel overburdened and find ourselves locked in a mental calamity. We often encounter instances in our lives that trigger stress, perhaps from pressure at work, disturbance in our personal life or facing tragic events.

Some of us may resolve to ignore such extremes in our stress levels, but that can only lead to worse repercussions. It is from such states that we enter into the realm of depression, especially when stress and anxiety is not treated properly. 

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

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Researcher in spirituality and metaphysics dedicated to introducing people to their inner selves.  Author of five books on metaphysics, crystals and chakra balancing. Over 15 years of experience studying metaphysics, yoga teacher and reiki master.

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crystals for stress depression crystals

Disclaimer: Gems & Crystals have been used for centuries as a guide in life and spiritual talismans in many cultures. They are believed to help us in an emotional and spiritual way.  But it is important to consult your doctor if you are experiencing serious medical problems. Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Which crystals help with anxiety?

Because of how prevalent it is in our lives, stress can often be ignored. It can be particularly hard to ward off, however, when stress accumulation begins. This is when our body faces physical repercussions from not having its stress levels mitigated over time, causing us to turn in sick and become unable to perform our daily tasks.

We might notice ourselves being irritated, agitated and suffer from lack of sleep and poor eating habits. Thus, while it may seem trivial to you now, stress, when untreated, will eventually interfere with your life to a detrimental point.

Crystals for anxiety and depression

However, insomnia and irritability are the starting point of your concerns. Stress breeds anxiety, as your deteriorating metal condition and physical health combined with the burdens you face in life can easily amalgamate and result into mental breakdowns. You stand at the risk of panic attacks, where you will face problems such as rapid breathing, sweating, shaking and headaches.

You will become more vulnerable to feelings of nervousness and find yourself unable to concentrate. This might even extend to afflictions caused in your personal and professional lives, where you will be unable to maintain proper relationships and work in office environments. 


Crystals for Anxiety and Depression

Such withdrawals can also lead to the emergence of depressive states within your overall demeanor. This is when your health condition would need immediate medical attention. This is also the point which you do not want to reach, for you can’t get any worse from here. 

Thus, even if you’ve felt stressed out for reasons that might seem trivial, it is best to treat that mental state instead of letting it pester on to a condition of a worse magnitude. Medical help is always the best option to talk to your doctor.

How Crystals Help in Reducing Stress & crystals for social anxiety

Crystals for Anxiety & Depression offer the most soothing kind of natural remedy, especially for feelings of stress and anxiety. It also performs more optimally than prescription drugs when you consider that crystals heal your problem from within. Instead of going and repairing your biological system, crystals actually target your spiritual sense and work to clear and cleanse your spirit and mind. Crystals for Anxiety & Depression helps you to identify your problems instead of covering them up with a band-aid, hoping the scab will fade off in time. 

While using healing crystals for depression, you will find that you can repel negative energy through the vibrations that you receive. It works as effectively as meditation, which is also why it is constantly referred to as a tool for meditation. Because of this specific property, crystals & gemstones can imbue within you a sense of calm and quiet. You will also find yourself immersed in a new world and harbor an optimistic mentality. 

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The soothing vibrations that emit from crystals for anxiety also work to bring emotional healing. It provides a sense of balance and harmony, which undercuts irritability, anger and nervousness. You can reorient yourself back to your main priorities in life, understand the difficulties you’re going through from an observational point and identify paths to resolve your suffering. Through this process of self-regeneration and self-renewal, you can find a more confident version of yourself, someone who is open to challenges and is not shackled down by stress and anxiety. 

However, if you’re looking for the best crystals for anxiety, you might need to try your hand with a couple of different ones before getting one that offers you the greatest relief from stress as well as one that you can identify with the most. 

Best Calming Crystals for Stress, Crystals for Anxiety 

Your calming healing crystal for anxiety will be the instrument that provides you relief, both in your mind and soul. It will help you find a safe place in which you can express yourself without feeling immodest or unkind, but rather accepted and comforted. With the calming crystals that you have, you can connect with our spiritual self, aligning yourself with your chakras and therefore, embracing a more thorough, deeper and meaningful way to heal and destress. Here are the best crystals for stress and anxiety which can help you achieve such remedial sensations:

Amethyst for anxiety amethyst for stress depression

Amethyst crystals for anxiety, Amethyst for Stress

This purple coloured crystal is one that you’ve probably seen used continuously by celebrities and popstars. Not only is amethyst crystal largely available to be supplied and used, which is why they maintain such a prevalence among most of the calming crystals, but they also enable you to have a clear conscience.

Amethyst crystals for anxiety align itself with one of the highest chakras by compounding with the crown and the third eye chakra to give off a sense of peace within your body and mind. It’s one of the best crystals for depression.

Crystals for anxiety help reorient your thinking and allows for clarity, helping you attain a clutter-free mind. Because of this mental clarity, you become open to suggestions and ideas surrounding how to achieve mental peace and remain calm through calamity.

You are given an insight into your problems and the ability to assess them and figure out a solution with a rational and conscious mind. 

Therefore, from sudden bursts of sadness to irritability and insomnia, amethyst alleviates such feelings by bringing you back to reality. It allows you to face challenges by being composed and rational, which is not only perfect if you have accumulated stress but also for daily life. Furthermore, amethyst is also one of the best crystals for headaches – where you can release your tension build-up on your temples by gently placing it on your head. You can also use Amethyst Rings

fluorite crystal for stress

Fluorite crystals for anxiety  for headaches

Fluorite crystals for anxiety are another popular crystal for stress which provides the same level of mental clarity that amethyst does, but it also works to create balance in your life. It has a multi-colored purple and green form and is often used to push off evil eye and negativity and instill positivity in your life. 

The beauty of the Fluorite crystal is that it calms you just by looking at crystals for anxiety. However, when you hold the calming gemstone, you’ll find that you are able to balance your energies and repel off harmful thoughts and pessimistic ideas. You can replace this negative energy with mindfulness and rationality, making you become more alert and gain a greater perspective of your life and its problems. It is particularly helpful when you use it during stressful situations, such as meetings or before public speaking. 

With the fluorite stone, you ease your senses and become less overwhelmed by certain situations in your life. It helps promote peace and harmony within you if you simply keep it within your hands but it is optimal to use the fluorite stone for meditation to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Black tourmaline for anxiety and protection from anger

Black Tourmaline Crystals for anxiety and depression – helps with negative energy

Amethyst and Fluorite are rather popularised and can be seen in several social media posts as well as being promoted by celebrities. However, one of the more underrated calming stones is black tourmaline, which is not often represented in media but has the equal effect of a calming sensation that its siblings have.

The black tourmaline is a black-coloured piece of long stone which is also regarded as a ‘protection’ stone. This is because the stone helps build boundaries among yourself and the problems you face in daily life, essentially protecting you from having to interact with negative energy. Tourmaline also helps with crystals for anxiety and panic attacks.

Calming Protection Crystal

Black tourmaline makes spaces between your negative influences and yourself, ensuring that you are only open to positivity. Whatever negative energy that you do carry within yourself, you’ll find that the black tourmaline diminishes it to the point of near oblivion. You will notice a tremendous decrease in stress and anxiety while using the black tourmaline, as well as an increase in mindfulness and inner peace. 

You can use the black tourmaline either by holding it during meditation or keeping it close to you in your surroundings. The best way to use the black tourmaline crystals for anxiety is this. Recalling and imagining all of your fears and situations which you are unable to attend because of said fear. Through this method of usage, you can get clearer insight over what is stopping you, as the stone allows for mindful thinking, while also dispelling all traces of stress and anxiety. You can also opt for the green or Pink Tourmaline if you’re looking for crystals for weight loss


rose quartz for calming and love

Rose Quartz Crystals For Anxiety and Depression

The rose quartz crystals for anxiety invoke a sense of love and harmony within its user, which is why this crystal for anxiety is commonly associated with feelings of self-love and compassionate behavior. With its calming light pink color, the rose quartz promotes self-care and self-healing. Rose quartz crystals for anxiety make sure that you do not have issues that do not pertain to self-care, indicating that it gives great significance to help you heal emotionally to become a better version of yourself.

The rose quartz crystals for anxiety move to solve your problems at its core, where it uses its healing properties to teach you how to move on from emotional scars. Quartz Crystals for Anxiety works to go deep within you and cleanse your spirit from the troubles that it holds – making you someone who’s able to fight off bad spirits and undercut social anxiety by dealing with the issues that have caused its development. Rose quartz also is one of the heart chakra stones, which means that its calming effect also helps you feel love and liberate yourself from all hardships that you are beholden against. 

In terms of how to use it, the rose quartz goes as an excellent piece for decoration. Thus, you can keep it in those settings which steam off negative energy in your life and replace that with positive thinking and mindfulness. However, if you are feeling overwhelming levels of stress and anxiety, it is best to keep the stone in between your thumbs and rub it continuously until you feel the calming sensation breathe within you. 

angelite for spiritual peace

Angelite Crystal for Depression

    Referenced as the ‘stone of guardian angels’, the properties of the Angelite stone stick closely to the sound of its name. It is one of the few stones which connect your physical body with your celestial spirit, making you more at level with the ones above you. You become connected with the angels and find yourself in a sacramental position, whereby you seek calmness and spirituality from the heavenly bodies. 

    The blue body of the Angelite crystal type emits vibrations that create a sense of relief. It allows you to tap into a realm of angels, where you are reminded that all of your stress is minute compared to what lies for you in the other world. You are made to feel the power of angels that surround you and help you to get through all your difficulties, and this sense of support is exactly what someone needs while surmounting anxiety and stress

    With the fusion of peaceful and spiritual energy, you become more likely to combat worry, fears and even anger. In short, you become a kinder and elevated person, and any chaotic situation comes to be beneath you. You can use Angelite as a simple touchstone and have it with you to relieve yourself of any feelings of pressure and anxiety. 

    shungite for grounding and calming

    Shungite Crystals For Anxiety Healing

    The Shungite crystals for anxiety are one of the most important stones among all the other calming stones, specifically because of their ability to ward off electrical magnetic fields which plague all of your lives in this modern world.

    Crystals for Anxiety helps to: 

    The computers, phones and other electrical devices that we’ve integrated within our daily lives can also serve as a crucial factor in breeding stress within us. We no longer stand in healthy environments, and the Shungite crystal for anxiety makes sure that we do not take in too much electrical energy within our bodies. Shungite is the best crystal for depression. 

    Black Stones for Anxiety

    This black stone  is actually taken from ancient healing processes, with many experts believing that the stone had existed 2 billion years from now. It has also maintained scientifically proven health benefits with Russians often using it in their drinking Shungite  Crystal Water Bottle so as to purify and detoxify it. Russia is also where the stone can be found in great abundance. 

    Therefore, because of how it has been used historically and currently, the Shungite stone has proven to be powerful for our bodies. Its detoxification and healing properties enable the stone to relieve you of your burdening thoughts and negative energies, which makes it one of the best crystals for depression as well. This Healing Bracelets cleans your mind from all beliefs of negativity and imbues a sense of calm and freshness, which is ideal in order to put away feelings of stress and anxiety. You can use the Shungite stone either at home or at your workplace, but it is optimal to have it near you in places with high electrical magnetic fields. 


    calming crystals for stress

    Blue Lace Agate crystals for stress

    With its bright periwinkle color, the Blue Lace Agate crystals for anxiety gives off soothing vibrations to your body which coerces your body and mind to relax and unwind. The stone has such a beautiful color and feels that it is often reminiscent of the ocean, which is one of the greatest figures which symbolizes peace and harmony.

    This feature enables the stone to create a sense of power and tranquillity, the same feelings that you would get while out in the sea. these crystals for anxiety present within you strength and determination while also calming you down and creating a mindful environment. 

    Agate Crystal if you are Depressed

    The blue lace agate represents the throat chakra stone, which signifies that the stone will only help you in expressing yourself with calmness and sincerity. You do not stand vulnerable to stress and anxiety because you turn to rational thinking and maintain calmness through calamity. Its soothing vibrations also help in mitigating negative energy and allows you to relax your nerves. 

    If you want to use the blue lace agate, you can do so by either wearing it as a Healing Crystal Jewelry piece or having it with you in a bag or a pocket. You can take it out and hold it whenever you feel impending stress and uneasiness. This will ensure that you are taken into a void of free-thinking and tranquil environment. The blue lace agate is one of the best crystals for anxiety among pets as well, where both you and your furry partner can relieve any level of mounting stress within yourselves with the stone. 

    How to Use Crystals To Remove Stress and Anxiety 

    Healing crystals for anxiety can be used in a number of ways, and while its most popular use is the one where it acts as an instrument for meditation, it is not limited to a specific course of usage. Here are some of the ways you can use your Healing Crystal to achieve the greatest effect and relieve yourself from feelings of stress, anxiety and even depression

    A Crystal for Jewellery 

    Crystal jewelry had been donned by kings, queens, emperors and empresses throughout history and has been one of the greatest indicators of wealth. Nowadays, it does not serve the same symbolic purpose but you can still use it in the way people of royalty would back in the day. Crystals can be a beautiful piece of jewelry but having your healing crystal come in the form of a pendant or a bracelet can make sure that you constantly have its soothing vibrations coursing through your body, even at times you are not aware of it. This means you will be in a state of perpetual relief and calmness, helping you stay focused on your work and removing stress from your body. 

    healing crystal jewelry gemstone jewelry

    Get crystals for anxiety and depression in a Bag 

    Some of the healing crystals are typically small in their sizes and have very little weight to them. Because of this, it makes crystals for anxiety more convenient to have them within you in your bag at all times. You can keep it in your handbag or your backpack, and take it out at times when you feel the need for it. This is best for when you are going to work, as you can use the crystal to relax on the way or when you are traveling, which is especially helpful if you have travel anxiety. There’s no better way to destress than having a traveling companion that is small, compact and offers you the best sense of relief and comfort. 

    Keep crystals for anxiety on your Body 

    We all have stress points in our bodies. It is here that we have an accumulated amount of blocked in stress, which leads to our bodies feeling weightier. This physical heaviness can cause the eventual anxiety which we all dread. However, the calming crystals for anxiety and depression provide the best therapeutic feeling where you can place these on the pain points in your body and stay still as the soothing vibrations move in within your physical frame. 

    Another method of using crystals for anxiety with your body is by aligning the stones to your chakra points. This is a form of meditation that also makes use of the chakra bracelet properties that each healing stone carries. Once you activate these chakra points with the healing crystals, you can invite deep healing within your body and release all the negative and blocked in emotions that your body carries. What will leave you is a feeling of great calm and balance, making you feel instantly lighter and more relaxed. 

    Decorate Your Surroundings With Your Crystals for anxiety and depression 

    A few healing stones & crystals for anxiety and depression offer instant relaxation from simply its appearance, which makes them ideal as a decoration piece. Just as how you would burn incense to create atmospheres of intense relaxation, you can place crystals in decorative baskets or have them lying beside you in places you commonly visit so as to release yourself from stress and anxiety

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