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Amethyst Crystal Necklace

Amethyst Cut Necklace

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Amethyst Pendant Necklace

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Petite Amethyst Gold Necklace

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Raw Amethyst Necklace

Raw Amethyst Necklace

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How an Amethyst Crystal Necklace Can Change Your Life

A ring that caught the attention of a passerby who later became your best friend, a bracelet that has been with you since you were a kid—jewelry in one way or other has a significant role to play in our lives.

Jewelry doesn’t just adorn your person, making you look terrific wherever you go. It enhances your features and beautifies the simplest of faces. However, jewelry—in particular, crystal jewelry—does a lot more than just that. 

For example, with something like an amethyst necklace, this elegant, magical, aesthetically pleasing stone gives your aura the power that takes your positive energy to the next level. It affects your personal life, your mental and physical health, and even your professional life. So, you could say that jewelry such as an amethyst necklace has the supreme energy to turn your life around.

How is that possible? Let’s take a deep-dive.

Learning about the Amethyst Necklace Crystal

The amethyst crystal is so much more than a small, sparkly stone. Worn in Amethyst rings and as raw amethyst necklaces for centuries, this crystal’s prominent role in jewelry had more to do with its many effects than its beauty.

Amethysts are powerful protective crystals. From ayurvedic medical professionals to reiki masters, practitioners worldwide have and still use it for multiple purposes, such as to aid physical health, improve emotional health, and enhance your metaphysical health.

Considered an ideal stone for improving spiritual awareness and psychic abilities, this stone was once thought of as an all-healing stone that could impact electromagnetic and geopathic stresses, keeping you away from ill-wishes and harm. It was also considered a lucky stone for those who liked drinking but didn’t like the intoxication. The name amethyst comes from the Greek word, “ametusthos,” which means not intoxicated. As for its protective qualities, soldiers in Medieval Europe would wear it to battle, using it as protection and healing.

amethyst gold necklace

However, as time went on, people started regarding the amethyst crystal less as a mystical stone for luck and more of a lucky charm that could solve all your problems.

Due to its metaphysical properties, people started wearing amethyst pendants, amethyst necklaces, and amethyst rings to gain spiritual benefits. The amethyst was recognized as a stone of contentment and spirituality. It was regarded as a prevalent stone that could help people achieve an enhanced form of meditative state. The amethyst is also a stimulator for etheric chakras and the third eye. So, its effect on one’s cognitive perception started boosting its popularity even more.

The amethyst cluster is also a reputable protective chakra gemstone, so it was an excellent option for those who wanted to increase their intelligence while keeping themselves away from evil thoughts and evil people and evil eye. As a result, the amethyst started gaining popularity amongst those seeking to amplify their intellectual powers.

gold amethyst necklace

The Popularity of the Amethyst Crystal in Modern Times

Throughout history, the amethyst crystal maintained its position as an important stone. But it’s only now that the crystal has reached its actual state.

According to many practitioners, the amethyst purifies one’s aura of negative energy, creating light around them. The amethyst has a uniquely positive effect on the mind since it enhances your creative powers and imagination. It helps your mind in coming up with new ideas and how you can put them into action.

The amethyst also increases your mental focus through all this, allowing you to rely more on your positive energy than your negative energy for results. Moreover, by charging your Amethyst & mind positively, the amethyst affects you significantly; it keeps your anxiety and stress under control.

Mainly for people who experience depression, fear, or any form of mental illness, the amethyst, through its powerful effect on your aura, comforts you during your time of need. It lessens the negative impact emotions have on us. All the while, the amethyst prompts your mind to reason and make decisions more clearly. In a way, it works on a deeper level to help you build your skills so you can understand when your emotions may be overwhelming you. Not to say that it in any way works as an anti-depressant. But it undoubtedly improves the impact of your mental exercises, so your regular medication works its effect more quickly.

How to Use the Amethyst Crystal Correctly

There’s a reason why amethyst necklaces are popular.

In simple words, wearing the amethyst on your person is the best way to gain from it. You can also turn your amethyst necklace into a mala bead amethyst necklace. That would help promote calmness and encourage you to go into a meditative state when needed.

However, if you can’t wear your amethyst crystal, you can always purchase amethyst clusters or geodes and place them around the house or in spaces where you spend the most time. Whether it’s your living room, your home office, or even your car, having the amethyst stone near you believed to enhances your inner strength and improves your immune system.

However, if you can’t keep the crystal nearby, the best way to do so is to carry it in your pocket or purse. You can also purchase a crystal-infused water bottle, place the water in your bath under the water, or manifest and meditate while holding the crystal.

Who Should Wear Amethyst Necklace Crystals?

The great thing about amethyst crystals is that almost everyone can wear them, regardless of your stone preference or zodiac sign – birthstone.

For anyone working or staying in constant contact with other energies, i.e., other people in the workplace, their strength will be affected by those around them. Having the protective qualities of the amethyst crystal to keep you from harm will not only allow you peace and harmony, but it will also help you retain the positive energy you’ve been so insistent on attaining.

Amethysts are perfect for people in medical professionals as well. So, having the stone in your pocket while working with people with mental disorders or disabilities will help maintain your energy field.

What You Should Know Before Wearing Amethyst Necklace

Like all stones, an amethysts necklace requires you to conduct a particular procedure before you can wear them. Keep in mind that while amethysts do suit almost every person, it needs to prepare for them to do their part.

Here are some details you should know before you decide to wear an amethyst necklace:

The Right Way of Bonding with an Amethyst Necklace

Bonding with an amethyst necklace is the first step every person has to take. You’ll need a purple quartz, which will be used as a grounding crystal for this process.

To ensure your emotional investment in this stone, sit at one stop, and speak to your rock while placing it against your forehead for a few minutes. Repeat this process once a day for seven days. Once that’s done, your amethyst pendant will be able to amplify your energy by tapping into your emotional spirit.

Grounding Yourself with an Amethyst Necklace

Grounding yourself doesn’t mean anything strange. With the amethyst, your goal is essentially to stay away from all negativity and evil eyes. You want to be far from any source of depression or sadness. Lucky for you, with the amethyst necklace, there is no need to perform any physical ritual so you can ground yourself. 

Since amethyst is an exceedingly spiritual stone, it only takes some meditation to get in touch with your inner strength. Keep the amethyst against your crown chakra, close your eyes and imagine its rays entering your body and going through all your 7 chakras, and feel the energy within you. Doing so about seven times will help you feel like a new person.

Learning about the “Bad Effects” of Amethyst Necklace

    • Perse, amethysts don’t technically have any adverse effects. But, the amethyst can at times over-ground you. It makes you too clear-headed and comes in the way, even when you want to express any harmful or toxic behavior. 

      For your sake, the best thing to do is to pair your crystal with apatite or a lapis lazuli to find that balance.

      • Wearing Amethyst – Are Only Necklaces Allowed?

      When it comes to wearing amethyst, you don’t need to stick to only necklaces. Although, amethyst necklaces are by far the most hassle-free. If you’re not comfortable wearing the gemstone, the best thing to do is activate the crystal before you go out to the house.

      Put the crystal against your forehead, imagine the happiness of your day flooding from the stone into you then place it in your pocket. The main component in enhancing the amethyst’s power is skin contact. But if you can’t have skin contact, having an activated crystal on your person will work just fine.

      Some ways you can possess and enhance the powers of amethyst include:

      • Having a bath with an amethyst soaked in water
      • Using gem elixir and sprinkling, drinking the water
      • Wearing raw amethyst necklaces or chakra bracelets
      • Using a crystal ball made of amethyst
      • Using Amethyst for Physical Aid

      Let it be clear; the amethyst will not bring down an angel that’ll magically heal your wounds and ailments. 

    However, that doesn’t mean the energy won’t prompt your physical healing. Amethysts work well in healing pain, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, and a wide variety of stomach disorders. So, if you struggle with any such problem, the best way to use the amethyst crystal would be drinking from a crystal water bottle and drinking at least a liter of water daily to flush out bacteria, viruses, and germs from your body.

    • Using Amethyst Necklace for Mental Health

    We’ve already stated that amethyst is excellent for a person’s mental health since it helps protect the mind from negative thoughts. 

    Using the amethyst opens your mind to questions that may be ailing you or hinder you from reaching your goal for those who experience anxiety and stress. Amethyst also opens your senses, so you know which problem may be stopping you from realizing the situation.

    Meditating with the stone helps in a big way by stimulating your crown chakra.

    As empathy, you’ll have days where you’ll find yourself in the middle of problems, blames, and controversies. In that case, having an amethyst will not only protect you from making errors and mistakes; it’ll keep you from the evil eye too.

    Wear an amethyst necklace for empaths and hide it under your shirt. Or wear an amethyst ring, so your private space remains peaceful and your mind intact.

    • Different Zodiacs Wearing Amethyst Necklace

    As stated before, anyone can have the amethyst crystal, whether as an amethyst pendant or even as a ring or a cluster for your desk. It’s the least harmful crystal of them all and the most effective too.

    However, for some zodiac signs, amethyst will have significant positive effects, so use it well. For example, the selfless Pieces people will find confidence and empowerment within. The modest Virgo will be able to find wisdom during their life. The most negative Capricorns will have more faith in themselves and will have good fortune. In contrast, the iffy Aquarius will be able to move away from the friction they usually have within and will be able to find peace.

    • How to Wear Your Amethyst Necklace the Right Way

    Unlike many other stones, you don’t need to wear amethyst every day. You shouldn’t wear amethyst every day because it will make you lazy. The right thing to do would be to wear your amethyst on a Saturday during the evening. If not, you can wear your stone whenever you’re going out in public.


    While there’s nothing wrong with wearing the amethyst as simple jewelry, knowing how something like an amethyst pendant or an amethyst necklace can impact your life can do you a world of good.

    Amethyst attracts knowledge and good fortune. So, bring forth these positive energies for yourself, and stay powerful. The amethyst stone will guide you down the right path.

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